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January’s Energy Vibe:

A Reset and a Vision Board Shake-Up

The onset of January welcomes us with the promise of a clean slate and new opportunities. 

The start of the year feels like a reset button, sparking a sense of renewal and fresh motivation which makes January 2024 the perfect moment to craft a roadmap toward personal growth and success – starting with your Vision Board.

Energy Vibe at a Glance:

Key Themes of January 2024

This month ushers in opportunities for career advancements and promises a touch of Cupid’s arrow, fostering love connections. 

This is an important vibrational start to the New Year because 2024 promises:

 ➔ Steady career growth

➔ Positive financial prospects

➔ An urging for each of us to balance professional ambitions with personal well-being

➔ A large transitional period

➔ Technology acceleration towards laying the foundation for the future. 

The First Two Weeks of January

 The first week of January provides the energy system that will get you in the mood to tackle your New Year’s resolutions with renewed determination as the vibration of ambition enters our worldwide field of consciousness. 

 The second week of January brings a highly creative and productive energy system that gives us a strong work ethic that can help us achieve our goals and overcome roadblocks.

The Last Weeks of January

 While the first half of January exudes an ambitious vibe, encouraging the pursuit of dreams, the latter phase implores us to climb challenges with grit and determination while also evaluating relationships realistically. 

 Come 19th – 20th January, an inspiring shift empowers us to embrace our unique talents, drawing inspiration from visionary figures. This energy sets the stage to build our legacy, urging boldness and self-confidence.

 As we approach the end of the month, our outlook broadens toward collective progress. Building partnerships, embracing loyalty, and nurturing relationships become focal points, marking a transition toward February’s innovative and collaborative energy.

This Blog expands upon these themes and what they mean to you and your Manifest with Brain Rewiring Journey. 

Upgrade your Vision Board Vibe:

Recalibrate and Rewire your Visions

Entering the vibrant domain available this month, we’re greeted by the refreshing breeze of the new year, an ideal moment to recalibrate your visions and set your intentions ablaze. 

Our FREE “Re-vision Your Vision Board” Class will kick start your alignment with the transformative energy available in January 2024 so it may guide you throughout the year.

Harnessing the energetic wave of January, our Re-vision Your Vision Board class is your chance to realign visions, refresh your aspirations, address limiting beliefs, and identify and Rewire any barriers hindering your journey. 

As the month unfurls its energetic tapestry, it opens the door to fresh prospects and renewed energy frequencies through our Brain Rewiring Processes© activities available in our Free Class. 

Engage with January’s energy as an opportune time to craft your Vision Board into a vibrational roadmap towards manifesting your 2024 goals by applying the methods taught in our Free Class as a guiding beacon. 

In this FREE ‘Self-Guided’ 14-minute class, I guide you to get your Vision Board ‘co-creating better’ by getting ‘your eyes and mindset’ aligned with what you are Seeking to Manifest

Progress and Love:

Nurturing Relationships, including the One with Yourself

January 2024 heralds a period ripe with career prospects and love connections because the month’s vibe signals promising career advancements, financial stability, and steady progress. It encourages a balanced approach between professional pursuits and nurturing personal relationships through a deliberate approach that also meets your self-care needs.

These self-care strategies are encouraged:

Prioritize your tasks and allocate specific time blocks for work and quality moments with loved ones.

Embrace self-kindness by setting realistic expectations and being flexible with your schedule. 

Refine your goals by breaking them into manageable steps and taking consistent action.

Strive for progress rather than perfection.

Regularly reassess your priorities to ensure a harmonious blend of career aspirations and personal connections.

Recognize when you need a break and prioritize your well-being.

Self-Care and the Chart of Emotions©:

Self-care practices involve you doing the things that raise your vibe into the high expansive White© and Violet© feelings on the Chart of Emotions©and avoiding (if reasonably possible) the things that lower your vibe into the dense emotions listed between Process Red© and Process Indigo© on the Chart©.

Remember, self-care is the extreme act of self-kindness, and it is necessary to drop into it regularly and rely on it to upgrade your energy so you may add a renewed energy to any personal or workplace goals you are working toward. 

Self-Care helps you give back to others:

With self-care and a renewed energy in place, you can better foster a nurturing relationship environment that involves active listening, open communication, and allocating undivided attention during personal interactions. Self-care practices make setting aside designated, uninterrupted time for loved ones easier.

Embracing Change and Technology:

The Tech Stage is being Set

This year brings with it an air of transition and technological advancements. The accelerated pace of technological developments in 2024 sets the stage for a transformative future. 

This year is pivotal for embracing changes in technology and societal shifts. 

Predicting specific technological and societal shifts for a year can be challenging due to the rapid evolution of technology. However, several trends and expectations may shape 2024 to include:

 AI Advancements: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to advance, influencing various industries like healthcare, finance, and education and redefining how businesses operate.

 Digital Transformation: More industries will likely embrace digital technologies for remote work, redefine traditional work structures, and facilitate a more interconnected global marketplace.

 Automation in Industries: Robotics and automated systems are anticipated to expand, impacting various sectors, including manufacturing, transportation, and retail, thus potentially reshaping job requirements and skill sets.

 5G Expansion: Widespread adoption of 5G technology could accelerate, revolutionizing connectivity, IoT devices, and enhancing data transfer speeds. This might lead to the proliferation of smart devices, smart cities, and innovation in communication.

 Societal Impact: As technology progresses, ethical considerations surrounding AI, privacy, data security, and the digital divide may become more pronounced. Discussions on regulations, data privacy laws, and responsible AI deployment might gain prominence.

