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You’re on this page because, in some way, shape, or form, you’re not manifesting money and your finances aren’t where you want them to be. You’ve tried all the Money Manifestation methods out there. Still, you’re at a point where endless tapping has bruised your acupoints, your affirmations have fallen from their magnets and live under the fridge, and your Vision Board is now a dust collector full of faded pics.

These methods have become as useless to you as your limited bank account balance, and you recognize that, for you, the Law of Attraction is actually a Law of Retraction when it comes to you and Money!!

You know you’ve got blocks, but you don’t know how to shift those bad boys into a financially flowing waterfall of abundance.

What you are about to discover will change how you manifest Money forever. No, you won’t have to say a single money mantra, wear a magnetizing crystal, unpack past life poverty (enough is going on in this life, isn’t there?), or empty what’s left in your wallet to a Law of Attraction guru. 

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All that ridiculousness ends here, and the best thing is you are about to discover the 13 destructive reasons you aren’t Manifesting Money.

Plus, once discovered, you can access our FREE CLASS, where you can take the Q&A to reveal your subconscious and unconscious mindset blocks creating your financial blocks.

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Taking the Class allows you to rewire and release your blocks when you create your exclusive Manifest Money Blueprint during the Q&A – and it’s all FREE.

If you don’t want to wait another minute to start rewiring the limited mindset that created your financial blocks, then the button to head straight to our FREE CLASS.


Remember, unless your Mindset Blocks Change, your Financial Blocks Remain!


Now, let me introduce myself. I’m Amanda Lynne, an Internationally Accredited Kinesiologist, Educator, and Founder of Eye-motional Processes™. I specialize in using powerful Kinesiology Brain Rewiring Processes© to help others Manifest an improved life – no matter how challenging their life has been or how ridiculously blocked their financial flow is. 

No! I’m not talking about attaching wires to your head; I’m talking about powerful methods that Kinesiologists have used since 1982 to radically shift unconscious and subconscious mindset blocks in their clients so they can move them into places of mindset and manifestation expansion. It’s called Eye-movement-based Kinesiology, and no, it’s not Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which psychologists discovered in 1985 – it’s far more profound than that because of Kinesiology’s remarkable ability to bypass the conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind through muscle testing to reveal deep blocks and then release them in their clients.

Manifest with Brain Rewiring


Manifest Money using Gentle, Self-Guided Brain Rewiring Methods

Radical developments in Eye-movement-based Kinesiology methods have led to the creation of Eye-motional Processes™ where individuals can self-guide their mindset expansion journey at home or in the office by checking in on their emotional vibration using the Chart of Emotions©, then rewire any unhelpful emotions or beliefs with a matching Process© from the menu.

The creation of Eye-motional Processes™ means you can apply gentle Brain Rewiring and Eye-movement-based Kinesiology in self-guided ways until your emotional energy vibration matches the Law of Abundant Attraction – the place where your finances will be flowing like a waterfall,

This short video lets you learn more about my powerful and easy-to-use Processes©.


When it comes to using Processes© to Manifest Money, my community says this:

– “I was in such a funk, but after listening to one of your 17-minute Processes©, I felt so much better immediately”

– “I could not sleep with so many money problems on my mind, so at 1am, I finally reached for Process Yellow© and fell asleep with my earphones still in!”

– “I listened to your Process Financial Blocks©, and 5 minutes later, I received an email confirming a refund I had frustratingly been waiting on for over 3 months”

– “After putting in numerous applications, I listened to Process Indigo© when I couldn’t get a job for over 11 months. The phone rang 20 minutes after getting off the Process©, and I got an interview”

– “I missed out on a property by a margin and was furious that the agent let me down. I listened 4 times in that week to Process Blue©, and on Friday, the agent rang to tell me the other buyer’s application had fallen through, and I was still interested? Now I am the proud owner of that wonderful property”

– “I listened to Process Financial Blocks© and had huge epiphanies that I wasn’t actually as bad off as I’d convinced my mind I was”

– “I blended Process Financial Blocks© with Process Yellow©. Over a short period, I was free of a long-standing legal situation with great financial settlement outcomes”. 

I could go on or point you to even more testimonials on this page.

But let’s get back to you, your financial blocks, and how this blog will give you the answers you seek.


