Your Space

Your Space is the FREE online Eye-motional Processes™(EMP) membership, accessible upon purchasing one or more of The 6 Processes© from the Website, the App Store or Google Play.

Your Space is useful for individuals who are applying Eye-motional Processes™ in their life and are seeking extra material, resources, guidance and services to assist their application of The 6 Processes©.

Upon joining for FREE, Your Space members gain: 
  • The FULL VERSION of the downloadable Eye-motional Processes™ Chart of Emotions©
  • Access to the Step by Step video which explains How To Use The 6 Processes© 
  • The FULL VERSION of the downloadable Eye-motional Processes™(EMP) printout which explains The 3 Easy Steps to shift your mindset with The 6 Processes©; Post Process Experiences; and Common Questions.
  • Access to the Free printable e-Book which has exclusive content to apply when viewing the FREE videos on the ‘Your Space’ YouTube Channel
  • The FREE Monthly Newsletter emailed to your inbox on the 22nd of each calendar month, with manifestation tips, tools and techniques for applying The 6 Processes© in your life
  • Invites to Amanda Lynne’s FREE Annual EMP™ Micro Summits and other FREE Online Events
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