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September’s Energetic Vibe – The Key Themes are Embracing Clarity, Solutions, and a Breath of Fresh Air.

As we step into the expansive cosmic landscape of September 2023, a sense of renewal and clarity fills the air. After navigating the growth-based experiences that unfolded in June, July, and early August, you might have noticed a subtle shift in the energies by the end of August. It’s as though the puzzle pieces began falling into place, aligning with greater ease and clarity, propelling you closer to realizing your manifestation goals.

September arrives with a fresh and invigorating energy—an energy that promises to carry some of the most potent vibrations of the entire year. This month, the universe aligns pleasure-granting, wish-fulfilling, and co-creative energies, forming a harmonious backdrop to support your manifestation endeavors. Clarity and solutions take center stage throughout September, empowering you to overcome obstacles that may have hindered your progress.


 Revelations in Mindset:

Aiding Manifestation

If you’ve been grappling with challenges obstructing your journey towards manifestation success, rejoice, for September holds the answers you’ve been seeking. These solutions are set to emerge as epiphanies within your mindset—unexpected insights that light up the path before you. A clear, focused mindset becomes your guiding compass, aiding decision-making and propelling you towards your goals.

Mid-September could usher in an elevated sense of lightness as you have released obstacles, giving you a clear mindset to support your next steps and any goal-based decision-making. In fact, by the middle of September, you may be feeling so light that you are ready to take that trip … even if it’s a one-day road trip, a hike, or even engaging in some local social events. Either way, September brings the desire to explore and free your mind after a transformative and dross-clearing past three months.


Reclaiming Energy and Realigning Focus

Your energy allocation takes on significant importance this month, as your energy and where you put your energy will become your priority. The past three months demanded considerable effort and dedication to transform aspects of your life—emotions, habits, and patterns—that no longer align with your higher self’s journey. With this period of transformation behind you, the early days of September bring a noticeable shift. For these reasons, you will be less inclined to invest your energy in people, events, or situations that no longer resonate with your newfound ease and flow.

Instead of draining yourself by ‘spending your energy’ on old, outdated thoughts, beliefs, or emotions, you may find yourself delving into some self-help books, a personal growth podcast, or finally pulling out your journal and doing some deep diving to assist the ongoing pathway of your new expanding conscious awareness that was the gift of the past three months of transformative challenges.


Decluttering Mindset, Decluttering Spaces.

The past three months of Transformational Homeplay through the Brain Rewiring Processes you undertook have aided old stories and blocks to be rewired. As the process of rewiring your mindset and releasing old blocks reaches its culmination, you might find the urge to bring this transformation into your physical surroundings. Organizing your living space and decluttering areas like the bathroom cupboard become natural extensions of your inner work. This tangible action mirrors the intangible shift within your mind, effectively clearing the path for what’s to come. Some of you may even feel a deeper resonance, leading you to consider moving houses, rearranging furniture, or even relocating to new towns.


Embracing Rewards: 

A Month of Abundance

September holds the potential to become a highlight of your year. The co-creative energies surrounding you offer generous support, acknowledging your commitment to staying authentic to your essence and manifestation objectives. This is a month of reaping the rewards you’ve diligently worked towards, a time of harvesting the fruits of your labor. Heightened clarity in your mindset, reduced wasted time on unproductive patterns, and a sense of closure with aspects that have served their purpose—all of these rewards September bestows upon you.

It is time to give yourself a pat on the back, as the growth transformation you undertook in the past three months has led to the abundance that September can bring. After all, it is only through change that we make space for bringing in the new things that are eagerly awaiting a time when they can land, firstly in your consciousness and then in your life.

September’s Homeplay Prescription

Financial concerns, a perennial source of stress for many, are spotlighted in September. The energies at play are aligned with resolving these concerns and offering solutions. If you’ve been considering diving into the Brain Rewiring Journey to Process Financial Blocks©, now is the ideal time, as this will assist your mindset to rewire and align with the expansive financial opportunities that September unveils. Your mindset alignment with the vibration of money and abundance is crucial; with it, the promised financial flow may stay within reach.

The energies of September are supportive of financial momentum. Collaborations that may have hit a wall could gain new traction. For those who experienced setbacks during the past three months—be it life circumstances, debts, or financial constraints—September marks the turning point. Funding that has been delayed might finally find its way to you. If someone owes you money, rest assured that debts may start getting repaid this month. Your intentions, communicated through affirmations, serve as subtle yet powerful reminders via the universe ether and into the mindset of those who need to pay you back. Delays and limitations that marred your previous months will begin to dissolve. The sense of deprivation that may have accompanied these challenges will gradually fade, making way for a more abundant and positive energy.


