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October’s Energetic Vibe – Waves of Immense Change.

Welcome to the transmuting cosmic landscape of October 2023, where the key theme is ‘Waves of Immense Change.’

October is loaded with cosmic activity and planetary transits due to the return of the Eclipse season, which reveals vibrations about opening and closing doors, profound moments of surrender, and personal growth as we ride the waves of massive change. Some of you will achieve heights in careers or grow finances, while others can enjoy peaceful, calming moments with their loved ones. Specific experiences this month may see the mixing of the past with the present and the future, but with that will come a reflective healing opportunity. Health and self-care are a priority in October, more than ever. 

This month’s energetic pace and ups and downs may affect your emotional energy and health vibe. Remember, your health is your wealth; to be your best, you must rest. This means taking note of what is draining you, Processing© unhelpful emotions throughout the month, and engaging in a regular self-care ritual to see you through this month.

Managing Emotional Fluctuations:

Two Eclipses

October resonates with the vibration of the eclipse season. It promises go-getting, independent, forceful energies to deliver outcomes in relationship-based and spiritually-based communications and your manifestation goals. It is an excellent time to connect to the spiritual world, so don’t be surprised to be invited to several angel, oracle, and moon-based activities if that is your gig.

For those of you who LOVE to engage in manifestation rituals whenever one celestial body moves into the shadow of another celestial body, then the annular solar eclipse on the 14th October and the partial lunar eclipse on 29 October are dates to mark in your calendar.

For those in my community who are not into a fanfare of moon-based displays, it is still important for you to remember you live on a planet governed strongly by the Moon’s gravitational pull on the liquid water of the oceans. Because we, as humans, are composed of up to 60% water, we, too, are influenced by the Moon’s phases when it comes to our moods and the moods of those around us.

As you know, your moods affect your vibration in positive, high-vibe ways and, contrastingly, negative, low-vibe patterns. You also know how super crucial high vibe emotions are when it comes to gaining manifestation flow. This means that when the Moon also brings its phases or when eclipses are in force, your emotional vibration will also be influenced, and if, during these times, your vibe dips below the Violet on the Chart of Emotions©, you need to do a Process© to get your vibe up.

During October, it will not be unusual for you to ‘reach for your Processes©’ more than usual, as this month will be delivering ups and downs that are influenced by the mid-month and end-of-month eclipses and humans’ natural inclination to be affected by the Moon’s gravitational pull when it comes to changes in mood, sleep, and behaviors. This month’s Homeplay© will support you in getting back to sleep when your mind is active at 2am!

Aside from the two eclipses, October 2023 will be very stable. Many of you will find relief as the previous months of big projects, long-winded experiences, and situations that have not been easy will ease, and things will settle into place. This new stability can be used primarily in the area of personal development but also when dealing with financial issues.

Shifting the Old:

Growth is Afoot

You would have noticed that things were beginning to align by the end of September to support the manifestation of your goals and dreams, which will all start falling into place during October and November. While these things may not be fully manifest just yet, their rumblings certainly are, and you know with pure confidence – no maybes – that new, improved changes are just around the corner and will reveal themselves throughout this month and begin to land in November 2023. 

These shifts are essential because they align with the more expansive aspects of yourself, and the Universe will align circumstances that encourage you to shift out of old, outdated situations that no longer serve your vibration. For example, you may have experienced a new job role has been ‘set in place’ for you to commence in October, and its promises are far more aligned with your longer-term manifestation goals than your current experience. Or a relationship that once provided a stage for your evolution and growth is starting to drift away, with both of you focusing your energies in different directions toward your next growth stages. 

Upgrading Communication and interactions:

Speaking your Truth and Maintaining your Vibe

October shines a light on our relationship dynamics in career and personal life and eloquently opens them up for inspection. Suppose you need to resolve a dispute, negotiate better terms, or reach a compromise with someone close to you. In that case, October is an excellent time for these purposes.  

In some cases, significant, sudden impacts in communications and interactions feel like they go from light to shade. For others, difficult but necessary conversations within Interpersonal relationships with our closest bonds will illuminate the issues that need to be healed for relationship peace to be restored. For these reasons, October’s vibration may have you inclined to:

➔ Feel resonances of Process Blue© emotions in the first 10 days of the month, where frustration, irritation, and impatience may be on a high boil. If this is the case, you know how to rewire and defuse these so they don’t land in your vibe as cause-and-effect frequencies.

