Get your Processes© to start the Manifest with Brain Rewiring journey:

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Eye-movement Based Kinesiology for your clinic practice

- Embedded with handmodes, eye-modes, and auditory processing

- Made for Kinesiologists by a Kinesiologist
Clinic Benefits:

Training Options

The 6 Processes© App

Short Courses for Kinesiologists

Consider Eye-motional Processes™ as clinic tools for brain rewiring - just like your tuning forks, crystals, and essences. Our Short Courses teach how to use the Processes© as Clinic Corrections for clients
Course Certificate provided

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Become a Certified Practitioner

Levels 1-6 Practitioner Training is for Kinesiologists interested in providing Brain Rewiring; Consciousness; and Manifestation Balances on their clients. 
Course Certified by the Australian Kinesiology Association

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Monthly Tutorials for Practitioners

For Kinesiologists who have undertaken Eye-motional Processes™ Courses for Practitioners

Kinesiology Practitioners who have undertaken Eye-motional Processes™ Training Courses (Short Courses or Eye-motional Processes™ Practitioner Level Courses) are welcome to attend affordable monthly Practitioner Tutorials

Monthly tutorials provide Kinesiology Practitioners who are applying Eye-motional Processes™ in their clinic, the opportunity to:


1 hour per tutorial

$10.00AUD attendance fee

Online via Zoom

Bring your clinic observations and questions

Yet to discover the Brain Rewiring tool?

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Processes© are an essential Brain Rewiring tool for your Kinesiology clinic and were made for Kinesiologists by Internationally Accredited Kinesiologist Amanda Lynne. Originally made in 2013 for her own personal healing after a series of complex traumas, Amanda Lynne tested her Processes© on 100 case studies with great success. 
In 2020 she had them professionally recorded by also embedding Kinesiology hand modes and elements into each Process© as it was recorded. This created vibrational energy frequencies within each Process© alongside the channeled music of International Sound Healer Nereace.
In 2021, Amanda Lynne launched The 6 Processes© as available Kinesiology-Meditation Processes for humanity to gain benefit. Since their launch, Eye-motional Processes have:

– Successfully found their way to thousands of self-guided Processors© Internationally

– Been utilized in face to face and online Kinesiology sessions

– Become an Accredited Practitioner Course with the Australian Kinesiology Association

– Created short courses for Kinesiologists seeking Brain Rewiring ‘Correction methods’ for their Balances

– Created Practitioner Level Courses for Kinesiologists seeking to specialize in Brain Rewiring in the clinic practice

– Delivered short courses, workshops, and webinars to Kinesiologists Internationally

– Presented at the 2022 Australian Kinesiology Conference on an International platform

The 6 Processes© and Chart of Emotions© are a clinic tool that can be used for Kinesiology Corrections and Balances on clients. Muscle-tested Homeplay© can then be provided to clients as self-guided support after their session. Clients with deep emotional stress, body stress, trauma, and those who find it hard to shift, will gain enormous benefit from this clinic tool being a part of your practice.

It's Time to Process© into Life Expansion!