Manifest with Brain Rewiring & Transform your Life!

... Processes© are a ‘Manifest with Brain Rewiring’ game changer that help shift beyond the past to improve your life!

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Is this you?

Do you feel your Law of Attraction is actually a Law of Retraction?

Do the same problems keep rotating for years on end with no release in sight?

Can others make their life flow, but you’re still stuck?

Do you wonder why you keep getting manifestation blocks?

Did you know unresolved mindset debris creates these blocks?

Emotional tendencies and beliefs based on a difficult childhood, traumas, human dramas, or other painful stories from adulthood, create your life experiences and impact your fate. 

By holding onto this unprocessed emotional debris, you miss out on your inner gifts and greatness ~ and so does the World!

Instead of shining your light, you are drained and held back by ....

Mindset tapes about difficult life experiences you have endured

Deep regrets about the past

Chaos and human dramas around finances, work, and relationships

Agitation, Frustration, Overwhelm, Fear, or Anger due to stress overload

Emotional fluctuations or flooding from unmet needs

Rescuing and fixing others to feel worthy or gain approval

Limited boundaries with no self-care

Anxiety, Doubt, or Fear that the future will be just as bleak!

No wonder you feel a lack of purpose and overwhelmed by emotional turmoil!

…. Nor can you find clarity beyond these wounds, so you can step into the future.

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Let's face it ... Your expansion into your Life's Purpose is LONG OVERDUE!!

But, instead of living your Life’s Purpose, your brain is full of past and present emotional clutter.

We both know how tough it is to expand into Law of Attraction flow when your vibe is more like Linus’ dirty blanket than Snoopy’s white glow!!

… And that is what has bought you to this page!

Let's not sugar coat it!

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Chances are ...

You’re tired of conventional and talk-based therapies

You hate mindfulness or meditating because your mind just won’t shut up!

Vision boards and Affirmations are as achievable as you getting an apology from a narcissist or psychopath!!

Everyday you think about painful past stories, regrets, or future fears

You live with draining emotions like unworthiness, anger, fear, frustration, overwhelm, and sadness

At least twice a week, you wake with 2am thoughts of despair and disaster

You really want that to change ….

But, instead of it changing, you find yourself in a mindset twist daily and are always rolling your eyes at displeasing events!

..... Or your teenager is!!

Did you know?

Your ‘eye rolls’ emphasize unhelpful unconscious and subconscious beliefs and create self-sabotage and defeat patterns?

When ‘painful stories’ remain stuck in your brain’s neural pathways, they impact your experiences, confuse your life’s purpose, and erode your joy.

Worse still, these get reinforced WHENEVER you roll your eyes at yet another displeasing event!

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Did you know?

When your brain is full of past and present emotional clutter, it’s tough to expand your mindset or allow Law of Attraction to flow you towards your life purpose!

This is because what is on your mind today (or stuck in their from the past) influences what you manifest tomorrow!

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When that is a mindset congested with unhelpful beliefs and emotions about your life, you create vibrational resistance to the things you desire so strongly.

What if I said you can put an end to this?

That begins with gentle Brain Rewiring Processes©

Wouldn’t that be better than spinning painful stories for another minute in your head or letting them hold you back for yet another year!

Manifesting has never been easier!

Here's 6 reasons why .....

Reason #1

Your first-ever Brain Rewiring Process© is FREE! 

The FREE Process Financial Blocks© is specifically designed to dissolve the biggest of financial mindset blocks – even if yours are like the titanic! 

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… all you’ve got to lose is your money blocks!

Reason #2

Get the Processes© you need!

The 6 Processes© BUNDLE is The Complete Manifest with Brain Rewiring Toolkit.

But, if your financial vibe isn’t flowing quite yet, you can split the BUNDLE and buy only the Processes© you need!

Because The BUNDLE has 35 different emotions to choose from, you can ‘purpose build’ the Process© collection that you need to shift ANY painful mindset story into higher places of expansion ……


If you are plagued with Worry, Doubts, or feel Unheard most days, then it’s Process Indigo© you need

If you struggle to let go of Anger and Resentment or if your mindset idles with Frustration, then Process Blue© will calm your limbic system like no other! 

If you Criticize and Judge yourself or others (or if others are always doing that to you), then Process Green© will transform that!

If your past experiences have left you feeling Unworthy, Regretful, Guilt, or Shame, then Process Yellow© will set you free!

If you have Sadness, Burdens, or Fears about the future or if past experiences keep repeating themselves, then Process Orange© will liberate you!

If your situation feels like you are Powerless to change anything or feel you have No Choice or way out of it, then it’s Process Red© that shines a like on clarity and choice. 

