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How you can Unlock your Abundance

When you’ve weathered financially depleting situations like divorce, bankruptcy, being ripped off, or unsuccessful investments, it can leave you reeling, struggling not just financially but also emotionally. These events etch deep imprints on your soul and leave deep emotional imprints, which create mental barriers that hinder your belief in manifesting abundance.

The Emotional Impact of Financial Struggles

When you have faced, or are currently facing, bankruptcy or substantial financial loss, the fear of that recurring nightmare becomes a constant companion. It can instill a sense of fear, doubt, worry, and a scarcity mindset, affecting your mindset and vibration as follows:

Moreover, financially depleting experiences instigate feelings of unworthiness or a belief that you’re undeserving of financial success. A draining divorce might stir up guilt or self-doubt, impairing your self-esteem and confidence in attracting prosperity. This unworthiness disrupts the alignment between your intentions and the actualization of wealth.

The Emotional Energy Consequences

The aftermath of these crises often leads to financial stress, shifting your focus from abundance to mere survival. This shift cultivates a mindset consumed by lack and limitation, making it challenging to envision a prosperous financial future. The trauma from these events can program your subconscious with negative beliefs about Money, inadvertently repelling your efforts toward wealth manifestation. This energetic repelling of abundance is what we call a Law of Retraction rather than the Law of Attraction you seek.

Here are seven ways that negative subconscious beliefs about Money can repel your efforts toward wealth Manifestation:

ONE) Vibrational Mismatch: Negative beliefs about Money create a vibrational mismatch between your desires and the universe. If you hold beliefs that Money is scarce or unattainable, your subconscious vibrates at a frequency that repels abundance.

TWO) Self-Sabotage: Subconscious beliefs can lead to self-sabotaging behaviors. If you believe you don’t deserve wealth or success, you might unconsciously sabotage opportunities or resist taking necessary steps toward financial growth.

THREE) Limited Perspective: Negative beliefs narrow your perspective, limiting your ability to see or seize wealth-generating opportunities. This limited outlook closes you off to potential avenues for wealth creation or financial growth, and instead of attracting them into your reality, other people do. 

FOUR) Fear of Failure: Negative money beliefs often lead to a fear of failure or repeating past financial mistakes. This fear can paralyze you, preventing you from taking calculated risks or exploring new ventures that could lead to financial success.

FIVE) Scarcity Mindset: Believing in scarcity rather than abundance sets the tone for your financial reality. A scarcity mindset reinforces the belief that there’s a finite amount of wealth, making it harder to attract and retain Money.

SIX) Resisting Money: Subconscious beliefs about Money can create resistance to wealth. If, deep down, you feel Money is inherently bad or corrupts people, you might unconsciously push Money away, even if you consciously desire it.

SEVEN) Manifestation Blocks: Negative beliefs act as blocks in the manifestation process. They disrupt the alignment between your intentions and the universal energy needed to manifest wealth, creating barriers that impede your progress.

Identifying and addressing any hidden negative beliefs about Money is crucial for aligning your subconscious with your conscious desire for wealth manifestation. Through conscious effort and gently rewiring your brain towards a shift in mindset, you can overcome these limiting beliefs and create a more conducive environment for attracting abundance.

Firstly, you must identify the subconscious mindset patterns blocking your Manifestation of success regarding Money. That’s where our Free Class Series comes in. At our Free Class, you may embark on an inner journey to transcend the impact of past financial struggles on your ability to manifest wealth and, in doing so, create healing and transformation.

At our FREE Class, you will:

🧠 Take our Q&A to discover the subconscious beliefs blocking your Money Manifestation success.

🧠 Address limiting beliefs and reframe your mindset about Money.

🧠 Transcend past financial trauma and manifest the abundance you seek

🧠 Gain your Free Exclusive Manifest Money Blueprint for rewiring your subconscious mindset money blocks to step into the Law of Attraction flow and abundance. 

Check out the three great classes you receive ….

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Your Exclusive Manifest Money Blueprint will assist you to:

Understand your Emotional Baggage when it comes to Money

The Free Class Series will guide you to assess your abundance vibe to identify where you are and are not aligned with monetary flow. Understanding the vibrational debris of emotional baggage is the first step to releasing emotions tied to past financial setbacks and releasing negative thoughts, beliefs, and stories associated with financial trauma.

Reprogram Your Beliefs

More than engaging in affirmations, visualization, and positive self-talk are needed to successfully Manifest Money. While these standard Manifestation methods are helpful and have their place, Rewiring your subconscious beliefs about Money will make the difference to your Law of Attraction success. 

When you apply the Exclusive Manifest Money Blueprint, which you obtain in our Free self-guided Class Series, you then apply our Brain Rewiring Processes© to help you gently shift your mindset toward attracting wealth, become open to practical insights for financial recovery improvements, and make sustainable changes in financial habits or decision-making processes to avoid repeating the same patterns. With these radical mindset changes, you may begin affirming abundance and creating your desired prosperous future. 

Journey towards Financial Empowerment

The journey toward financial empowerment necessitates dedication, introspection, emotional vibration check-ins, and a commitment to personal growth. This journey begins when you Manifest with Brain Rewiring to assist you in shedding limiting beliefs, healing emotional wounds from past financial disasters, and adopting a mindset aligned with abundance. This mindset is achieved through rewired shifts in your consciousness about the past, current situations, and the future so you may:

Taking our FREE Class will have you:

🧠 Become a LAW OF ATTRACTOR for Money (rather than a LAW OF RETRACTOR)

🧠 Look at your bank account with JOY (rather than with Worry, Fear or Frustration)

🧠 Dissolve your financial blocks and watch MONEY FLOW into your life with ease

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Written by Amanda Lynne, Founder of Eye-motional Processes™ and Internationally Accredited Holistic Kinesiologist

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