 Healthcare Innovations: Advancements in healthcare technology, including telemedicine, wearable health devices, and AI-driven diagnostics, could become more prevalent, especially after the lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Environmental Focus: There may be an increased emphasis on innovations targeting renewable energy, eco-friendly practices, and carbon neutrality, which might gain traction as the urgency to address climate change grows.

While these Tech predictions are based on ongoing technological trajectories and societal needs, unforeseen events or breakthrough innovations could significantly influence the tech landscape of 2024. 

The Pace of Tech Advancements:

Keep your Vibe High to Cope with the Pace

Coping with the expanding tech landscape also includes managing your emotional energy landscape, as many of you will feel the uncertainties, concerns, and emotional toll that rapid technological advancements can have on individuals. 

Emotional coping during evolving technologies and fast-paced change necessitates destressing your mindset through Chart Checking© on your emotional energy vibe about ‘advancing tech topics’ and then listening to Processes© to keep your limbic system calm.

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Cultivating Community and Emotional Wellbeing:

Ego is out, and Humanitarianism is in!

2024 calls for an increased focus on community engagement and partnerships. 

The energies promote a sense of collective responsibility and a desire to contribute positively to the community while emphasizing the need for emotional introspection and respecting individual boundaries for a balanced emotional state.

The Ego is out, and humanitarianism is in, and for this reason you will notice a significant energy shift that calls each of us to ‘Let go of the I’ and ‘Step into the We’.

This much needed ‘Ego shift’ will impact many of us to such an extent that you may experience strong ‘ego-allergic reactions’ when exposed to those with it in excess (think Narcissists and self-flagellators).

… My suggestion is ‘Have the spew bag handy!’

Mentors as your Influencing Guide

The 2024 ‘We-based’ transition speeds up towards the last two weeks of January and signals an empowering shift where, more so than before, you will draw inspiration from visionary figures.

These visionary mentors provide you influence from their energies in ways that encourage the unfolding of your unique talents and how you want to contribute to societal change in a more compassionate world. 

The ‘dropping of Ego’ and ‘acknowledging the great work of others’ is the new way of showing up for self and others as we each contribute to a global shift toward compassionate collaboration.

Advocacy and Humanity:

Lending a Helping Hand

Amidst focusing on strengthening your own goals and connections, the vibe of January also holds a growing inclination towards community service, and advocacy.

A global emotional sensitivity surfaces, urging us to call for solitude and emotional introspection while respecting one another’s space amidst shared emotional fluctuations as people cope with unpredictable, and in some cases, concerning global events.

When human traumas and tragedies occur (as we are currently seeing through the rise in devastating weather events, global conflict, and economic challenges), it urges human consciousness to reflect, draw deeply on their compassionate veins, and give back to those in need. 

For these reasons, January’s energy may invoke an urging toward advocacy. 

Therefore, if you feel the urge to do so, donate your time or money to worthwhile causes that strike your heart cords. Giving is receiving, and at this time globally, the ‘human energy thought form’ could sure do with the vibrational lift that tithing offers self and others.

Expanding Perspectives in our Relationships:

Mindfully Choosing who we Connect with

January’s energy system fosters the importance of building loyal partnerships and nurturing relationships. 

Establishing deep roots is vital; it prompts you to create enduring professional ties that drive progress. Don’t hesitate to explore new opportunities and forge connections that catalyze your aspirations and be sure to approach challenges with empathy, resolve, and a rational mindset. 

January’s energy shift supports the opening of doors for mutual ambitions, emphasizing the value of shared goals and encouraging a focused pursuit of those goals and the importance of reputation. 

Whether searching for personal relationships or professional alliances, prioritize steadfast partners who remain through life’s peaks and valleys.

This shift begins in January as we:

➔ Engage mindfully in active communication towards common goals

Realistically evaluate relationships towards fostering a sensible, grounded, and practical approach to partnerships and community. 

Expect greater growth within self and in others

➔ Find ourselves asking for forgiveness more readily when it is needed

Build professional alliances toward future relationship connections

Seek enduring partnerships that will withstand the test of time.

Mindfully choose companions and allies with an understanding that these connections are lasting. 


Embrace Transformation in 2024

As we each navigate the energetic currents of January 2024, it’s crucial to leverage this transformative phase for personal growth, professional advancement, and collective evolution. 

Embrace the energies of ambition, community, and partnership by embarking on a transformative journey toward manifesting your aspirations in this promising year of change and progress. 

2024 is a year of Change where our Collective Shift Shapes the Future.

This Shape-Shifting Energy begins in January with each of us contributing through ‘being the change we want to see’, by:

➔ Embarking on a journey of self-growth towards collective evolution. 

➔ Shifting the focus from the ‘I’ to the ‘We’ and remembering that the Ego is out!

➔ Exploring Forgiveness as a Healing Serum

➔ Forging Strong Partnerships that will stand the test of time

➔ Solving Problems Collaboratively

➔ Setting Roots for your Aspirations to Flourish. 

➔ Advocating to Humanitarian Causes close to your Heart 

FREE Manifest with Brain Rewiring Class

January is your opportunity to set the stage for a visionary and impactful 2024 where you can dive into our FREE Re-vision Your Vision Board class as your compass, guiding you toward a transformative 2024. 

Manifest with Brain Rewiring

Amanda Lynne is an Internationally Accredited Holistic Kinesiologist, Educator, Trauma Survivor, and the Founder of Eye-motional Processes™. She is not just a Manifestation Coach; she is a catalyst for transformation.

Her Manifest with Brain Rewiring Processes© help rewire conscious, subconscious and unconscious mindset blocks, clearing the lingering obstacles that hinder a persons life goals and Manifestation success. With these emotional blocks released, individuals can transcend past limitations, overcome traumas, and begin Manifesting the life they are here to live.

Amanda's Processes© are renowned for their life-altering impact, making them the perfect tool for your Manifestation Journey.

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