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What are Eye-Motional

Reactive emotions and unhelpful beliefs from childhood and painful life experiences block your life purpose. They stop you from living the life you are here to live!

To advance your life, you need to Process© the unhelpful brain wiring that has held your beliefs and emotions in a pattern of resistance to the very things you desire so strongly.

Eye-motional Processes™ are 6 easy-to-use profound Processes© that rewire unhelpful thoughts and beliefs from your neural pathways, so sustainable new ways of thinking occur. When you radically Process© ‘painful stories and past experiences’, your emotional energy and mindset improve, and it is then that access to Law of Attraction flow occurs with ease!

The 6 Processes© are not classical meditations, and they are not tapping methods. 

They are gentle eye movements, auditory processing, and Kinesiology methods combined into 17-22 minute Processes© that dynamically shift your sabotaging beliefs and emotions…. THE VERY FIRST TIME YOU LISTEN TO A PROCESS©.

The Chart of Emotions© which accompanies The 6 Processes© is how to determine which emotions need to be Processed© relevant to the unhelpful stories in your head, and what coloured Process© will rewire those stories into new, expansive ways of being!

The Processes© were created for individuals to access Brain Rewiring and Kinesiology in this ever-changing world – a world that is moving healing modalities more and more onto tech platforms.

Start rewiring your brain and dissolving your manifestation mindset blocks today!

What are Eye-motional Processes™?

Eye-motional Processes™ are six Kinesiology Meditations called The 6 Processes©, and are a unique Manifestation game changer. 

Listening to a Process©, shifts sabotaging ‘low vibration emotions’ to raise your Law of Attraction, between 17-22 minutes at a time – all from the comfort of your home. 

This 3-minute video explains how!

What is Kinesiology?

The 6 Processes© were created using combined Kinesiology methods of eye movements and auditory processing.  

This 10-minute video briefly explains Kinesiology, Muscle Testing, and how emotional energy blocks are transformed through this dynamic modality which will unlock the life enhancing potential which resides within you!

Eye Movements and Kinesiology?

You may have heard of ‘Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)’, but did you know Kinesiologists have used eye movements since 1982?

This 7-minute video explains how Kinesiologists use eye movements to release negative emotions, and why these are also the methods of The 6 Processes©

How Do The 6 Processes© Work?

Once you have purchased the Processes©, you will have access to the Kinesiology-Meditations to begin gently rewiring your brain based on specific unhelpful emotions you’re feeling. These feelings are low in vibration and block Law of Attraction flow in your life. 

To get started, you view the Chart of Emotions© to check your mindset and select which of The 6 Processes© best matches your mood. Then, all you have to do is sit or lay down comfortably, relax, and let yourself be guided through your chosen Process© while following the profound methods. 

Launched in 2021, The 6 Processes© are already used by thousands Internationally as a self-guided tool – especially where mindset, brain rewiring, and manifesting are concerned.

Each Process© is AUD 5.99, or buy The 6 Processes© for AUD 30.00 so you can own the complete manifestation toolbox!

No annual fees, no subscription fees.

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