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Welcome to the expansive cosmic landscape of August 2023, where the key themes are ‘Reflection and Collaboration.’

As we step into the month of August, the universe brings forth a harmonious blend of transformative energies, offering each of us expansive opportunities to manifest our goals and aspirations. This month’s vibe builds upon the transformative energies and growth-based outcomes experienced in June and July, creating a fertile ground for the seeds to finally sprout and flourish in places that allow you to get somewhere with your manifestation goals.  Finally, improved shifts in your goal success are beginning to emerge … especially toward the end of the month. 

With that summarized, let’s take a look at what to expect from the energetic vibrations that August has on offer for you and how you can keep your vibration aligned to embrace the reflective and collaborative possibilities that August provides …


The Momentum of Change

Reflecting on July’s Emotional Fluctuations

Before delving into the energies of August, let’s take a moment to reflect on the emotional fluctuations and agitations experienced in the last week of July. During this time, you may have felt the need to shift out of old patterns and, in turn, witnessed changes in your relationships, whether they be with friends, colleagues, or clients. As you embarked on your journey of emotional transformation during June and July, those who did not embrace growth alongside you may have started to drift away, no longer resonating with your upgraded vibration. 

While this may seem harsh, it is the reality and often the outcome of the growth experience as you rewire and transform from old unhelpful emotional patterns into new ways of living and being. The biggest thing is to ensure that in the process of these things occurring, that you do not act in ways that create more karma, and this is best done by releasing outdated relationships via a loving trickle, not a dramatic bang. 

As you watch the changing tides of relationship dynamics, it is also essential to ensure that when specific relationship patterns change or drop away around you, you do not fall into feeling a victim, as this won’t support your vibe as you journey through August. Just recognize the relationship was mutually collaborative for a time and that the recent emotional pattern changes within you have also created a desire to shift gently away from the outdated relationships that were once required for your soul journey, but with those lessons learned, it is time for you to both move on. Remember, all is perfect; there are no victims, only growth experiences when challenging life experiences occur and when relationships end. 

Though challenging, this shedding of outdated relationships paves the way for new and aligned connections and experiences to enter your life – connections that will support your growth journey and manifestation goals. 


Stepping into your New Awareness

The last week of July served as a crucial time of metamorphosis, much like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. You may have experienced relentless fatigue for a few days in a row or felt a sense of emotional struggle and frustration as you shed your old emotional patterns and stepped into the light of your new awareness. 

Recognizing these body and mindset struggles as a natural part of your transformation and embracing them rather than resisting them was essential as you traveled through the last week of July. Embracing emotional transformation is crucial to maintain a high vibe and ensure your manifestation goals continue to flow effortlessly.

If you were to consider the first three weeks of July as a time that you were like the chrysalis changing its color (and by that, I mean Process© color on the Chart of Emotions), then the last week of July was when you began the transformation of the butterfly, which was dropping old contained ways of being and is getting ready to emerge into the following month … yes, that’s what August is all about … your emergence out of the cocoon … especially toward the end of the month. 

Now that August has begun, you are to consider yourself just like a butterfly freshly emerging from its chrysalis. You need time to adjust to your transformed state, just like a butterfly with soft and crumpled wings needs to do after leaving its cocoon. Therefore do not be surprised if you fluctuate between wanting loads of alone time contrasted with periods of playful floaty entertainment – remember it is all about energetic and frequency adjustment and finding your emotional comfort zone. 

Releasing Stored Memories and Trusting Epiphanies

With August’s arrival comes a time for self-examination and reflective thinking about your goals and aspirations. By creating new grooves in your brain through the transformative power of Eye-motional Processes™, you will provide mindset space to unlock a wealth of epiphanies and insights to guide your journey. It is time to trust in these flashes of creative consciousness you receive in August, for they are the divine guidance that will inspire your next steps. 

That brings me to August’s homeplay, which is all about keeping the mindset clear of emotional debris so you can invoke trust for all the epiphanies that will emerge as a result of all the goal-based reflections you will do this month. For this reason, you will need the August Homeplay© as it will support you in navigating the unexpected twists and turns that may arise during August, much like a butterfly navigating its way to freedom. 

The first two weeks of August might bring up old memories and emotions based on times in the past when you felt alienated, alone, or misunderstood. These memories will emerge out of nowhere, and with them, you will have a wiser reflective approach to them from the space of your rewired brain; what I’m saying here is those memories won’t sting your heart the way they did when they initially happened to you. Please remember this is a reflective month where epiphanies need to arise in your mindset to assist your manifestation goals in flowing, and to best enable that, those old stored memories (the ones you haven’t processed yet) need to float up for you to clear them out so that your epiphanies can emerge quickly without mindset wounds still trapped in your brains grooves. 

For this reason, August’s homeplay is there to provide the support you need to recognize, embrace, and rewire old painful memories and feelings. All of these memory-based moments throughout the start of August are required to prepare you for the middle of August, where your reflective journey for pondering your self-expression will amplify so you can really step into practical, problem-solving thinking that is required for you to indeed invoke and deliver what it is that you want to showcase to the world.


August’s Homeplay Prescription

During this month, as old stored memories emerge for Processing©, be prepared to experience heightened Process Indigo© emotion of Unheard based on how you felt at the time related to each recollection and the Process Orange© emotion of Sadness tied to the repressed feelings bout those memories. These memories and emotions need to show themselves so you can rewire them to create the clarity your mindset needs for the later part of the month.


As you journey through the memory field that August may present, you may sometimes feel:

➔ The desire to take time out to reflect and integrate the new awareness that each memory reveals alongside integrating the rewiring of any low-vibration emotions associated with the memory.

