The 6 Processes© App

The App

The Eye-motional Processes™ App combines the Kinesiology 'brain re-wiring' methods of eye-movements and auditory processing. The 6 Processes© on the App, dissolves ’emotional energy blocks’ that sabotage your Law of Attraction. Use the Apps 'Chart of Emotions©', to identify and shift your low vibration emotions in less than 22 minutes.

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FREE Online Events

Online events include FREE access to
interviews, live classes, podcasts and
Micro Summits where Amanda Lynne
joins hosts and like minded individuals to
share her insight and perspective
on mindset, manifestation, Law of Attraction topics and how the Eye-motional Processes™ App can be applied at home.

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Online Consults

The goal of an Eye-motional Processes™ Kinesiology Consult is to discover your Law of Attraction blocks arising from unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and emotional debris. To access these, Amanda Lynne uses surrogate muscle testing at your online consult, then provides 'App based' Home Play© to guide you on your way, back to manifestation flow.

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Pre-recorded Classes

Pre-recorded Classes are an opportunity
to develop your emotional mindset muscle when it comes to key Law of Attraction and mindset themes. These self-guided classes provide methods to create a personal daily, weekly, monthly and/or annual practice by utilizing the Eye-motional Processes Chart
of Emotions© and The 6 Processes©.

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Live Boutique Courses

The 6-week Boutique Courses consist of
6 X live 60-minute Live Online Small Group Sessions with Amanda Lynne. Each themed Boutique Class will guide you through the Eye-motional Processes (EMP) Chart of Emotions©, The 6 Processes©, Self-Growth Home Play Activities© and Boutique Course specific meditations that are yours to keep.

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Become a Practitioner

If Brain Rewiring; the Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious mind; and the Law of Attraction is of interest to your work as a Kinesiologist, then it is time to consider becoming a Level 1 Eye-motional Processes™ Practitioner and start integrating the App in your clinic. This course is certified by the Australian Kinesiology Association