Discover the 13 Reasons you aren’t Manifesting Money

Once you reveal if you have any of these money-sabotaging programs operating, you can join our FREE CLASS, where you get to determine precisely where your subconscious money blocks are by assessing your money vibe. By evaluating your Money Vibe, you have easily created your exclusive Brain Rewiring Blueprint for rewiring and releasing your blocks into Money Manifestation success. 

And because the Class is free, your financial flow has already stated…. But it does come with a catch – You have to do the work on yourself to release your blocks by:

1) Reading this blog 

2) Taking the free Class to Assess your Money Vibe

3) Then, use your exclusive Manifest Money Blueprint you made in the FREE CLASS to rewire and release your money blocks. 

PS …. Spoiler alert! For those of you whose financial flow is held back by the Money Vibe Block listed at Reason #6, ‘working on yourself’ might be a challenge that you will have to Process© beyond! 

Okay, so with that said, if you’re ready to roll your sleeves up, or should I say your eyes up, then let me guide you through the 13 reasons you aren’t manifesting Money plus what you can do about each sabotaging reason to rewire and shift those bad boy blocks you have.


Reason #1

Your Limiting Beliefs

… “Gee, that’s a new one – NOT!” I hear you say … okay smarty, keep reading! 


Reason #2

Your Poverty or Struggle Consciousness

This has you believing there is, or will never be, enough, and the resultant experience is that:

Money doesn’t flow in; it trickles in

There is only ever enough Money to make ends meet

Money is always such a struggle, and you can hardly get ahead

You’re Always playing catch-up when it comes to Money.

To shift this stagnant money vibration means you must rewire and release the painful stories stuck in your consciousness that initially created your poverty or struggle vibration. 

Therefore, whatever:

Parent, carer, grandparent, or government system failed you financially when you were growing up or as an adult; that pain story is still stuck in your consciousness and needs to go.

Bad business deals, shock redundancy, poor financial choices, or real estate issues that were incredibly stressful are stuck in your consciousness and need to go.

Experience a lack where you observed others financially flourish when, at the same time, you couldn’t even afford the $2 Maccas Meal Deal. If that is stuck in your consciousness, it needs to go.

We are far greater than our difficult financial experiences. We can create a better reality for ourselves by releasing the stories of money struggles stuck in our consciousness so they no longer block our money vibe. To do that, take our FREE CLASS.


Reason #3

Lack of Self Worth 

Your subconscious and unconscious beliefs have convinced you that you don’t deserve, won’t receive, or can’t receive your desires or things that are good for you (including that hot person on Tinder – oh, hang on, that’s the one who never pays for a date – hmmm keep swiping cos you deserve generosity and abundance and it is about time you realized it).

When it comes to Reason #3, if you have this sabotaging belief, then you need to rewire your deep, inner, unhelpful beliefs of Unworthiness and any of the painful experiences that led you to feel that way about yourself, including Shame, Blame, and Regret. 

You can rewire your mindset to create sustainable feelings of Worthiness by listening to Process Yellow©When self-worth glows in you, Money also flows into your life.


Reason #4

Unbelievable Affirmations

Your affirmations are as dreamy and unrealistic as a unicorn showing up in your life. Let’s say you have been tapping and saying, “Money flows freely to me.” Now, if you subconsciously and unconsciously don’t believe that, then it won’t. Worse still, the minute a couple of expenses come in, you roll your eyes in agitation, and your mindset then starts its engine of unhelpful stories that have you convinced that money never flows in your life.

Suppose you have a sabotaging mindset block when it comes to your affirmations. In that case, you need to create believable affirmations to your mindset by considering your personal experiences. When you do this, you make your affirmations both believable and achievable. While creating a believable affirmation, you may notice feelings rise up in you that help you identify where your blocks are. For example, if you changed your affirmation from “Money flows freely to me” to “Money is, and always has been, available to me.” 

Such an affirmation feels far more believable at this time in your life than “Money flows freely to me.” In creating this affirmation, you may recall when Money was unavailable. Suppose this memory is still stuck as a painful story. In that case, you should check the Chart of Emotions© to match your feelings, then listen to that matching Process© to rewire and prevent the results of that experience from replicating in your future. Doing this strengthens neural pathways around newer, more refreshing beliefs beyond your painful past experiences. 

