Are you Struggling to Manifest beyond your painful past?

... then look no further because Processes© are a ‘Manifest with Brain Rewiring’ game changer!

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Your life can improve!

Are you seeking to Manifest an Improved Life beyond the Traumas and Human Dramas you have been exposed to?

Then look no further, you are in the right place!

You can move beyond:

– Daily mindset tapes about difficult life experiences you have endured

– Deep regrets about the past

– Chaos and human dramas around finances, work, and relationships

– Agitation, Frustration, Overwhelm, Fear, or Anger due to stress overload

– Emotional fluctuations or flooding from unmet needs

– Rescuing and fixing others to feel worthy or gain approval

– Limited boundaries with no self-care

– Anxiety, Doubt, or Fear that the future will be just as bleak!

Life Transformation begins when you Manifest with Brain Rewiring


Where do Manifestation Blocks come from?

They come straight out of your mindset my friend!!

Bottom line, your Manifestation Blocks come from your unhelpful thoughts and beliefs because they create reactive emotions when you consciously think about them!! 

Worse still, those exact triggers are also responsible for the unconscious and subconscious emotions that sabotage you from manifesting the life you are here to live! 

Your mindset gets clogged with unhelpful core beliefs through parental and societal conditioning, painful childhood or teenage experiences, and difficult adult occurrences. These embed in your brain’s neural pathways as pain stories and create habitual belief patterns that keep you stuck!

The main reason they stay stuck (rather than floating through your mind as a non-event) is they ingrain deeper EVERY TIME you roll your eyes at yet another displeasing event! 

This ‘mindset clogging’ creates the Manifestation Blocks that impact your life purpose!

Worse still, you deepen your mindset clogging and reinforce your manifestation blocks EVERY TIME you roll your eyes in displeasure!

You can rewire your blocks!

When you Process© your mindset blocks with Eye-motional Processes™, manifestation flow begins and your whole life transforms!


What are Processes©?

Processes© are not Classical Meditations, Affirmations, or Tapping ~ chances are these haven’t worked for you, which is why you are here!

Eye-motional Processes™ are profound Kinesiology-Meditations that Rewire your Brain by combining eye movements, auditory processing, mudras, and energy frequencies in each Process©. Listening to Processes© rewires and transmutes unhelpful thoughts and beliefs into sustainable new ways of thinking and being. 

With Brain Rewiring comes proper manifestation flow!

Process Financial Blocks©: FREE

Individual Processes©: $5.99AUD/ $4.17USD*

PROCESS BUNDLE©: $30.00AUD/ $20.93USD*

(No annual fees, no subscription fees)

Kinesiology and Eye Movements

Sounds like EMDR!

You may have heard of ‘Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)’, but did you know Kinesiologists have used eye movements since 1982?

We get compared to EMDR quite a bit, but we are so very different in how we apply eye movements and auditory processing to release trauma, long held stress, and rewire the brain into new ways of thinking and being.

This 7-minute video explains how Kinesiologists use eye movements to release negative emotions, and why these are also the methods used in all of the Eye-motional Processes™ Kinesiology-Meditations


Why Process©?

You experience as many as 27 emotions a day as a human, the quality of these either create a manifestation block or flow within your Vortex!

Eye-motional Processes™ covers 35 different emotions in the Process© BUNDLE that are common low vibrational emotions we all feel from time to time – the Process Bundle© ensures you have your vibe fully covered!

The reason Processes© help you gain Law of Attraction flow is because each Kinesiology-Meditation Process© rewires, clears and transmutes the low vibration emotions that are causing your manifestation blocks

The accompanying Chart of Emotions© makes checking and Processing© your mindset EASY to do!

This is How it works …

Emotions in the White and Violet on the Chart of Emotions© are high in vibration, thus creating alignment with the Law of Attraction and Manifestation Flow!

Emotions below the Violet colour on the Chart of Emotions© are low in vibration and cause a Law of Retraction and Manifestation Clogging … BIG TIME!

Where are you on the Chart?
alt text

Once you match a Process© to your unhelpful emotions, you then listen to your chosen Process© to clear your low vibration emotions and energy dross to quickly realign with Source Flow within minutes!!

Manifesting with Brain Rewiring is that easy!

Process Financial Blocks©: FREE

Individual Processes©: $5.99AUD/ $4.17USD*

PROCESS BUNDLE©: $30.00AUD/ $20.93USD*

(No annual fees, no subscription fees)

Kinesiology and Eye Movements

How to Process©

Eye-motional Processes™ Kinesiology-Meditations clear the neural obstacles of your unhelpful thoughts and beliefs that limit your potential, stopping you from living your life’s purpose and blocking your Law of Attraction flow!

This 10-minute video explains how to commence your journey with The 6 Processes© and accompanying Chart of Emotions©.


Get the Processes© you need

The 6 Processes© BUNDLE is The Complete Manifest with Brain Rewiring Toolkit.

But, if your financial vibe isn’t flowing quite yet, you can split the BUNDLE and buy only the Processes© you need!

Because The BUNDLE has 35 different emotions to choose from, you can ‘purpose build’ the Process© collection that you need to shift ANY painful mindset story into higher places of expansion ……

… In fact, your can even start with the FREE Process Financial Blocks© Kinesiology-Meditation

Process Financial Blocks©: FREE

Individual Processes©: $5.99AUD/ $4.17USD*

PROCESS BUNDLE©: $30.00AUD/ $20.93USD*

(No annual fees, no subscription fees)

Kinesiology and Eye Movements

What is Kinesiology?

Eye-motional Processes™ are Kinesiology-Meditations that are created using combined Kinesiology methods of eye movements and auditory processing.  

This 10-minute video explains Kinesiology, Muscle Testing, and how emotional energy blocks are transformed through this dynamic modality to unlock the life enhancing potential residing within you!

The Kinesiology methods used in Eye-motional Processes™ are what makes Processes© so good for clearing emotional energy debris so you can regain vibrational balance

In fact, if you want to Process deeper, you can even book a face-to-face or online Kinesiology consult with one of our trained Eye-motional Processes™ Kinesiologists

Still unsure about the wonderment of Kinesiology?

Why not come to the FREE Vision Chair and join Amanda Lynne as she utilizes Kinesiology surrogate muscle testing to reveal and release the blocks which lurk under the surface!

Don't wait another minute!

You can finally be free of your blocks!

To advance your life, you can Process© to rewire a lifetime of challenging experiences that have become entrenched as unhelpful belief patterns through ongoing habits of eye-rolling with displeasure. 

Each time you listen to a Process©, you transform sabotaging beliefs and emotions to no longer create energetic patterns of resistance to the very things you desire.

When these things transmute in you, your whole life transforms!

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Process Financial Blocks©: FREE

Individual Processes©: $5.99AUD/ $4.17USD*

PROCESS BUNDLE©: $30.00AUD/ $20.93USD*

(No annual fees, no subscription fees)


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