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Got a team that could do with some Brain Rewiring?

Are you loving the Manifest with Brain Rewiring journey you are on?

Would you like to expand that journey to your people, staff, family, business, or team?

Did you know Amanda Lynne can speak at your event and guide your people to: 

Apply the World’s first Kinesiology-Meditation Processes© to Rewire their Brain and expand their mindset beyond limiting beliefs, emotions, and thoughts;

Clear unhelpful emotional debris from their brain’s neural pathways so they may think remarkably differently, which in turn, will co-create the goals they desire;

Shift beyond the emotional debris left behind from human drama, traumas, victim mentality, and being a wounded child, and into true expansion so they may live they are here to live;

Manifest their goals with Brain Rewiring

Brain Rewiring Events can help your people shift sabotaging conscious,  unconscious, and subconscious mindset blocks to better perform, engage, or re-engage! Amanda Lynne has created and facilitated speaking and Brain Rewiring events for:

CEO’s, managers, corporate leaders, and their teams

Business owners and their teams

Therapists and Kinesiologists

Athletes and teams

Small and large teams 

Teenagers and Adults 

All she needs is an event brief from you, alongside the desired outcomes for your people, to create a Speaking Event or Workshop with Brain Rewiring targeted methods that truly get your people motivated and aligned with the goals of your corporation, business or team.

…. at the end of the day, your people can and will engage and achieve their goals better when they rewire the mindset blocks that are stopping their individual and group/team-based success!

To learn more and to expand your people, contact Amanda Lynne at

It's Time to Process© into Life Expansion!