When you rewire past painful stories revealed during affirmation creation, you discover that your affirmations work and start adjusting to them to match the more expansive beliefs you are experiencing. This is where, over time, you can use the affirmation “Money flows freely to me” (or any other affirmation), and actually believe it. When you believe your affirmations to the very core of your being, it is then that your words become magnets. 

alt text


Reason #5

Your Financial Goals do not Align with your Subconscious Thoughts

Your financial goals and desires do not align with your subconscious and unconscious beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. When it comes to your Vision Board, this matters tremendously because that’s where many of us put the pictures of the cash we want to manifest, the red Ferrari, and our other financial dreams. 

Here’s the thing: your eyes visually perceive what is seen, including the images on your Vision Board, and if you have subconscious low-vibration thoughts, beliefs, and emotions about those images, you will struggle to manifest them.

In this 14-minute FREE VISION BOARD CLASS, you will Discover:



✔ How to get your Vision Board Manifesting better by doing the simple methods explained in this Class to help you get ‘your EYES’ and your Brain aligned with what you seek to Manifest.


Reason #6

An Attitude of Entitlement

Yes sweetness, I’m talking to you! If you have this stuck in your money vibe, you’re the sort of person still waiting for it to be handed to you while remaining attached to an attitude of entitlement.

Okay, you got half of it right – abundance is your birthright; this we know from the works of Abraham Hicks, Napoleon Hill, and Bob Proctor. What isn’t your birthright is your ‘entitlement’ attitude. What this leads to is a consciousness that lives beyond its means and needs everyone to bail them out all the damn time! 

Suppose this is your sabotage program when it comes to manifesting Money through your own gifts and talents. In that case, you will need to ditch your ‘entitlement belief system,’ start setting a budget, end a day’s work where you actually feel so much gratitude that you have that job, maybe sell some of your bower bird collection online, and watch financial flow come on in.

To help rewire unhelpful beliefs about being entitled so they no longer block your manifestation flow, you will need to release feelings of Judgement, Criticism, Pessimism, and Jealousy from being your prone ways of thinking. This is done using Process Green©


Reason #7

A Victim Mentality

This is the reverse of Reason #6: You have a ‘woe is me, nothing ever good comes to me’ belief system – call it a Victim Mentality. The problem here is that victim mentality will also affect your money magnet, and the other issue is it’s most probably been there for a bloody long time, possibly way back to your childhood, when you felt powerlessness and despair about the awful experiences and negative messaging you have endured.

I am sorry they happened to you, but as Louise Hay says in her book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’:

“No Person, no place, no thing has power over us, for “we” are the only thinkers in our mind, and when we create peace, harmony, and balance in our mindset, we will find it in our lives”.

Peace and Harmony begin when you change the grooves in your Brain by listening to Process Red© to rewire your thoughts and memories about feeling Powerlessness, Despair, Shock, and No Choice. 


Reason #8

Unhelpful Money Messaging

Negative messages about Money have been embedded in your Brain from childhood, especially when your Brain was forming. 

This sabotaging financial block comes from parents, carers, siblings, friends, family members, partners and spouses who spoke messages of lack based on generational beliefs that trees, time, and ‘critters’ are the root of all money evils with the use of sayings such as:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

“A day late and a dollar short”

“As poor as a church mouse”

“Betting on the wrong horse”

…. blah, blah, etc! 

Here’s the issue with Reason #8 – If negative money messages came from your family then it is embedded in your core conditioning as subconscious beliefs that need to shift. Negative money messages of this origin also spread like a weeds through your whole family system and is reinforced each time you visit Grandma and hear it all over again but just through another person’s mouth. 

You can rewire unhelpful ‘money lack’ belief systems by first identifying their subconscious roots and then taking our FREE CLASS to create your Manifest Money Blueprint so you can rewire the impact negative messaging has had on your mindset. 


Reason #9

Financial Fluctuations

Money has always been a feast or famine experience. This has you on edge with the fluctuating uncertainties of money and invokes feelings of Worry and being Overwhelmed. 

If you have this sabotaging money block, there are three things to do:

1) Assess your Money Vibe by taking our FREE CLASS to discover precisely where the subconscious blocks are so you can rewire and release them

2) Learn more about Money. When it comes to gaining a healthier understanding of financial management, it helps to read books on personal finance; some great ones are “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley, and “Your Money or Your Life” by Vicki Robin. If you are not a reader, you can take an online course, attend a workshop or seminar, follow financial blogs and podcasts, or utilize budgeting apps. 

3) The other essential thing to release the Feast or Famine Money Vibe is to reflect on personal financial experiences and learn from successes and mistakes. Suppose such reflection reveals that you have past regrets about some of your financial choices. In that case, Process Past Regrets© will assist you to rewire and release your stress about these concerns so you can finally let them go. 


