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17th April - 21st April 2022

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When special days, like Easter, come around, there are three things we try to do – plan, connect and find ways to remember. 

This Easter, discover ways to connect with your Loved One on the Other Side at the How to Connect with a Loved One who has Passed FREE EASTER MICRO SUMMIT

Join seven healers, mediums, authors and others who know how you feel, as they guide you to create and maintain a connection with your loved one on the other side

💕  If you are grieving and seeking connection with your loved one, this Microsummit is for you!

💕  If you are a Healer or Medium seeking additional skills, this Microsummit is for you!

💕  Amanda Lynne engages in Six 30 minute interviews with her Guest Speakers on this really important inquiry

💕  Gain two free e-Books from our speakers 


11am Wednesday 13th April (EST) – 9am Thursday 21st April (EST)

24 hours of FREE MICROSUMMIT access over 7 Days

March Class Replay

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At this free Facebook Live Class you will discover how to let go of what is blocking you so you can move forward in life and manifest with ease!!

In this class:

Amanda Lynne will share her ‘Onion/ Gap/Frypan’ and Brain Rewiring method she has used with hundreds of clients to help you:
  • Identify what isn’t serving your emotional energy vibration.
  • Remove the blocks that hinder you from living the life you are here to live.
  • Set emotional energy boundaries between you and the toxic relationships you have been tolerating for far too long.
  • Dissolve your codependency on relationships that are actually eroding your emotional energy every day.
  • Create sustainable emotional energy boundaries that keep you safe from putting up with people and situations that no longer serve you
When this collection of emotional energy debris is identified and rewired in your brain, you can begin living a life where:
  • The pain of toxic relationships is no longer penetrating your psyche.
  • After years of living with fragmented low vibration emotional energy, your sense of self is returned.
  • Relationships and life experiences are more positive and enjoyable without being weighed down by depleting 3D human drains.
Please bring: 
  • Notepad and pen
  • The Eye-motional Processes™ App (free to download – you don’t need the app to attend the class but it will boost your class outcomes)

16th October 2022

Baby Loss and Miscarriage
Feminine Healing Through Loss – FREE ONLINE EVENT

This event explores how and where conception difficulties, miscarriages, pregnancy and baby loss, leave ’emotional energy wounds’ and how you can begin to heal and restore emotionally.

Your host, Caryn Lutz’s personal experience of six miscarriages, and her journey to heal through her own losses, formed her desire to co-create this free event.

This Event is: 

  • A Live Online Facebook Event and open to the Public
  • Occurs at 4pm Mountain Time, Sunday 16th October 2022 (See below for your time zone)
  • Replay is  available between 18th – 31st October 2022
  • Hosted by Caryn Lutz of The Tomato Seed Project
  • Facilitated by Amanda Lynne, Internationally Accredited Kinesiologist and Founder of Eye-motional Processes™; & Barbara Malarski, Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Enroll to Attend this event at this LINK
  • 3pm Pacific Time, Sunday 16th October 2022 
  • 5pm Central Time, Sunday 16th October 2022 
  • 6pm Eastern Time, Sunday 16th October 2022 
  • 11pm London Time, Sunday 16th October 2022 
  • 8am Queensland, Australia, Monday 17th October 2022 

Many things are making their way through the co-creative field, including this next event …. To stay up to date with upcoming events, join the Free Eye-motional Processes™ membership called ‘Your Space’.