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Level 1 Practitioner Training

Become a Certified Eye-motional Processes™ Kinesiology Practitioner

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Level 1 Practitioner Course

The 6 Processes Balance©

Course Context:

The Level 1 Eye-motional Processes™ Practitioner Course teaches Kinesiologists the Balance Protocols for The 6 Processes© so that clients can release the impact trauma and human dramas have had upon their Brain and Nervous System, their consciousness, and the energetic fields of their chakras, meridians, and the aura.

Part of any Eye-motional Processes™ Balance involves the client listening to one of The 6 Processes© during their session as the Practitioner leaves the room, allowing the client space to absorb the session elements placed upon the body during the protocol. This approach to Modern Kinesiology Practice is similar to a Bowen Therapist or Acupuncturist leaving the room for the client’s energetic integration of the applied therapeutic methods. 

To ensure the session runs to time, Practitioners may select to apply the Consumer Version of The 6 Processes© (purchased separately), or the Practitioners Version of The 6 Processes© (included in this course) on the client. 

After the Balance has concluded, the client is provided Practitioner Prescribed Process Based-Homeplay© so they may engage in the Kinesiology-Meditations for Brain Rewiring between their sessions.

Curriculum Content:

Application of the elements, hand modes, formats, charts, acupoints, aura, and chakras of The 6 Processes Balance©

Balance Protocols to release trauma and human drama debris from the client’s Brain and Nervous Systems; Bio-emotional Being, and the energetic fields of their chakras, meridians, and the aura.

The Chart of Emotions© and the 12 Eye Positions for each of The 6 Processes Balance© protocols

Balance protocols for Process Red©, Process Orange©, Process Yellow©, Process Green©, Process Blue©, and Process Indigo©

Application of the Practitioners version of The 6 Processes© as a Clinic Tool alongside client home-play© methods

Aromatherapy safety guidelines for clinic practice

Training Platform:

An 18 hour training course (90 minute online aromatherapy component included in course hours)

Live Streamed Online Course

4 x Practice Sessions on your pre-arranged clients

90 min ‘Aromatherapy for Safe Clinic Use’ online self-guided study component

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Accredited Kinesiology Course

The Level 1 Eye-motional Processes™ Practitioner Course is a Category D Accredited Course with The Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA)

Clinic Benefits of Processes©

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1. Modern Kinesiology methods

The 6 Processes Balance© combines 35 minutes with the client, then 25 minutes unattended for the client to integrate the ‘session elements’ while listening to The 6 Processes© ….. like an acupuncturist leaving the clinic space for the client to integrate the needles.

This Modern Kinesiology approach significantly advances overall session outcomes and enables integration of the Process© elements for the client.

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2. Flexible Clinic Delivery for Trauma Clients

Trauma and Human Drama clients have different and diverse clinical needs. Eye-motional Processes™ Kinesiology Balances provide scope for face-to-face and online sessions for your trauma clients in the following ways:

Single 60 minute sessions

3 x 60 minute sessions over a 2 -3 week period for the release of acute trauma or trauma re-exposure 

6 x 60 minute sessions over a 3-4 month period for the release of old traumas, systemic traumas, childhood traumas, stuck and enduring traumas.

Create clinic-prescribed Process-Based Homeplay© for your clients

Maintain connection with clients as required by providing 30 minute online sessions for Home-Play© related guidance.

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3. Homeplay© Tool for Trauma Clients

The 6 Processes© are not only a great Brain Rewiring tool for your clinic practice use, but are a fantastic Kinesiology Homeplay© tool for your clients to apply your session-determined prescriptions. Homeplay© provides a valuable client success pathway as well as increasing client self-determination towards trauma and human drama recovery.

