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What are Eye-motional Processes™?

Eye-motional Processes™ (EMP) are six Kinesiology Meditations called The 6 Processes©, and are a Law of Attraction and Manifestation game changer and are available to purchase on the App and on this Website

Listening to one or more of The 6 Processes©, shifts sabotaging negative emotions to raise your manifestation vibration in less than 22 minutes at a time – all from the comfort of your home.

This 3-minute video explains how!

What is          Kinesiology?

The 6 Processes© Meditations were created using Kinesiology the combined methods of eye movements and auditory processing.  

This 10-minute video briefly explains Kinesiology, Muscle Testing, and how emotional energy blocks are transformed through this modality so you may access and unlock the life enhancing potential which resides within you!

Eye Movements and Kinesiology?

You may have heard of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR Therapy), but did you know Kinesiologists have used eye movements since 1982?

This 7-minute video explains how Kinesiologists use eye movements to release low-vibration emotions, and why these are the methods you will be guided to apply when listening to The 6 Processes© 

How to bring Eye-motional Processes™ into your life

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The Creator & founder

Amanda Lynne

Welcome to my website. I am Amanda Lynne, the creator and founder of Eye-motional Processes(EMP)™, a unique method which combines Kinesiology methods of eye-movements and auditory processing, Meditation and Vibrational Techniques into six simple, easy to use and profound processes which are available on the Eye-motional Processes™ App and on this Website

The 6 Processes© are gentle activity-based meditations to dissolve your emotional energy blocks and stories and improve your mindset and amplify your Law of Attraction and manifestation potential. For me, and many of my clients, Eye-motional Processes(EMP)™ have been a 'manifestation game changer'!!

Because of their success in my life and in the lives of my clients, I made them available for humanity on the Eye-motional Processes™ App and on this Website. Pre-recorded Classes and Live Online Boutique Courses are also available on this website for individuals who seek to deepen their understanding of themselves, alongside their manifestation efforts and outcomes, through the guided use of this distinctive material.

Eye-motional Processes™ assists individuals to easily identify and transform the conscious, unconscious and sub-conscious emotions which are blocking their manifestation potential. When clarity is created around an individuals' co-creative emotional energy mindset, they can then make lasting positive changes to their energetic vibration and to their story - no matter how painful that story may be.

Real manifestation shifts begin in your energy field when you bring the Eye-motional Processes™ App into your life!

  • Certified Kinesiologist
  • Professional Member of The International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists
  • Professional Member Australian Kinesiology Association
  • Bachelor of Education (Melbourne University)
  • Trained in 5 Modalities of Kinesiology:
  • Touch For Health (Levels I-IV)
  • Professional Kinesiology Practice(PKP)(Levels I-IV)
  • SFEF Kinesiology(Levels I-III)
  • Three In One Kinesiology(Levels I-V)
  • Neuroenergetic Kinesiology (BKP)
  • Certificate IV in Aromatherapy
Amanda Lynne

The creation of Eye-motional Processes (EMP)

Eye-motional Processes(EMP) were created in 2013. I developed these for my personal use during a challenging time in my life as a way to successfully shift my negative emotions mindset and manifestation blockages into the high vibrational place of Freedom, Joy, Love and Empowerment. By applying Eye-motional Processes(EMP)™ regularly, within four weeks major shifts occurred in my life and I began to experience life changing events due to the increase of positive vibrational energy in my Law of Attraction. 

For the past 7 years, I have continued to use The 6 Processes© that are the Eye-motional Processes(EMP)™ in various ways, and my life flows with ease, awareness and acceptance. 

After testing Eye-motional Processes(EMP)™ on willing family, friends and clients, thus performing over 100 trials,  in 2020, The 6 Processes© were professionally recorded to share with the World. My desire is they bring to your life profound and improved shifts in your mindset; in your co-creating; and in your manifestation goals.

the background music

The musician behind Eye-motional Processes™


Nereace is a musical artist, meditation practitioner, sound healer , the composer of the album ‘Ignite the Divine’ and lover of all things magical and mystical. Originally from South Africa, Nereace spent nine years in London working and studying classical piano, psychotherapy, sound and other healing modalities. During this time she also became involved with dance and the healing aspect of expression through movement and music. In 2004 Nereace moved to Australia where she continued her studies, completing a Doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling, established a healing practice using sound therapy and became a Chakra dance facilitator.

In 2018, Nereace was introduced to ARIA winning producer Nigel Pegrum of Pegasus studios in Far North Queensland. Together they are creating her dream to write and record music that uplifts and spiritually inspires the listener. The songs contained within her album, ‘Ignite the Divine’ are the result of this collaboration and are the first offerings of Nereace’s life passion and dedication to a “Place where music and meditation come together”.

The sound healing qualities of Eye-motional Processes

In the professional creation of Eye-motional Processes(EMP), I desired a special vibration of healing sound for each of the audios. With a personal knowing of how special and vibrationally healing Nereace’s music is, I invited her to be the musician and sound healer behind The 6 Processes©; The Past Regrets Meditation©; The Future Fears Meditation©; and the Kinesiology Meditations© on my YouTube Channel. Together with Producer Nigel Pegrum, Nereace created special musical backgrounds to suitably vibrate at the levels that each of the Eye-motional Processes(EMP) meditations, and the Kinesiology energies within them, require. The result is ‘next level’ vibration!