Process Financial Blocks©: FREE

Individual Processes©: $5.99AUD/ $4.17USD*

PROCESS BUNDLE©: $30.00AUD/ $20.93USD*

(No annual fees, no subscription fees)

Reason #3

Expand with The Process Bundle©

…. The BUNDLE is perfect if you recognize that low vibration emotions block your Law of Attraction flow.

You experience as many as 27 emotions a day as a human, the quality of these will either create a block or flow within your Vortex!

Because there are 35 emotions in the BUNDLE that are common low vibrational emotions we all feel from time to time – the Bundle ensures you have your vibe fully covered!

The accompanying Chart of Emotions© makes checking your mindset EASY. 

Once you match a Process© to your unhelpful emotions, you then listen to clear your vibrational dross and quickly realign with Source Flow within minutes!!

Where are you on the Chart? ......

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PROCESS BUNDLE©: $30.00AUD/ $20.93USD*

(No annual fees, no subscription fees)

Reason #4

Manifest FAST & EASY!

When you rewire your low vibration emotions with Processes© you then shift into higher places of vibrational expansion and that is when Law of Attraction starts showing up like fireworks on New Years Eve!!

… And because “Thought Equals Form”, it wont take long for improvements to then manifest into your reality – especially when you keep your emotional vibe high through Chart© checking and Processing©

Dissolving Manifestation Blocks is EASY when you Manifest with Brain Rewiring Processes©

And here's the BEST NEWS ...

Noticeable mindset and vibration shifts occur within 17-22 minutes 

.. YES, Processing© raises your vibe that quickly! 

This brings me to …

Reason #5


“I Guarantee your emotional energy vibration WILL raise into improved places of thinking and feeling after listening to your FIRST EVER Process, or I’ll refund your money (after checking you are doing it properly)!”

YES, Processing© raises your vibe that quickly!

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I’m so certain you will notice the difference straight away that I’ll give your money back if you don’t, and you can go back to tapping your acupoints instead!

Why am I guaranteeing Mindset Expansion or your money back?

Because before you stumbled upon our Manifest with Brain Rewiring Processes©, I know you’ve already tried what’s out there, that you haven’t seen results, and are now highly skeptical of manifestation methods AND the Law of Attraction as a whole!

I get it and so did this guy .... (and No - he's not related!!)

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... and there's more 5 STAR RATINGS like these if you scroll down!

We are the best, you just haven't found us till now!

I’m so confident Processes© are ‘Manifesting Game Changer’ that I’m standing by our 5 star rating that has held its position in their first year alone!

.... Plus if Sharon Stone 'Likes' us too!

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Individual Processes©: $5.99AUD/ $4.17USD*

PROCESS BUNDLE©: $30.00AUD/ $20.93USD*

(No annual fees, no subscription fees)

Reason #6


YOU are tired of negative thoughts and beliefs playing tapes in your mind, leaving you drained, sabotaging you, and holding you back.

YOU are emotionally and mentally ready to enter a new phase of your life.

YOU know you want to start living your life’s purpose if you could just break free of the human dramas and traumas that block your expansion

You can finally end your manifestation struggles!

It begins when you start Processing© the unhelpful beliefs and thought debris that difficult life experiences have left behind.

When your mindset changes about painful past events and traumas, your life also changes because ...

Repetitious patterns of unhelpful emotions end, and new ways of thinking and being emerge

The impact of past trauma or human dramas no longer affects your life or choices like it used to

Emotional turmoil and mindset flooding are finally resolved 

Calm clarity allows you to step into a future that is no longer stuck in the past stories that have stopped you moving forward

Your life perspectives are rebalanced, enabling you to shift into the evolution of yourself and your life purpose

From this expansive mindset

... You step into the life you are here to live!

... You step into the life you have dreamed about!

... A life minus the mindset traps of painful stories!

... The life you deserve!

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Still curious?


Don't hurt yourself any longer!

Beyond the traumas and human dramas you have been through, there is a life to be lived!

That’s fair enough because if you have gotten this far down the page and are still reading, chances are whoever hurt you breached your trust too!

So, please, let me introduce myself …

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I’m Amanda Lynne, an Internationally Accredited Kinesiologist, Educator, and Founder of Eye-motional Processes™. 

I specialize in Brain Rewiring for Manifesting an improved life – no matter how challenging your life has been!

I’m also a trauma and human drama survivor who’s been where you are. 

I know how misunderstood you feel, how drained you are, and how you wanted more for your life. I’ve Processed my way out of that mindset mess and into a life of Freedom, Joy, Love, and Empowerment, and I know you can too!

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