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Level 1 Eye-motional Processes™ Practitioner Training Course

The 6 Processes Balance©

If Brain Rewiring; the Conscious, Subconscious & Unconscious mind; and Law of Attraction is of interest to your work as a Kinesiologist, then it is time to consider becoming an Eye-motional Processes™ Practitioner and integrating the App in your Kinesiology clinic. 

If you hold a Certificate IV or above in Kinesiology (or equivalent), then you meet the prerequisites to enroll and train to become a Level 1 Eye-motional Processes™ Practitioner. 

The Level 1 Practitioner Course: 

  • Teaches you The 6 Processes Balance©
  • Teaches you how to use the Eye-motional Processes™ App as a Clinic Tool and as a client home-play© method
  • Is an 18 hour training course

Training Platform:

  • Live Streamed Online Courses
  • 5 x Practice Sessions on your pre-arranged clients
  • 90 min ‘Aromatherapy for Safe Clinic Use’ online component
Accredited Kinesiology Course

The Level 1 Eye-motional Processes™ Practitioner Course is a Category D Accredited Course with The Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA)

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The Level 1 Practitioner Course Curriculum

The Level 1 Eye-motional Processes™ Practitioner Training, includes learning:

6 Brain Rewiring Meditations in an App

Eye-motional Processes™ are 6 Kinesiology-based Meditations on an App and are a ‘manifestation game changer’ used for shifting the Core Beliefs; and Conscious, Unconscious and Subconscious emotions that sabotage Law of Attraction success.

The App combines Kinesiology methods and was created for individuals to access Brain Rewiring and Kinesiology in this ever-changing world – a world that is moving healing modalities, services, and learning more and more onto tech platforms.

The App was launched in 2021 and is already used by thousands Internationally as a self-guided tool – especially where mindset, brain rewiring, and manifesting are concerned.

The Eye-motional Processes™ Chart of Emotions© on the App is an easy reference tool for individuals to identify their negative, low-vibration emotions; and then listen to one of The 6 Processes© on the App to shift their ’emotional charges’ into higher levels of co-creative consciousness – the place where Law of Attraction flow is accessible. 

App users may deepen their inner journey by booking a Kinesiology session with an accredited Eye-motional Processes™ Practitioner.

Why add the App to your existing Kinesiology Practice?

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Face to Face Session Integration

The 6 Processes Balance© combines 35 minutes with the client, then 25 minutes unattended for the client to integrate the ‘session elements’ while listening to the Practitioners Version of The 6 Processes© ….. like an acupuncturist leaving the clinic space for the client to integrate the needles.

Clinic Flexibility during Restrictions

Maintain connection with your clients during Covid restrictions and lockdowns by providing online App-related professional guidance and advancing upon The 6 Processes Balance© and the App ‘Home-Play©’ established during the session.

Great 'Home-Play' Tool for Clients

The Eye-motional Processes™ App is not only a great tool to use with your clients during their sessions, but The 6 Processes© on the App is also a fantastic Kinesiology ‘Home-Play©’ tool for your clients to apply for towards emotional-energy transmutation in-between their sessions. 

Level 1 Practitioner Training Course Dates - 2022



LOCATION: Online via Zoom




LOCATION: Online via Zoom



  • Thursday 1st September, Tuesday 6th September, Thursday 8th September & Tuesday 13th September 2022 (10am – 2pm)
  • Brisbane, Australia Time Zone) Find your time zone HERE 


LOCATION: Online via Zoom

COURSE ENQUIRIES: hello@eye-motionalprocesses.comThursday

Your Course Facilitators

Amanda Lynne – Main Facilitator

Amanda Lynne is the Founder of Eye-motional Processes™ – the World’s first Kinesiology-Meditation App with six specific Kinesiology meditations called The 6 Processes©. Initially created for her personal use in 2013, since that time, she has trialed her processes on over 100 case studies with great success. Between 2020 – 2021, Amanda professionally recorded her six processes and created the App to house her Kinesiology Meditations.

Amanda’s professional research for the 6 Processes© advances on the eye movement methods applied in Kinesiology clinic practice since 1982. Professional contributions in this methodology by renowned Kinesiologists Dr. George Goodheart, Dr. Wayne Topping, Gordon Stokes, Daniel Whiteside, John Thie, Sheldon Deal, Dr. Bruce Dewe, and Joan Dewe (MA) are of great importance to expanding her approaches to eye movement based Kinesiology.

Amanda is a Level 5 Kinesiologist and Course Instructor with the AKA and a Professional Specialized Kinesiologist with the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists (IASK). She commenced her Kinesiology training in 1998 and since this time has completed training certificates in Touch for Health (I-IV); SFEF Kinesiology (I-III); International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP) (I-IV); Three in One Concepts Kinesiology (I-V); and Neuroenergetics Kinesiology (BKP). She holds a Bachelor of Education and a Certificate IV in Aromatherapy.


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Vicki Engeham – Guest Facilitator

Vicki is the Director of the Australian Centre of Colour Therapy and Healing Arts, Australia, an Internationally recognized Colour Teacher, and a Louise Hay Instructor. She is a professional bodywork therapist who specializes in Colour Therapy and Aromatherapy. She has practiced therapies and taught courses and classes both Nationally and Internationally over a 35-year career. Her deep knowledge, warmth, and wisdom continue to serve individuals. 

Vicki holds a Diploma of Aromatherapy, a Diploma of Massage, and a Diploma in Transpersonal Therapy. She has also trained under Louise Hay as a Self Awareness Counselor. Vicki is the recognized author of a Chakra Balance Book, Angel Cards, Numerology Cards, Meditation CD’s, and in more recent years, she has co-developed the Drop Into Life™ Colour Care system of cards and courses.

Portrait of Vicki Engeham