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Reflect & Realign 

As October gracefully steps aside and November steps into the spotlight, we find ourselves amid an energetic transition like no other.

 November 2023 carries a distinct and compelling vibe, calling us to reflect, realign, and manifest our dreams. 

In this blog post, I’ll break down the themes and energies that will shape your November and offer a manifesting twist to help you seize the opportunities it presents.

Reflect and Rebuild:

Recalibrate after Two Eclipses

The Universe’s call to reflection is potent this November. It’s time to rebuild what may have been shaken in Octoberespecially because Last month’s eclipses tested our relationships, values, and emotional boundaries. 

Many of us found ourselves grappling with challenging experiences and tough life lessons. If it felt like your values were tested, or you distanced yourself from certain people while gravitating toward others, you’re not alone. 

Eclipses and the energy transitions they bring, although often uncomfortable, have a way of placing us precisely where we need to be.

Last month’s celestial events have spotlighted where we have tolerated misaligned relationship patterns and non-growth-seeking individuals.

October’s two eclipses revealed this to us stronger than ever, because last month marked the end of a personal transitional period that began in November 2021.

As we transition during the tail end of this two year ‘personal transition period’, it is vital to give yourself time and space to Process© and Integrate all that has unfolded last month, including letting go of patterns and people that have just ‘been off’ for some time now.

The good news is that November will bring balance and empowerment and offers a chance for the dust to settle and allows you to move forward with greater equilibrium. 

It’s a time for turning inward because self-reflection becomes a segue for self-honesty and introspection. 

The energy of November supports the completion of unfinished tasks, releasing patterns and relationships that are no longer aligned with your values, and in doing so you provide mindset space for the realization of long-held dreams. 

November is the ideal month to reevaluate what no longer serves you or depletes your vibe, repair your relationship with yourself, and take charge of your health so that your self-care can usher you towards something new and positive.

Clear Communication & Diplomacy:

The Power of Words

Communication takes center stage in November, especially in your workplace. 

It’s essential to know your words hold power this month more than other months, so pay close attention to what you say and avoid oversharing or indulging in melodrama, as even a single phrase can shape events and influence your future. 

This is because a person’s words hold vibrational power.

After all, a person’s words are direct expressions of their thoughts and emotions.

As a Manifestor, you already recognize that words hold a significant vibrational frequency that can influence the outcomes of manifestation based on the Law of Attraction premise that ‘like attracts like’. 

As a Processor©, you also recognize that positive, optimistic, and confident thoughts and emotions have a higher, more positive vibrational frequency, while negative, doubtful, and fearful thoughts and emotions have a lower, more negative frequency.

When people speak, they express their thoughts and emotions to the external world. The words they choose are a representation of their inner state. These words carry the same vibrational frequency as the thoughts and emotions behind them and set the tone for their vibrational alignment.

None of us are not immune to this scenario, including you.

This is why, when you consistently express positive, empowering words, which are on the White© and Violet© bands on the Chart of Emotions©, you align your vibration with positive outcomes.

Conversely, negative or disempowering words, identified beneath Process Indigo© on the Chart of Emotions©, align your vibration with less desirable outcomes.

Because your thoughts and emotions set the tone for your vibrational alignment, the Universe responds to your frequency by bringing into your life experiences, people, and situations that match your dominant vibrational state.

This why your words can become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Here’s How:

 When your words and thoughts consistently carry a positive and empowered vibe, you’re more likely to attract and manifest positive experiences and opportunities. 

 When you repeatedly affirm positive outcomes through the use of your words and believe in your ability to achieve them, you’re more likely to take actions that lead to those outcomes.

 Conversely, if you’re always talking about failure or limitations, you’re more likely to subconsciously create obstacles that hinder your success. 

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Here’s what to do about it:

When you recognize your words, thoughts, and emotions are not positive and empowering, your best manifestation tool to shift your vibe and state of mind is a Chart of Emotions© check-in and then listening to one of our matching Brain Rewiring Processes©.

For example:

➔ When you hear yourself saying ‘I’m so Bored of this’, listen to (Process Indigo©) and think about the things you are Bored about.

➔ When you hear yourself saying ‘I’ Resent being taken advantage of by you’, listen to (Process Blue©and think about how you feel taken advantage of, the people who have done it, alongside how you have allowed it to occur.

➔ When you hear yourself saying ‘I am Jealous of your success’, listen to (Process Green©and think about why you feel that way.

➔ When you hear yourself saying ‘I feel so Guilty’, listen to (Process Yellow©and think about your past mistakes and judgements of others.

➔ When you hear yourself saying ‘I feel Burdened by the financial debts’, listen to (Process Orange©) and think about your debts.

➔ When you hear yourself saying ‘I feel No Choice but to remain in this situation’, listen to (Process Red©and think about your issues.

Listening to Processes© in this way enables changes to the grooves in your brain when it comes to unhelpful thoughts, emotions, and words, leading to remarkable shifts in your attitude and thinking each time you listen.

With the Processes© to rewire your low moods, your role in November is to remember it is a pivotal month for mindfulness of words, and making careful word choices that reflect positive intent. You will also be able to maintain an empowered inner state by acting to Process© past issues so you may embrace the present moment for the beauty it holds.

Rewire Financial Blocks:

Manifest Financial Abundance

As November unfolds, financial affairs might not appear as rosy as we’d like. While no disastrous events are on the horizon, there may be concerns, perhaps business partners wavering or unfavorable market conditions. While November may present some financial worries, remember that your vibe plays a crucial role in your financial well-being.

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Reveal your Financial Blocks:

Become a Money Magnet

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Our latest Rewiring Concoction will have you become a Magnet for Money .

