Manifest with Brain Rewiring Processes©

Rewire Unhelpful Thoughts & Emotions and Change your Life!

Eye-motional Processes™ are Kinesiology-Meditations for gentle Brain Rewiring.

The gentle eye movements create new pathways in your mindset for new ways of thinking, seeing, and believing.

The Chart of Emotions© helps you choose which Brain Rewiring Process© is best for you!

Advance your Rewiring Journey by taking a Self-Guided Class, attending a Live Vision Chair, or enrolling in a live 8-week Boutique Class.
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The Brain Rewiring Processes©

Self-guided Kinesiology-Meditations

Not classical meditations, not tapping ~ Processes© are profound Kinesiology-Meditations that combine eye movements, auditory processing, and energy frequencies to rewire your unhelpful thoughts and beliefs into sustainable new ways of thinking and being. When these things change in you, your whole life transforms!

The 6 Processes© and Chart of Emotions© are the Manifest with Brain Rewiring Tool you need to assist you to rewire and release deep emotional stress, body stress, and trauma.

Deepen your Processing© with these Offerings ...

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FREE Events

Processing© is a powerful Kinesiology-Meditation method for rewiring your brain into new ways of thinking and improved belief systems. You can take a self-guided approach to Processing©, or join one of our FREE Online Classes either Live monthly at our Facebook Group, or as a Replay by logging in on this page.

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Pre-recorded Classes

Pre-recorded Classes are an opportunity
to develop your emotional mindset muscle when it comes to key Law of Attraction and mindset themes. These self-guided classes provide methods to create a personal daily, weekly, monthly and/or annual practice by utilizing the Eye-motional Processes Chart
of Emotions© and The 6 Processes©.

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Live Boutique Courses

The 8-week Boutique Courses include 6 x
live 90-minute Online Small Group Sessions with Amanda Lynne. Each themed Boutique Class will guide you through the Eye-motional Processes Chart of Emotions©, The 6 Processes©, Self-Growth Home Play Activities© and Boutique Course specific meditations that are yours to keep.

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Private Online Consults

Amanda Lynne is a Kinesiologist and an astute ‘people reader’. Muscle testing provides her modus operandi to pinpoint with acute accuracy and, within minutes, the emotional energy holding you back. This is done by ‘reading’ the neural pathway blocks revealed in your ‘eye rolls’ when you talk about your wounds during online sessions. Homeplay© is provided to enable you to finally shift!

It's Time to Process© into Life Expansion!