Get your Processes© to start the Manifest with Brain Rewiring journey:

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Eye-motional Processes™ are Kinesiology-Meditations for Brain Rewiring and are a great clinic tool for Kinesiologists and Students!

Consider them just like your tuning forks, crystals, and essences

The 6 Processes© and Chart of Emotions© create a combined clinic tool for the application of Brain Rewiring and Eye-Movement-based Kinesiology in your clinic practice, and can be applied as Corrections and Balance Protocols.

This clinic tool is great for supporting clients with deep emotional stress, current stress, emotional body stress, and trauma to integrate, recover, and move forward.

This Modern Kinesiology approach to clinic practice is similar to an acupuncture or Bowen therapy session. So, balance protocols are applied then the client is given 17-22 minutes alone in the room to absorb the session elements while listening to a ‘session-determined’ Process©.  

This method of clinic practice:

significantly advances overall session outcomes and enables the integration of the Process© elements for the client.

reduces practitioner fatigue and enables you to work with clients through deep emotional stress and trauma without feeling drained

Provides scope for Brain Rewiring Clinic-prescribed Homeplay© to best support your clients

Our Short Courses & Webinars teach the use of Processes© as Modern Kinesiology Corrections

Short Course 1

Learn to use the Brain Rewiring Processes© as a Clinic Tool

This 2-hour Live Online Short Course teaches you how to use this unique tool in your Kinesiology clinic.

👉🏼 Apply Brain Rewiring methods and Corrections to your clients
👉🏼 Support clients to radically shift their mindset into expansion
👉🏼 Rewire client’s limits and blocks to improve their lives
👉🏼 Tailor Brain Rewiring Home-Play to suit your client’s needs
👉🏼 Begin to apply Brain Rewiring as a clinic tool
👉🏼 … and more!

Participants learn Correction Protocols for:

  • Brain Rewiring for Current Mindset Stress
  • Brain Rewiring for Emotional Body Release
  • Brain Rewiring for Goal Formation
  • Brain Rewiring for Colour Frequencies
  • Brain Rewiring as a Correction during a Balance Protocol

Participants receive:

  • The Eye-motional Processes™ Chart of Emotions©;
  • Printable e-Book for your clinic
  • The 6 Processes© handmode;
  • 5 Balance Protocols
  • 3 Homeplay© prescriptions for your client. 

2022 Online Course Dates:

ET 7pm 13th Nov./ UK 12pm 14th Nov.

$60.00AUD/ $40USD per Course


Intro to Brain Rewiring for Trauma

This 90-minute webinar is for Kinesiologists interested in the brain and consciousness, and how trauma impacts an individual’s expansion into their life’s purpose

👉🏼 Discover how Eye-motional Processes™ can support clients with trauma to release culminated stress embedded in the nervous system, shift conscious, subconscious, and unconscious perceptions of their past and integrate improved ways of being.
👉🏼 Learn how Brain Rewiring Processes© can significantly assist clients with past and current trauma 
👉🏼 Learn to use Processes in one-on-one or group-based sessions
👉🏼 Learn Kinesiology Corrections and Homeplay methods for clients with trauma
👉🏼 Learn optimal Kinesiology practice methods to support you, the practitioner, which is essential when working with vulnerable and traumatized clients.

Participants learn Correction Protocols for:

  • Brain Rewiring for trauma release in one-on-one 
  • Brain Rewiring for trauma release in group-based sessions

Participants receive:

  • The Eye-motional Processes™ Chart of Emotions©;
  • Printable e-Book for your clinic
  • The 6 Processes© handmode;
  • 1 Balance Protocol
  • 1 Group-facilitation method
  • 2 Homeplay© prescriptions for your client

Event Details:


7pm-8.30pm Wed 24th August (AEST)

International Times:

EST – 5am-6.30am Wed 24th August 

BST & CET – 10am-11.30am Wed 24th August 

NZST – 9pm-10.30pm Wed 24th August 


Live Online on Zoom


An Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) Event presented by Amanda Lynne, Founder of Eye-motional Processes™ 


Free for AKA Members

$29 Non Member

(Ticket sales close 2pm 23rd August – AEST)


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While specific to Kinesiology and the use of Processes© as a clinic tool, this webinar is open to all.

FREE for Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) members

$29.00AUD/ $20USD per Course for Non AKA Members

Yet to discover the Brain Rewiring tool?

Processes© are an essential Brain Rewiring tool for your Kinesiology clinic and were made by a Kinesiologist for Kinesiologists!

The 6 Processes© and Chart of Emotions© can be used for Kinesiology Corrections and Balances on clients. Muscle-tested Homeplay© can then be provided to clients as self-guided support after their session. Clients with deep emotional stress, body stress, trauma, and those who find it hard to shift, will gain enormous benefit from this clinic tool being a part of your practice.

2022 Training Options:

ET 7pm 13th Nov./ BST & CET 12pm 14th Nov.

$60.00AUD/ $40USD per Course


ET 5am 24th Aug/ BST & CET 10am 24th Aug.

FREE for Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) members

$29.00AUD/ $20USD per Course for Non AKA Members

Course Facilitator

Amanda Lynne
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Amanda Lynne is the Founder of Eye-motional Processes™ – the Kinesiology-Meditations Processes© for Brain Rewiring. She is also an experienced Educator, International Kinesiologist, and trauma survivor. Fed up with CBT as a way of releasing her trauma, in 2013, she applied eye movement methods used in Kinesiology clinic practice to create 6 Brain Rewiring Meditation-Processes© to release her past traumas and rewire unhelpful thoughts into a more fulfilling life. 

Initially created for personal use, she has successfully trialed her Processes© on over 100 case studies. Between 2020 – 2021, Amanda professionally recorded her Processes©, making them available for individual use and Kinesiology clinicians. 

Amanda’s professional research advances eye movement methods applied in Kinesiology clinic practice since 1982 and provides Modern Kinesiology approaches to these methodologies. The professional contributions of Dr. George Goodheart, Dr. Wayne Topping, Gordon Stokes, Daniel Whiteside, John Thie, Sheldon Deal, Dr. Bruce Dewe, and Joan Dewe (MA) are of great importance to her expanding approaches to eye movement based Kinesiology.

Her Short Courses teach the clinical application of the Processes© as Modern Kinesiology corrections. 


It's Time to Process© into Life Expansion!