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Level 1 Practitioner Course - The 6 Processes© Balance

If Brain Re-wiring the Conscious, Subconscious & Unconscious mind is of interest to your work as a Kinesiologist, then it is time to consider becoming an Eye-motional Processes™ Practitioner by enrolling in this Level 1 Course. This Training is for qualified Kinesiologists only.

  • This course is an 18hr approved Category D course and is approved by the Australian Kinesiology Association
  • Learn The 6 Processes Balance© and associated Elements, Kinesiology Hand Modes and Formats
  • Learn the 12 Eye Positions© essential to Eye-motional Processes™ Kinesiology Balances
  • Integrate your existing Kinesiology practice with Brain Rewiring methods for your clients
  • Use the Eye-motional Processes™ Kinesiology App with clients in your Professional Practice
  • Gain the Practitioners version of 6 Processes© Audio for use in your clinic practice
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Level 1 Practitioner Course - The 6 Processes© Balance

Training Course Options & Dates

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Level 1 Practitioner Course: Face to Face

    FACE TO FACE COURSE in CAIRNS, QLD, AUSTRALIA. This 18 hour course is the Foundation training for applying the Eye-motional Processes App™ in your Kinesiology Clinic Practice
$695.00 Course Dates: Sunday 7th November & Sunday 14th November 2021
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Certified Course

    The 6 Processes Balance© is a Category D Certified and Accredited Course with the Australian Kinesiology Association
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Level 1 Practitioner Course: Online

    ONLINE COURSE: AUSTRALIA & INTERNATIONAL. This 18 hour course is the Foundation training for applying the Eye-motional Processes App™ in your Kinesiology Clinic Practice
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Add the app to your existing kinesiology practice

Course Benefits

Certificate Course

Gain a Certificate and 18 CPE points with the Australian Kinesiology Association

Get Expert Training

Learn from Level 5 Kinesiologist, Amanda Lynne and International Colour Healer, Vicki Engeham

Be an EMP™ Practitioner

Be an Eye-motional Processes™ Level 1 Practitioner and bring Brain Rewiring to your clients

Increase Your Network

Get listed as an EMP™ Practitioner on our website and promote your services to Australian and International clients

Covid Friendly Practices

Maintain your business by converting your clients to online 'App Guidance' sessions during Covid restrictions and lockdowns

Integrate Clinic Practice Flexibility and New Tools

Your Clinic Practice with an App

Session Integration

Session Integration

The 6 Processes Balance© combines 35 mins with the client, then 25 mins where the client is alone to integrate 'session elements' whilst listening to the Practitioners Version of The 6 Processes© ..... like an acupuncturist leaving the clinic space for the client to integrate needles

Clinic Practice Flexibility

Clinic Practice Flexibility

Maintain your clinic practice and income with ease during Covid restrictions and lockdowns, by converting to online sessions with your clients in the comfort of their home using the Kinesiology methods on their App, alongside your professional guidance

Great 'Home-Play' Tool

Great 'Home-Play' Tool

The 6 Processes© Kinesiology Meditations are not only a great tool to use with your clients in their sessions, The 6 Processes© App is also a fantastic Kinesiology tool for creating easy to use, and specific home-play activities for your clients in-between their sessions

Discover more about the App
The Kinesiology App can create new Business & Clinic opportunities

Introducing the Kinesiology App for your Professional Clinic & Clients​

The Eye-motional Processes™ App is an App for the mindset! It combines Kinesiology methods and was created by a Kinesiologist for Kinesiologists. The App and it's associated Balance has been trialed on 100 case studies over 8 years and is a dynamic clinic tool for your Kinesiology Practice.

The App was launched by its creator, Amanda Lynne in 2021 for humanity to access Kinesiology in this ever changing world - a world which is moving healing services and learning, more and more onto tech platforms!!

Now, I hear what you are thinking - "What about the importance of face-to-face sessions and muscle monitoring to support clients"? - Well, with the Eye-motional Processes™ App and The 6 Processes Balance© in your professional tool kit, you can do both!!!!

Need More Info?

If you're not too sure if this course is for you yet, or if you have a question or need more details, please feel free to contact me!

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