Reason #10

Past, Current, or Future Money Dramas and Traumas

Money has been attached to dramas or traumas or has caused fights, including but not limited to observing parents or carers battling over money issues, sibling favoritism when it comes to Money, being in relationships where financial control has occurred, divorce, battles over Wills, battles to achieve a pay rise, the list goes on. Whatever the cause, if you have a Money Drama Vibe, you must rewire and release it using the vibe assessment and methods taught in our FREE CLASS


Reason #11

Your Use of Low-Vibe Words

You don’t shut up about your money issues! Yes, that’s right, I’m talking to you! All day, every day, week in, week out, you bang on to any poor soul who will listen to you about your money struggles or the things that have happened to you in the past regarding money issues. You’ve even chatted to your bulk billing doctor about your finances (as well as your sore knee), and heaven help the lady at your local coffee shop! 

Haven’t you noticed people aren’t taking your calls anymore, or they cross the street when they see you coming! Worse still, the Universe is avoiding you too!

If you think about it, is there any wonder the Law of Attraction has retracted from you? After all, whenever you complain, you create low-vibration words that block your expansive co-creating energy fields from attracting abundance – and you do it each time you open your mouth to complain.

Okay, worrywart. Do you want to change that unhelpful habit so it no longer stops you from manifesting money? That habit-breaking starts by assessing your Money Vibe by taking our FREE CLASS to discover precisely where the subconscious worry blocks are so you can rewire and release them into financial flow success. 


Reason #12

Your Emotional Energy Vibe when it comes to Money

Maybe you’ve noticed that throughout this blog, I’ve referred to your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs regarding money. Bottom line, if your emotional energy vibe is not in the high vibe sections of the White or Violet emotions when it comes to our Chart of Emotions© (SHOWN BELOW), then you simply will struggle to manifest money, or you will have an increase in all the money manifestation issues raised at Reasons 1 – 11 in this blog.

There is only one way to change that, and that is to raise your emotional energy vibe when it comes to you and money, and you can do that by taking our FREE CLASS.

alt text


Reason #13

Your Limiting Beliefs

No, that’s not a spello; it’s a deliberate repeat of Reason #1, which is the real problem behind why you are not manifesting Money. 

Yep, that’s right, your limiting beliefs are your number #1 manifestation block. In fact, this is so important that I repeated it twice. The other 11 reasons you are not manifesting Money are like cousins to Reasons 1 and 13, meaning they are related, but not directly. 

The bottom line is, if you don’t rewire your limiting beliefs, your relationship with Money will be the same as it’s ever been! 

Our FREE CLASS will reveal precisely your subconscious limiting beliefs regarding Money, where they come from, and what feelings are attached to them. Once revealed, you can apply your exclusive Manifest Money Blueprint you made in Class to release financial-emotional disharmony from your vibe. 

alt text


Release the Reasons you Aren’t Manifesting Money

In conclusion, if you found yourself reading this blog because your financial landscape doesn’t align with your aspirations, know you’re not alone. The conventional methods of money manifestation may have frustrated you, with vision boards gathering dust and affirmations falling flat, but fear not, for there is a transformative solution. In this blog, we’ve uncovered the 12 reasons you might face challenges in manifesting money. These range from deep-seated limiting beliefs and a feast-or-famine mindset to unconscious entitlement or a perpetual victim mentality.

The good news is that you don’t need to resort to endless mantras or costly sessions with Law of Attraction gurus. Instead, you can take charge of your financial destiny through a revolutionary approach – Eye-motional Processes™ – by addressing the root causes of your financial blocks at the FREE CLASS and then using the Processes© to enable you to rewire and release destructive patterns, paving the way for a more abundant and harmonious financial future. 


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Amanda Lynne is a Level 5 Internationally Accredited Kinesiologist, Course Facilitator, and the Founder of Eye-motional Processes™ the Kinesiology-Meditation Processes© for Brain Rewiring.

Amanda has been trained in five different Modalities of Kinesiology since 1998 and holds a Bachelor of Education and a Certificate IV in Aromatherapy.

Amanda’s Short Courses and Practitioner Level Courses teach International Kinesiologists how to apply Eye-motional Processes™ as a clinic tool alongside a variety of Balance Protocols to meet client’s needs, especially where trauma and complex stress are concerned.


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