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Power VS Force – The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour’ (1994) is a book that introduces Consciousness-Based-Kinesiology to humanity and has also informed my practice and research as a Holistic Kinesiologist who specializes in the Brain, Mindset, and Law of Attraction. Written by internationally renowned physician, psychiatrist, Kinesiologist, and consciousness researcher Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., the book contains the Map of Consciousness as the measuring method for humanity and consciousness. Hawkins’s Map was created through Kinesiology muscle testing over twenty years of his research and development, and his methods have also inspired the muscle-tested methods and research Amanda Lynne undertook when creating her Kinesiology-Meditation Processes professionally.

As Hawkin’s had done, the dynamic potential of muscle testing was applied to create the Eye-motional Processes™ Chart of Emotions© and the eye positions for each recording, plus all the Kinesiological handmodes added as energy frequencies when professionally recorded. Before professional recording, I tested the Processes© on 100 case studies with excellent results. 

To understand the creation of Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness as well as Eye-motional Processes™ and accompanying Chart of Emotions©, it is helpful first to understand the principle of Kinesiology muscle testing and how a person’s ‘indicator’ muscle may present as having integrity or not. The complex methodologies and theories discussed in Hawkin’s book can be challenging for those new to Kinesiology to get their heads around, especially the methods and outcomes of muscle testing.

Muscle Testing and Kinesiology

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A Kinesiologist relies on observations of muscle testing and muscle integrity as determined by gently applying 2 pounds of pressure to a person’s muscle as it is tested against various test subjects, including but not limited to words, emotions, substances, and charts to reveal information about a client. Muscle testing may appear an enigma for a person not yet exposed to or having experience in muscle testing.  

The historical origins of Kinesiology and its developments have lent to what Hawkins provides in his book. It is essential to remind the reader that the historical origins of Kinesiology date back to the 1920s and that Hawkins’ as well as Eye-motional Processes™ methods layer upon that of other Kinesiologists such as Dr. George Goodheart, who found substances, such as nutritional supplements, would increase the strength of specific indicator muscles. In contrast, hostile stimuli would cause those same muscles to weaken suddenly. Goodheart’s discovery opened a passage whereby indicator muscle testing provided insight into the phenomenon that a person’s body knew and could signal what was good and bad for it’s own body. Based on Goodheart’s research, the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) was founded in 1975, and since then, many other Kinesiology branches have developed worldwide. 

In the late seventies, Dr. John Diamond refined Kinesiology as a specialty into a new discipline called Behavioral Kinesiology, based on his discovery that indicator muscles would strengthen or weaken in the presence of positive or negative emotional and intellectual stimuli and physical stimuli. A smile will make a person test strong, or the statement “I hate you” will make a person test weak[1]. This phenomenon is demonstrated in his book, ‘Life Energy – Unlocking the hidden power of your emotions to achieve wellbeing’, whereby he states that as long as we can keep our emotional attitudes positive, as long as no negative patterns are holding us back or draining our life energy, then we will be, and will stay, healthy and vital. To assist this concept, Diamond demonstrated his theories on his clients by using the power of the word’, showing their ability to instantly transmute negative emotional states into positive ones, to completely turn around the flow of their life energy from negative to positive[2].  

To discover more about Kinesiology and muscle testing, watch this VIDEO

The origins of Dr. David R. Hawkins Map of Consciousness

Just as Diamond applied Kinesiology Indicator Muscle Testing to determine emotions and their effect on the body, Hawkins created his ‘Map of Consciousness’ by applying Kinesiology Indicator Muscle Testing to calibrate human levels of consciousness. Hawkins’s observations over 20 years created a log of numbers ranging between 1 to 1,000, which also demonstrate the positive and negative effect of human emotions upon the individual. Hawkin’s entered his log of numbers onto his ‘Map of Consciousness’ which resulted from twenty years of investigation and millions of calibrations on thousands of muscle-tested subjects as achieved by a team of investigators[3]

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Hawkin’s inquiry of his test subjects, as he muscle tested each one, was the question, “On a scale of 1 to 600, where 600 represents enlightenment, this (emotion) calibrates at (number on the scale)” [4]. Upon asking this question, Hawkin’s examined whether the indicator muscle test of the person he was testing was weak or strong in response to what was being asked. This information was applied to the Map of Consciousness as the subject of inquiry. From the outcome of the thousands of muscle tests he administered, Hawkins also created a numerical log on his Map of Consciousness, which places negative emotions and behavioral traits of shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger and pride between 1 to 175 in number values which he refers to as ‘Calibrations’

Hawkins also determined from his Kinesiology muscle testing outcomes that courage ‘Calibrates’ at a numerical value of 200. Further, he states that once a person reaches 200 on the Map, they undertake a critical change and growth in their consciousness, which in turn creates less personal suffering, improved transcendence, non-duality thoughts, and the beginning of alignment with the magnetic power of the energy fields of the Universe. 