Level 1 Course Dates - 2024

Course Dates and Time Zones

The Level 1 Practitioner Course runs over 5 days

Brisbane, Australia Time Zone

➤ Day 1 – Saturday 10th August (5pm – 9pm)

➤ Day 2 – Sunday 11th August (5pm – 9pm)

➤ Day 3 – Friday 16th August (7-9pm)

➤ Day 4 – Saturday 24th August (5pm – 9pm)

➤ Day 5 – Sunday 25th August (5pm – 9pm)


Perth, Australia Time Zone

➤ Day 1 – Saturday 10th August (3pm – 7pm)

➤ Day 2 – Sunday 11th August (3pm – 7pm)

➤ Day 3 – Friday 16th August (5-7pm)

➤ Day 4 – Saturday 24th August (3pm – 7pm)

➤ Day 5 – Sunday 25th August (3pm – 7pm)


London, Dublin, and Western European Time Zones 

 Day 1 – Saturday 10th August  (8am – 12noon)

 Day 2 –  Sunday 11th August (8am-12noon)

 Day 3 –  Friday 16th August (10am-12noon)

 Day 4 –  Saturday 24th August  (8am – 12noon)

 Day 5 –  Sunday 25th August (8am – 12noon)

New Zealand Daylight Time Zone 

 Day 1 – Saturday 10th August  (8pm-12midnight)

 Day 2 –  Sunday 11th August (8pm-12midnight)

 Day 3 –  Friday 16th August (10pm-12midnight)

 Day 4 –  Saturday 24th August  (8pm-12midnight)

 Day 5 –  Sunday 25th August (8pm-12midnight)

** Students can determine their own times to undertake their 4 practice Balances to best suit their Time Zones (This is discussed on Day 1 of the Course).

Course Location: Online via Zoom and in the Online Training Platform of this Website

Course Numbers: Course is capped at 30 students.

Course Instructors: Amanda Lynne and Vicki Engeham


This Online Course is held over one Friday evening, two Saturday evenings, and two Sunday evenings in August 2023

Course Facilitators

Amanda Lynne – Main Facilitator

Amanda Lynne is the Founder of Eye-motional Processes™ – the Kinesiology-Meditations Processes© for Brain Rewiring. She is also an experienced Educator, International Kinesiologist, and trauma survivor. Fed up with CBT for releasing her trauma, in 2013, she applied eye movement methods used in Kinesiology to create 6 Brain Rewiring Meditation-Processes© to release her past traumas and rewire unhelpful thoughts into a more fulfilling life. 

Initially created for personal use, she has successfully trialed her Processes© on over 100 case studies. Between 2020 – 2021, Amanda professionally recorded her Processes©, making them available for individual use and Kinesiology clinicians. 

Amanda’s professional research advances eye movement methods applied in Kinesiology clinic practice since 1982 and provides Modern Kinesiology approaches to these methodologies. The professional contributions of Dr. George Goodheart, Dr. Wayne Topping, Gordon Stokes, Daniel Whiteside, John Thie, Sheldon Deal, Dr. Bruce Dewe, and Joan Dewe (MA) are of great importance to her expanding approaches to eye movement based Kinesiology.

Her Short Courses teach the clinical application of the Processes© as Modern Kinesiology corrections for trauma clients. 

Her Practitioner Courses suit Kinesiologists seeking to specialize in Brain Rewiring and the Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious mind for manifesting a life beyond trauma and human drama. She encourages Eye-motional Processes™ Practitioners to contribute their professional advancements in these areas by providing a 6-12 month research project as the outcome of their Level 6 Practitioner Training.   

Amanda is a Level 5 Kinesiologist and Course Instructor with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) and a Professional Specialized Kinesiologist with the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists (IASK). 

Since commencing Kinesiology training in 1998, Amanda has completed training certificates in Touch for Health (I-IV); SFEF Kinesiology (I-III); International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP) (I-IV); Three in One Concepts Kinesiology (I-V); and Neuroenergetics Kinesiology (BKP). She holds a Bachelor of Education and a Certificate IV in Aromatherapy.

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Vicki Engeham – Guest Facilitator

Vicki is the Director of the Australian Centre of Colour Therapy and Healing Arts, Australia, an Internationally recognized Colour Teacher, and a Louise Hay Instructor. She is a professional bodywork therapist who specializes in Colour Therapy and Aromatherapy. She has practiced therapies and taught courses and classes both Nationally and Internationally over a 35-year career. Her deep knowledge, warmth, and wisdom continue to serve individuals. 

Vicki holds a Diploma of Aromatherapy, a Diploma of Massage, and a Diploma in Transpersonal Therapy. She has also trained under Louise Hay as a Self Awareness Counselor. Vicki is the recognized author of a Chakra Balance Book, Angel Cards, Numerology Cards, Meditation CD’s, and in more recent years, she has co-developed the Drop Into Life™ Colour Care system of cards and courses.

Portrait of Vicki Engeham

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