Terms and Conditions

The Eye-motional Processes™ App, The 6 Processes©, and all associated material, contains the opinions and ideas of the developer. It is intended as an informational guide only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease – physical or mental.  The Eye-motional Processes™ App and its associated material, classes and courses provide a series of self-guided techniques and are not intended as a substitute for regular professional medical or psychological care.  

It is sold with the understanding that the developer is not engaged in rendering medical or health services. The listener should engage his or her medical, health or other competent professional before adopting any suggestions in this material or drawing any inferences from it. A person applying Eye-motional Processes and its associated material, is not advised to discontinue or to avoid existing medical or psychological consultations, especially where medical or psycho-therapeutic consultations are professionally advised. The purpose of Eye-motional Processes and its associated material, is to enhance a person’s mindset, goals and manifestation outcomes through increased positive emotions and higher energetic vibrations by using a combined application of Bioenergetics, Meditation, Eye Movements and Kinesiology. 

The approaches and techniques described in Eye-motional Processes and its associated material, represent working theory rather than accepted science and are not part of any recognized religion, nor is it intended as the practice of clinical psychology or psychotherapy.  The developer specifically disclaims all responsibility for any liability, loss, or risk – personal or otherwise – which is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly of the use and application of Eye-motional Processes, The 6 Processes©, and all associated material, events, consults, classes and courses.