Brain Rewiring & Chakra Balancing

Eye-motional Processes™ Level 1 Practitioners provide sessions that combine Brain Rewiring and Chakra Healing for deep release

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Brain Rewiring and Chakra Balance Consult

A Brain Rewiring and Chakra Balance Consult helps reveal, rewire, and release emotional energy blockages from your mindset and chakra system to increase the vibrational frequency of your being, making it easier to manifest the things you are wanting for your life.

Brain rewiring can help heal the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the self by addressing the underlying neural pathways associated with your negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Chakras are your body’s energy centers and are associated with specific qualities related to your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Chakra healing aims to release negative emotions and beliefs from the body’s energy centers so they no longer create sabotaging blocks in your life.

A level 1 consult combines Brain Rewiring with Chakra Healing to release and reprocess traumatic memories and emotions from your mindset and vibrational energy field, allowing you to overcome the negative impact of trauma and human dramas.

With these low-vibration emotional energies rewired and released, you align with, and become more receptive to the power of the universe, allowing you to attract abundance, joy, and fulfillment into your life.


Select a Brain Rewiring and Chakra Balance face-to-face consult from your choice of:

🡆 The 6 Processes Balance© (1 hour)

🡆 The Trauma Release Series© (3 x 1 hour consults over a period of time)

🡆 The 6 Sessions Series© (6 x 1 hour consults over a 3-4 month period)


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Amanda Lynne is the Founder of Eye-motional Processes and an Internationally Accredited Kinesiologist and Kinesiology Instructor who specializes in brain rewiring, trauma release and recovery, and the impact of emotional energy upon a persons vibrational field of attraction and their relationships.

Amanda Lynne holds a Bachelor of Education (Melbourne University), is trained in 5 modalities of Kinesiology since 1998, and is a Registered Level 5 Practitioner with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) and a Professional Specialized Kinesiologist with the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists (IASK). 

Amanda Lynne is available for Single Online Eye-motional Processes Consults, The Trauma Release Series©, and The 6 Session Series©.

At an online consult, Amanda Lynne, an astute ‘people reader’, uses surrogate muscle testing as her modus operandi to pinpoint with acute accuracy and, within minutes, the emotional energy holding you back. She advances upon your session by ‘reading’ the neural pathway blocks revealed in your ‘eye rolls’ when you talk about your wounds during private online sessions. Process-based Homeplay© is then provided to enable you to finally shift! 

Amanda Lynne’s online consults are $130AUD per hour consult ($88USD*).



Glenda Smyth holds a Diploma of Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology, is registered with the Australian Kinesiology Association, and is a Certified Level 1 and Level 2 Eye-motional Processes™ Kinesiology Practitioner 

Glenda believes at the core of all dis-ease and dis-ruption is trauma, and that getting to the root cause of the trauma and healing long imbedded emotional blocks is imperative. Glenda is committed to assisting clients to discover and release these blocks and to become self empowered during their healing journey.

Consults with Glenda provide guidance to help take back your power by providing transformative sessions and Eye motional Processes™ Homeplay© tools that give direction, hope, and sustainable change. 

Glenda is available for face to face Eye-motional Processes™ Consults in:

🡆 The 6 Processes Balance©

🡆 The Trauma Release Series©,

🡆 The 6 Session Series©

Glenda’s face to face consults are $120.00AUD per hour with consults available in Rockhampton, Central Queensland.

To BOOK, contact GLENDA SMYTH on (0438) 341 060 or email


Nicola Deeney is a certified Level 1 Eye-motional Processes™ Kinesiology Practitioner and is registered with x,y,z.

Nicola’s additional Kinesiology training includes x, y. z.

Nicola is also trained in x, y, z/ has a specific interest in x,y,z

At an face to face Eye-motional Processes™ consult, Nicola x,y,z

Nicola is available for face to face Eye-motional Processes™ Consults in:

  • The 6 Processes Balance©
  • The Trauma Release Series©,
  • The 6 Session Series©

Nicola’s face to face consults are $XXXAUD per hour consult ($XXUSD*).

To BOOK WITH NICOLA DEENEY visit HERE/ Contact x, y. z

Our trained Eye-motional Processes™ Practitioners are dedicated to bringing brain rewiring, healing, and life transformational Processes© to people worldwide.

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