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Helpful Resources for using Eye-motional Processes


Video: This 10 minute video explains the simple formula for using The 6 Processes© that are Eye-motional Processes

If you purchased the website version of The 6 Processes©, then this video will be of great assistance. 

If you purchased the App version of The 6 Processes©, then a version of this video is available in the ‘Rewatch the Info Videos’ in the ‘Account’ section on your App.

Brochure: Click HERE to download information about answers to common questions; the 3 easy steps to clear your mindset; as well as the experiences you may encounter both during, and after listening to, The 6 Processes©

Free Classes for using the App in particular ways

Below you will find free classes for using the App on specific mindset themes. Each class involves simple Home-Play© activities to apply The 6 Processes©. These classes are simple to follow by selecting classes that relate to your life, your blocks, and where you want to be. 

You may want to have handy:

  • Your existing Vision Board (whatever state it is in!!), or a blank ‘Vision Board’ if you are starting fresh
  • A notepad and pen
  • The ‘Top 5 Goals’ you would like on your Vision Board
  • The Eye-motional Processes™ ‘Chart of Emotions©’

Are your low vibration thoughts and emotions stopping your ‘Vision Board’ from becoming a Law of Attraction magnet? 

In this 14 minute class, I guide you to recognize how to get your Vision Board ‘co-creating better’ by getting ‘your eyes’ aligned with what you seek to manifest!! 

During this free class, you will discover: 

  • How to rewire limiting beliefs that are consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously attached to your Vision Board
  • How to clear space in your blocked neural pathways, so your Vision Board becomes a supercharged Law of Attraction magnet.


After ‘Re-Visioning your Vision Board’ using these tips, you must then remember to be mindful of where you choose to put your ’emotional energy’ vibe as your journey throughout this year. This is the most crucial aspect essential to your Vision Board’s capacity to deliver ‘manifestation goodies’ in your life!