Monthly Rewiring Coaching

Release your Goal-Blocks and Rewire your Mindset into Manifestation Success with Tools and Monthly LIVE Coaching with Amanda Lynne

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Have you lost faith in ever reaching your goals or where you want to be in life?

Are these things sabotaging your success …

😩 Goal failure due to People-pleasing, living the life others want you to live, or fear of rejection
😨 Goal Fear made worse by Self doubt, Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionism
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🧐 Goal Avoidance due to Too many ideas, No clue what to choose…Not sure where to start?


🫤 Frustration that others can achieve their goals, but you’re still stuck?
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😵‍💫 Repeated problems that cause stress and stop you achieving your life-goals


😮‍💨 Goal exhaustion due to strain, anxiety, financial worries, overwork, and No ‘off switch.’
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🛑 Goal Sabotage, Interruptions, Setbacks, or Loss of focus


🥱 Goal procrastination influenced by Life Obstacles, Task Avoidance, or Changes in Mood.
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Inability to progress toward personal goals can lead to:

Emotional Fluctuations
Fear of Trying Again
Frozen Dreams

It can happen to anyone yet to unlock the hidden gem of empowerment that resides within themselves.

But it doesn't have to be that way!!

The key to the lock is inside Stay Goaldone™!

Stay Goaldone™ is a Suite of easy-to-use Online Tools, Rooted in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology to help you Get Your Goals DONE ...

Created by 'goal-setting, goal-getting' coach Amber McCue has welcomed Amanda Lynne and her Processes© as a Monthly LIVE Online Coaching edition to Stay Goaldone™

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With Stay Goaldone™, Processes©, and these two Coaches combined, you will Set your Goals and apply Brain Rewiring to achieve Goal Success with Ease!

The affordable Stay Goaldone™ Monthly Membership includes:

Daily access to a Suite of Online Tools rooted in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology to guide you toward goal success 

 Easy-to-use tools to Unlock Motivation, Focus, and Follow-Through that make Achieving Your Goals Practically Inevitable

 Weekly Motivational Coaching with ‘goal setting-goal getting’ coach Amber McCue to keep you on track!

 Guidance on how to use Processes© combined with the Stay Goaldone™ Suite of Online Tools so you may gently Rewire your Brain into Goal Success with Ease

 Monthly LIVE ACCESS to Amanda Lynne, Founder of Eye-motional Processes™ at the MONTHLY Stay Goaldone™ Vision Chairs

What is a Stay Goaldone™ Vision Chair?

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More often than not, the reason you aren’t manifesting your goals is because you have Blocks!

80% of blocks lie in the Unconscious and Subconscious Mind, where unprocessed faulty core conditioning from childhood, past wounds, human dramas, traumas, and future fears lurk!

Until you know what these blocks are, its really tricky to shift them to gain sustainable goal success!

This is because unprocessed blocks create a mindset sabotage that impacts your goals and manifestation success …. Every time!

When you rewire your subconscious and unconscious blocks, your goal success will flow with SPEED & EASE!

Monthly Vision Chairs:

Reveal the Hidden Saboteurs hindering your Goal Success
Provide easy ways to use the Processes© to Rewire & Release your Goal-Blocks
Amplify your success with the Stay Goaldone™ suite of online tools
Deepen access to Vibrational Alignment for improved Manifestation and Goal Flow!

Your Vision Chair Host

Amanda Lynne is an Internationally Accredited Holistic Kinesiologist, Educator, Founder of Eye-motional Processes™, and an astute ‘people reader’.

At a Vision Chair, Amanda:

🧠 Utilizes surrogate muscle testing as her modus operandi to pinpoint with acute precision and within minutes, emotional energy blocks from past life stages that are locked in your mindset and holding you back from achieving your goals.

🧠 Determines hidden saboteurs hindering your goal success by observing subtle but potent mindset saboteurs revealed through how you ‘roll your eyes’ when discussing your goal frustrations.

🧠 Once blocks are revealed, Brain Rewiring guidance is provided for you to Process© your blocks into improved vibrational alignment for improved goal success. 

You deserve the chance to get your goals DONE ...

... to get to where you want to be in life ...

... No matter what comes your way!!

You Can:

Achieve Major Transformations in your Mindset and, therefore in your Goal Success
Amplify your Field of Attraction so you AND your Goals are Aligned with Co-Creative Flow
 Begin Expressing and Embodying your Goals and your Life’s Purpose
Develop Harmonious, Loving, Mutually Supportive Relationships that are Aligned with your Goals

Take the first step today by joining Stay Goaldone™

Where you will …

💫 Plan and capture your goals

💫 Get support and enable accountability 

💫 Access the Suite of online tools that will support you in your goal success 

💫 Apply Neuroscience and Positive Psychology together with your goals 

💫 Gain Brain Rewiring Process© guidance at Monthly Vision Chairs to rewire your goal saboteurs

💫 Apply ‘goal-getting’ tools that are easy to use and don’t add endless more to-dos to your day

💫 Empower yourself with evidence-based approaches to unlock motivation, get clarity, stay focused, be optimistic, and take action. 

… all while Retraining your Brain step-by-step to approach life and your Goals in a way that Brings you Joy, and helps you get your


It is Time to Manifest your Goal Success!