Harmony Restored: 

Navigating Relationships

Harmony that might have been disrupted in your various social circles—friend groups, workplace dynamics, or more extensive networks—during the past three transformative months is set to be restored. As individuals – including you – embarked on their journeys of self-discovery and growth over these past three months, misunderstandings or discord might have arisen. The tides are turning, and mutual understanding will become the cornerstone of healing. By the middle of September, you’ll witness the return of cohesion and harmony among your connections, whereby more mutual understanding, acceptance of difference, and grace will be provided. We each have a role to play in enabling this dynamic towards restoring harmony after the necessary self-transformation you undertook has possibly muddied some waters in your relationships.

Albert Einstein said, “Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding”. In the case of September’s energy and your relationships, a mutual understanding between you will restore harmony and peace.


Moments of Impatience and Boredom V’s Patience and Inspiration: 

September’s Additional Homeplay Prescription

As September unfolds, you might sense a temporary slowdown in external progress. This is a moment to savor the present, immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings, cultivate patience, and avoid falling into the trap of overthinking. It is essential to do this because September is a time of inspiration, insights, and revelations about your next steps – steps that will be crucial pieces for your manifestation outcomes over the next four months. 

September may not be without its moments of restlessness, especially if you find yourself growing impatient for the clarity and solutions promised by this month’s energies. Overwhelm, irritation, impatience, or boredom might attempt to cloud your experience, but remember that the September Homeplay is your companion on this journey. It keeps your vibration high and encourages you to stay aligned with this month’s supportive energies.

Suppose impatience or irritation gets on your nerves. Listening to Process Blue© as Homeplay during these moments is essential to rewire these triggering emotions so that your vibration can be held in the Violet-coloured emotions on the Chart of Emotions©  – remember, the Violet-coloured emotions are where manifestation flow easily occurs.

If, on the other hand, it is the emotion of being overwhelmed or boredom that stands between you and being patient, then listen to Process Indigo© as Homeplay to maintain a high vibration, for it is when your mindset is calm that the solutions you’ve been waiting for, will emerge. In fact, they will arise like epiphanies in your mind… almost out of the blue. 


Live Brain Rewiring Coaching

As you navigate the impatient feelings that arise throughout September you may want to join Brain Rewiring Coaching this month where you can attend the monthly Vision Chair© with me to gain personalized Process Prescriptions© to reveal, through the power of muscle testing, and rewire the subconscious and unconscious memories that are sabotaging your dreams from manifesting. 

This months 90 minute Live Vision Chair:

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Regaining Momentum:

 Professional and Personal

Contrary to a standstill, early September serves as a catalyst, reigniting momentum in both your professional pursuits and personal relationships. Co-creative energies collaborate to remove obstacles that may have hindered progress. It’s an invitation to embrace your most inspired self, undertake a self-love journey, or make pivotal life-changing decisions.

Throughout this month, you’ll experience the radiance that comes from prioritizing your heart’s desires. This radiance extends to your personal and professional life, contributing to your overall progress and evolution. Professional collaborations and projects that were stagnant might begin moving forward. In your personal life, updates and shifts may materialize in your relationships. Celebrating milestones and achievements takes on greater significance this month. 


In Conclusion:

Savour the Present, Embrace Wisdom, and Prepare for the Future

View September as a time of introspection and digestion, allowing the wisdom gained from the past three transformative months to take root. Wisdom is the gift that comes from shedding what no longer serves your higher self, paving the way for a mindful and evolved way of life.

While September might carry an air of waiting, rest assured that the answers and guidance you’ve been seeking are on their way. September ushers in a phase for gaining momentum that extends across the next four months. September’s energy best does this by inviting you to get strategic in your planning and prepare for laying the personal and professional groundwork for the momentum that will pick up in October.

As you navigate September’s cosmic landscape, remember that you are co-creating with the universe itself. The universe is your partner in this journey of growth and manifestation. It offers insights, opportunities, and synchronicities to aid your progress. Embrace the clarity, solutions, and breath of fresh air that September brings. Step into the next phase of your evolution with boundless optimism and enthusiasm, knowing you’re supported by cosmic forces as you shape your path forward.

Manifest with Brain Rewiring

Amanda Lynne is an Internationally Accredited Holistic Kinesiologist, Educator, Trauma Survivor, and the Founder of Eye-motional Processes™. She is not just a Manifestation Coach; she is a catalyst for transformation. Her Manifest with Brain Rewiring Processes© helps rewire subconscious and unconscious mindset blocks, clearing the lingering obstacles that hinder manifestation success. With these emotional blocks released, you transcend past limitations, overcome traumas, and begin manifesting lives filled with abundance effortlessly and with a sense of flow. Amanda's Processes© are renowned for their life-altering impact, making them the perfect tool for your Manifestation Journey.

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