➔Struggle with feeling you are not getting recognition at work, whereby Process Yellow© (Unworthy, Shame, and Insecurity) or Process Blue© (Anger, Frustration, and Resentment) will provide emotional diffusions that ensure workplace politics do not affect your vibe. 

➔ Hone in on trivial matters that are not worth any attention. 

October, overall, we’re invited to Pay attention to any unsaid things and work towards improved communications, clarify essential facts, and do the work required to take care of ourselves and the relationships we care most about. Don’t be afraid to speak your truths. Learn to communicate in ways that are considerate of the growth journey of others while also being precise about your needs. 

Power Struggles:

Opportunity to Transform Unhelpful Traits

October may bring experiences of power struggles, either within yourself or your relationships, and it will be essential for you to watch for manipulative behaviors of others and ensure you are not falling into manipulative habits yourself. 

When faced with the challenge of being manipulated or being manipulative, it is helpful to recognize humans generally engage in these traits for one of three main reasons:

1) To get what they want

2) To protect their ego

3) To avoid taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions

If you notice these at play, it is important to ‘call it out’ in yourself and others and then dive into why this unhelpful trait is rearing its head.

Now, please know I am not talking about you ‘calling out’ or fixing psychopaths or narcissists here; that’s a whole other animal. In fact, those of you who have tried to stand between a psychopath or narcissist trying to protect their ego will know how ‘table-turning ugly’ this gets. It’s a scenario for you to definitely avoid.

Instead, I am speaking of human tendencies in healthy relationship dynamics with growth-seeking individuals whereby manipulation can rear its unhelpful head as a means for a person to get their own way or stay out of trouble with a loved one. In such circumstances, ‘calling out manipulation’ is purely a growth opportunity between you both and one that should be embraced. 

October provides vibrational opportunities for deep healing and guides you through interrelationship experiences to help transform the unhelpful traits that do not serve harmonious relationships.

Manifestation drivers:

Momentum in your Goals

Expect to feel the electricity in the air during parts of October when the vibration of this month is calling you to step into your most authentic form of creative power, courage, and intuitive awareness. Each of us will experience increased speed on the manifestation goals we’ve been working on as October accelerates the pace to finally deliver some desired outcomes towards the end of the month.

This is good news for those who have spent the past couple of months with projects or personal goals ‘on hold’ because October has the energy forces to direct and bring our hidden motivations and drivers back into play. Put your agenda front and center and go for it, and then unwind, party, celebrate, and relax at the end of the month when things align literally overnight. That end-of-the-month manifestation celebration will align beautifully with the partial lunar eclipse, which invokes the need to give and share … and let’s face it, you will want to, especially after you receive manifestation success this month.

Giving and sharing

Invoking the Eclipses Energies

Regarding the two October eclipses and how they will influence your manifestation plans, you must know that starting a new project or performing any auspicious ceremony during eclipses is not considered auspicious. Instead, the energies during both eclipses are more aligned with donation, sharing, and service. This may be in monetary donations, giving time to a worthwhile project, sharing a meal with someone in need, or sending unused items to charity. When those two eclipses arrive this month, don’t be surprised if you are in the mood to give more than receive, and also, don’t be surprised if others are giving more to you.

Mid-month rest 

To be your Best, you have to Rest

As the motivating momentum of October unfolds, many of you will feel the urge to lower your energy levels, restock, recalibrate, and integrate. If that’s the sensation you experience in the middle of October, then go for it. In fact, take that long weekend away or tuck in with that book you’ve been longing to read. Remember ‘To be your best, you have to rest’, and mid-October provides the perfect energy spectrum to allow integration of your own energy field, which will be needed after the first 2 weeks of October’s fluctuating pace. 

Planning, Pivots and Changes in Direction:

Business Planning for 2024

Eclipses are about pivots and direction changes, endings, and new beginnings. This is super cool for business owners, especially as October is the ideal month for creating your 2024 business plan for business and team success. Running a business requires planning and knowing when to pivot and change direction as business needs and demands require it.

That’s where October’s Planathon comes in with the amazing Amber McCue. 

Most of you know her from her Neuroscience-based Goal Coaching program, where I deliver bi-monthly Brain Rewiring Coaching. Amber’s other ‘hat’ is helping business owners and Modern CEOs get focused and get results. 