The Map of Consciousness and the Eye-motional Processes™ Chart of Emotions©

To compare Hawkins’s Map to the Eye-motional Processes™ Chart of Emotions©, the Violet emotions are where an individual’s ‘Calibration of 200’ (Hawkin’s Map) begins. 

When it comes to Hawkin’s theory, anything ‘Calibrating’ beneath 200 on the Map of Consciousness becomes nothing more than a fixed focus on a negative emotional field, which creates limitation and duality for the individual. 

To compare Hawkins’s Map related to its negative emotional fields, when it comes to the Eye-motional Processes™ Chart of Emotions©, any emotion from Process Indigo© and below ‘calibrates’ on Hawkins’s Map at the emotion-based logs that reside between 199 to 0.  

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Important to note also is where Hawkin’s Map relies on ‘calibrations of consciousness and related emotions’ from a measure of 0-1,000, the Eye-motional Processes™ Chart of Emotions©, being a Law of Attraction tool, relies on Nikola Tesla’s theory, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” To best achieve that, the Chart’s© emotions are each related to colour frequencies as demonstrated by Newton, whereby colour frequencies relate to the speed of light at 300,000km per second. Therefore, to understand colour frequencies as they relate to the different colours on the Eye-motional Processes™ Chart of Emotions©, it is helpful to understand that light is electromagnetic energy with frequency, wavelength, and energy associations. 

When one understands colour frequencies alongside the Chart of Emotions©, they may recognize that feelings of love, hope, calm, and gratitude sit on the spectrum of colour at the White and Violet end of the Chart and have shorter wavelengths beyond 400 nanometers, at the same level as Gamma Rays and Cosmic Rays. Opposite to this, with wavelengths of 700 nm at the end of the spectrum, are the Process Red© feelings of despair, powerlessness, no choice, and shock, whereby 700nm is the same wavelength as microwaves or radio waves. 

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While different in their measurement values, the results between the Map and the Chart© remain that emotions are major contributors to a person’s consciousness, their life view, their Universal or God view, and mainly to the manifestation outcomes they achieve in their lives. 

Hawkins determines that the ‘Calibrated’ number of 500 on the Map is the point, if reached, where an individual’s awareness takes a ginormous leap. At a ‘Calibration’ of 500, a person is motivated by love, colouring all their activities, and creativity comes into full expression, accompanied by commitment, dedication, and expression of charisma. 

To compare the placement of emotions on Hawkins’s Map and the Eye-motional Processes™ Chart of Emotions©, the Violet and White emotions are essentially those that ‘calibrate’ on Hawkins’s Map between 200 to 600. 

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Hawkins reasons that only a few people make the great leap to the region on the Map of Consciousness which calibrates at 600, essentially at the level of peace and enlightenment. At this point, if reached, an individual’s life may become legendary, whereby compassion pervades all their motivation and activity[5]‘Calibrations’ between 700 and 1000 is the level of enlightenment, where great ones of history have originated the spiritual patterns that multitudes have followed throughout the ages, and it is here that these beings set in place an attractor energy field that influences all of humanity [6]

Rewiring improvements to your Emotions and Levels of Consciousness

Hawkins states that most people advance a mere ‘Calibration’ of 5 points on the log from the Map of Consciousness in their lifetime. This figure motivated him to publish his Map of Consciousness for the world so it may assist individuals in raising their level of consciousness by understanding the ‘Calibrations’ on the Map’s log and the impact negative and positive emotions have on a person and society. Hawkins reasons that the ultimate goal for each individual is to do what they can to raise their personal ‘level of consciousness’ using the Map of Consciousness and log as an emotional guide so that they live and ‘Calibrate’ from above 200 on his maps log, including being mindful of where emotions ‘Calibrate’ and how emotional ‘Calibrations’ may impact a person’s outlook and their lives – indeed their consciousness. 

Equally, Eye-motional Processes™ Founder, Amanda Lynne, reasons that the ultimate goal for each individual is to do what they can to raise their emotional vibration using the Chart of Emotions© as an emotional guide, and where their emotions fall beneath Violet on the Chart©, they are mindful of this and listen to one of the Brain Rewiring Process© colours that matches their low vibration mood so they may shift their emotional energy into high vibrational spaces of the Violet© and White© emotions on the Chart© to improve their outlook, their lives, and indeed their manifestation outcomes. 

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Amanda Lynne is a Level 5 Internationally Accredited Kinesiologist, Course Facilitator, and the Founder of Eye-motional Processes™ the Kinesiology-Meditation Processes© for Brain Rewiring.

Amanda has been trained in five different Modalities of Kinesiology since 1998 and holds a Bachelor of Education and a Certificate IV in Aromatherapy.

Amanda’s Short Courses and Practitioner Level Courses teach International Kinesiologists how to apply Eye-motional Processes™ as a clinic tool alongside a variety of Balance Protocols to meet client’s needs, especially where trauma and complex stress are concerned.


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[2] Diamond, J, M.D. – ‘Life Energy – Unlocking the hidden power of your emotions to achieve wellbeing’. 1992. 

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