➔ Complete exhaustion due to vibrational shifts or reactivities to those still not shifting versus energetic highs that drive your manifestation engine 

➔ A strong desire to finalize long-standing projects that needed completing months ago, including clearing out the clutter from your study or kitchen cupboards.

All of these are evidence of your emotional vibration transformation, and I encourage you to identify, embrace, and Process these experiences throughout August rather than struggle with them. 

As you know already from the things I remind you of, when your mindset struggles with low-vibe emotions (those below the violet on the Chart), it sets up energetic frequency patterns that block or deplete your manifestation goals. Now that’s not what you want, so at any point you notice your emotional energy vibe drop, you know it’s time to do a Process, and that’s why the August homeplay holds the next layer of energetic frequency support to take you where this year’s manifestation goals will catch up with you by the end of August in such a Divine way that you will hear yourself saying, “Hello beautiful friend, I’ve been waiting for you to appear.” 

Yes, August holds those promises, especially if you took the opportunity to transform old emotional patterns during June and July so you can draw on the tremendous energetic possibilities that August presents to support the refreshing new emotional patterns that you developed in the grooves of your brain via the June and July homeplay. 

Throughout August, it is essential to acknowledge and keep Processing any old painful memories and related emotions that resurface during this reflective month, as this is helpful towards maintaining a high vibe for the improved manifestation of your goals and desires. Meeting painful memories in this way will allow your epiphanies to emerge unhindered. This is essential, considering that epiphanies are the breadcrumbs that lead to what we need to do or where we need to be for our manifestation possibilities to flow. 

With that in mind, here is the August Homeplay© …


1) When you notice painful memories emerge, do a Chart© check-in and observe how you feel about the memory you are experiencing. Many of you will recognize an association with the Process Indigo© emotion of feeling Unheard or the Process Orange© emotion of Sadness. Either way, based on your Chart© Check-in, select and listen to the matching Process© as you reflect on the details of the memory or the unresolved emotions you have about the memory. 

2) After listening, check the Chart of Emotions©, and you will notice you went up on the Chart towards the better-feeling emotions in the Violet color (the place where Epiphanies arise from Divine Consciousness with ease)

3) Continue with this Process Prescription© as you navigate the memories for Processing© that August reveals. Your main aim is to keep your vibration in the Violet or White on the Chart of Emotions© as you wait for the lovely unfolding of the collaborative and cooperative potential that the middle of August brings.


Live Brain Rewiring Coaching

As you navigate the memories that arise throughout August you may want to join Brain Rewiring Coaching this month where you can attend the bi-monthly Vision Chairs© with me to gain personalized Process Prescriptions© to reveal, through the power of muscle testing, and rewire the subconscious and unconscious memories that are sabotaging your dreams from manifesting. 

This months 90 minute Live Vision Chair Dates:

 ➔ Sunday 6th August at 5pm (Eastern Time)/ Monday 7th August at 7am (Queensland, Aus. Time)


 ➔ Friday 18th August at 7pm (Eastern Time)/ Saturday 19th August at 9am (Queensland, Aus. Time)

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Mid-Month Mindset Step

Practical Problem-Solving for Self-Expression

In the middle of August, your reflective journey will amplify, propelling you into practical and problem-solving thinking that will support your manifestation goals to unfold successfully. This preparation is vital for stepping into the last few days of August, which hold the potent universal co-creative vibe of collaboration and cooperation. This period presents the ideal time to meet and work with others to effectively achieve your manifestation goals and their related tasks. Suppose you have struggled to make progress on specific manifestation projects or objectives. In that case, late August is the perfect time to seek collaboration and support from others as the co-creative energies during this time are ripe for mutual expansion and personal growth.


Harnessing the Vibrational Shifts

Setting the Stage for September

As the last week of August approaches, remember to harness the vibrational shifts that have taken place throughout the month. This is the time to step out of the reflective vibe and embrace the collaborative energy to propel your goals forward. Whether you are a business owner, manager, or family member seeking improved cooperation, make sure you select the end of August to schedule meetings, get-togethers, and collaborations because the end-of-month vibrations available during this period will yield fruitful results. These shifts made available through late August’s energies will pave the way for September, a month focused on thinking big and taking bold actions to bring your manifestation goals to fruition.


In Conclusion

Embrace the Vibrational Opportunities

As you journey through August, you will find yourself being called to embrace the transformative energies surrounding you. By reflecting on and releasing old emotional patterns, you create space for new epiphanies and insights to guide you toward your manifestation goals. Trust in the divine guidance that emerges from within, and recognize that the shifts in vibrations are setting the stage for an empowered and fruitful September. By embracing the opportunities presented in August, you pave the way for your highest self to emerge, just like a butterfly stepping out of its cocoon, ready to fly into the world with your beautiful expression. So, embrace the vibrational waves of August and step into your true potential, knowing that the universe supports your growth and expansion every step of the way.

Manifest with Brain Rewiring

Amanda Lynne is an Internationally Accredited Holistic Kinesiologist, Educator, Trauma Survivor, and the Founder of Eye-motional Processes™. She is not just a Manifestation Coach; she is a catalyst for transformation. Her Manifest with Brain Rewiring Processes© helps rewire subconscious and unconscious mindset blocks, clearing the lingering obstacles that hinder manifestation success. With these emotional blocks released, you transcend past limitations, overcome traumas, and begin manifesting lives filled with abundance effortlessly and with a sense of flow. Amanda's Processes© are renowned for their life-altering impact, making them the perfect tool for your Manifestation Journey.

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