Amber’s annual FREE Planathon is the place to be this month for business owners or start-ups. The Planathon runs over four days for just two hours each day, where Amber and her team will assist you with the following:

  •  ➔ Bringing your business dreams into the light
  •  ➔ Creating the 2024 business plan that you and your business needs
  •  ➔ Gaining clarity, focus, and direction
  •  ➔ Assessing when to pivot in your Business  
  •  ➔ Making rational and thoughtful decisions for your Business
  •  ➔ Fast-tracking your goals
  •  ➔ Turning business dreams into actions

… and you will also see me there!

It’s FREE!
If you have a business, it is the place to be!

October’s Homeplay:

Restful Sleep

October’s waves of immense change and relationship dynamics may have you up at night with those 2am thoughts. 

Scientific research indicates that sleep serves a vital housekeeping function by clearing away toxins that accumulate in the brain during wakefulness. Depriving yourself of sleep hinders your ability to establish and sustain the neural pathways necessary for learning and memory formation, making it more challenging to concentrate and react swiftly.

Unless it’s a newborn baby, what generally has us up at 2am and unable to sleep is our thoughts, painful emotional stories, extensive long ‘to-do’ lists, ideas, or the stressful situations we are currently facing. 

Regarding ideas and ‘to-do’ lists keeping you awake at night, the best way to handle these is to keep a notebook beside your bed, write your ideas down so they are out of your head, and then retire back to bed. Be mindful not to overstimulate the senses in that experience; the main goal here is to relax with it written down so you can remember that fabbo idea when the morning comes.  

On the other hand, if it is painful emotional stories or stressful situations you are currently facing that are keeping you up at night, the best thing to do is reduce your limbic system stress by doing a Process© in bed.

Usually, those 2am thoughts are attached to the 1am-3am emotions of:

➔ Worry (Process Indigo©)

➔ Resentment (Process Blue©)

➔ Anger (Process Blue©)

➔ Revenge (Process Blue©)

➔ and Irritation (Process Blue©)

➔ Bitterness (Process Green©)

➔ Blame (Process Yellow©)

… about the things you are unhappy about. 

The drivers that stimulate the brain to remain awake with these thoughts and emotions are the human need to find solutions to problems, make decisions and choices, and oscillate between one decision and another.

Now, nothing, and I mean nothing, can get resolved at 2am in the morning, so the best thing you can do is remember this statement and then reach for your Processes© to defuse your brain stress and provide it the rest it needs so that when you wake for the next day, you are refreshed with a clearer and rested mindset for solutions to emerge.   

Here’s how a 2am Process© works … 

  1. 1) Select the suitable emotion from the Chart of Emotions© (9 out of 10 times, it will be one from the short list of 2am Emotions above) 
  3. 2) Listen to the matching Process©.
  5. 3) Drift off to sleep either during the Process© or after the Process©.
  7. 4) Rinse and repeat if necessary. 

In Conclusion:

End-of-month energy impacts 

Towards the end of the four weeks of dynamic life changes that this month will bring, the end of October presents us with a partial lunar eclipse on the 29th of October, which means the last few days of this month provide significant energy shifts that may create ripples and bring about unpredictable and stark changes to each of us which impact all of us in different ways. If something big comes to an end for you at the end of the month, let it go and make room for something better down the road!

Once the last of the two October eclipses has ended, events that transpire now will light your ambition, when fascinating ideas and big plans are born within your mind, where dreams and projects can start to be reignited as you journey into November’s vibrational energy where you will feel a deep urging to, or you will be nudged to, get your life into gear if it isn’t already.

Manifest with Brain Rewiring

Amanda Lynne is an Internationally Accredited Holistic Kinesiologist, Educator, Trauma Survivor, and the Founder of Eye-motional Processes™. She is not just a Manifestation Coach; she is a catalyst for transformation. Her Manifest with Brain Rewiring Processes© helps rewire subconscious and unconscious mindset blocks, clearing the lingering obstacles that hinder manifestation success. With these emotional blocks released, you transcend past limitations, overcome traumas, and begin manifesting lives filled with abundance effortlessly and with a sense of flow. Amanda's Processes© are renowned for their life-altering impact, making them the perfect tool for your Manifestation Journey.

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