If your have been aspiring to manifest wealth, improve your financial standing, and attain your personal and business financial goals, this Free Eye-motional Processes™ creation is tailor-made for you.

With our two Free offerings in place, November’s energy, laden with transformation and empowerment, extends its hand to boost your financial prowess.

By adopting a manifesting mindset and joining us as we guide your financial vibe awakening, you’re poised to turn the abundancy tides in your favor.

So, keep ‘an eye out’ in November and  for our latest concoction so you can start Manifesting Financial Abundance with ease and flow.

Radical Mindset Shifts:

Towards Deeper Intimacy

As November unfolds, be ready for radical change in your mindset patterns. You will have a natural inkling to put old grudges to rest and adjust your perspectives; embrace change, even when it feels uncomfortable; and seek the truth in all matters, even if it means making compromises. 

With your inclinations toward seeking a middle ground in the face of differing opinions and being open to learning from others, you will naturally find yourself engaging in thought-provoking conversations that expand your horizons. 

As you unleash this radical change in your relationships during November, use this time to Process© any low-vibration mindsets triggered during power struggles in your relationships.

For example:

➔ Unheard (Process Indigo©)

➔ Resentment (Process Blue©)

➔ Jealousy (Process Green©)

➔ Insecurity (Process Yellow©)

➔ Burdened (Process Orange©)

➔ Powerless (Process Red©) 

By doing this, you free yourself from overthinking, embrace a broader perspective, and come to appreciate the dynamic differences that exist in your relationships.

With relationship-based low-vibe emotions Processed©November’s energy can boost your confidence in expressing yourself and asserting your desires, and best still, the romantic vibes of mid-November inspire you to deepen your intimate connections where you may open up, share your vulnerabilities, and strengthen your relationship.

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself:

Embrace Beauty and Transformation

Mid-November brings a soft, beautiful energy. It encourages you to appreciate the beauty in everything around you and you might feel inspired to upgrade your beauty routine, redecorate your space, or connect with Mother Nature’s beauty.

With your best version of yourself lifted, your mind-body vibe can align with the November energies, which provide an excellent time for personal and professional goal setting. 

This means making things happen in your work, home, and financial affairs by expanding your ideas and ambitions. Your mind will absorb information effortlessly and stay focused, allowing you to conquer any obstacle, making November an exceptional month for goal-setting. Whether in personal or professional spheres, your endeavors are set to prosper where you will sharpen your decision-making skills, usher in a spirit of action and boldness, and understand your goal-based vibe better then before.

Set your Business Compass:

Business Planning for 2024

If you are a business owner or start up, late October and early November is the perfect vibe to set your business goals, make bold decisions, implement them, and create solid plans for a prosperous 2024. 

While embracing the Goal-setting vibe of November, creating a business plan is paramount to not acting impulsively or chasing wild endeavors when it comes to your business ideas.

Creating a business plan allows you to maintain a sense of measured optimism while letting your passions guide you to manifest your business goals. 

Embracing the November vibe when it comes to your business is all about ensuring that your business stands out, has a positive impact on your community, and that you have an awesome plan that will contribute to a successful year ahead.

That’s where Planathon comes in with the amazing Amber McCue. 

Most of you know her from her Neuroscience-based Goal Coaching program, where I deliver bi-monthly Brain Rewiring Coaching

Amber’s other ‘hat’ is helping business owners and Modern CEOs get focused and get results. 

At Planathon, Amber and her team will assist you with the following:

  •  ➔ Bringing your business dreams into the light
  •  ➔ Creating the 2024 business plan that you and your business needs
  •  ➔ Gaining clarity, focus, and direction
  •  ➔ Assessing when to pivot in your Business  
  •  ➔ Making rational and thoughtful decisions for your Business
  •  ➔ Fast-tracking your goals
  •  ➔ Turning business dreams into actions
… and It’s FREE!
If you have a business, it is the place to be!

Date: Live October 30 – November 2nd 

Time: 12pm to 2pm US Eastern time (New York).

Where: Live on Zoom, replays in our FG Group

In Conclusion:

November Energy Opportunities 

In summary, This month is your opportunity to rebuild, reflect, and welcome balance and abundance into your life.

November 2023 holds the promise of growth, manifestation, and transformation and is a game-changer because it offers a chance for fresh beginnings and untapped possibilities. 

November is a month of upbeat energy, optimism, and luck, all set to help you manifest your dreams. Embrace it, and let its unique energy guide you toward a brighter future as you let the Universe guide you on this incredible journey by opening your mind to new perspectives and ideas so you may lay the foundation for success in 2024.

November closes with a beautiful but somber vibe, encouraging you to release confusion and uncertainty. This energy gently ushers in endings, culminations, and closure so you may focus on what makes you confident and certain of your life path and your relationship needs.

While these important energy shifts occur, practice discernment, avoid overcommitting, focus on what aligns with your soul’s purpose, and embrace the abundance and pleasure opportunities of this month. 

As the month ends, you’ll have grown in consciousness, harnessed manifestation energy, and expressed your unique gifts and relationship needs with greater ease, all in preparation for the new year just around the corner.
Manifest with Brain Rewiring

Amanda Lynne is an Internationally Accredited Holistic Kinesiologist, Educator, Trauma Survivor, and the Founder of Eye-motional Processes™. She is not just a Manifestation Coach; she is a catalyst for transformation. Her Manifest with Brain Rewiring Processes© helps rewire subconscious and unconscious mindset blocks, clearing the lingering obstacles that hinder manifestation success. With these emotional blocks released, you transcend past limitations, overcome traumas, and begin manifesting lives filled with abundance effortlessly and with a sense of flow. Amanda's Processes© are renowned for their life-altering impact, making them the perfect tool for your Manifestation Journey.

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