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Does anger burn inside you, creating intense physical sensations and conflictual relationship ‘battle patterns’ when its flames are fueled?

Anger is like boiling water!!

Anger is a destructive emotion. I liken it to a boiling pot of water sitting on your stovetop – its temperature is managed by the level of heat you choose to turn the dial to. When the water is boiling, it’s hot, dangerous, and takes a long time to cool down naturally …. much like Anger does!! Even when the dial is turned down or off, the heat still simmers, always at the ready for the dial to go back up again – even over the little things!

No wonder you feel every day is a constant battle, with you often feeling on edge and ready to react in your

Your body is a watery barometer!!

Adding to the battles and relationship issues that Anger produces is the impact this boiling hot emotion has on your body – especially when we consider the human adult body is composed of up to 60% water!!!

You know damn well how stressed you feel when you are angry and how long it takes for you to calm down, but have you ever wondered how this fiery emotion impacts your body’s systems due to your body’s water compositions?

Let’s take a look

  • Your brain is composed of 73% water, unleashing a flood of uncontrollable Anger once your amygdala and hypothalamus of your brain begin their triggered reaction to your emotions;
  • Also, at 73% water composition is your heart, which sets off a water pump of heart-racing rage when things start to escalate; 
  • Your lungs, at 83% water composition, then get breathing harder at the stress of the angry fire burning within; 
  • The 64% water composition of your skin creates hot and red flushing steam when your Anger starts bubbling to the surface; 
  • Your muscles are composed of 79% water, create the proneness to scrunch your fists, stiffen and tense your neck and shoulders, and contort your facial muscles to make expressions visible to another person when you are angry.

WOW!! As you can see, when it comes to the human physical experience and your expressions of Anger, it is all about water, water, and more water. The aforementioned bodily experiences during Anger will have you reach for drinking water to help you to cool and calm down. 

It isn’t as simple as being told to “Just calm down!!!”

Now you may be familiar with being told to “Just calm down!!!” when you are amid Anger, but as you can see from your body’s water composition, your Anger doesn’t understand that ‘Water Key’ – YET!

Until you DO have that ‘special key’ in your hot little hand, try defusing your Anger by listening to Process Blue© while moving your eyes as guided on the Eye-motional Processes™ Kinesiology Meditations.

The Brain Rewiring methods in Process Blue© is the best place to play out all your angry stories – especially when you are feeling the associated emotions of irritated, resentful and frustrated, and most certainly when you first notice the body sensations of Anger as they arise in you. 

By rewiring your neural pathways in this way, you will begin to feel differently about the things that once angered you, and with this new perspective, you will find it much easier to “Just calm down”!!

1. Head to our Kinesiology-Meditations website
2. BUY Process Blue© for $5.99AUD
3. Follow this Eye-motional Processes  Formula:
alt text

An Eye-motional Processes™ Formula to Cool Down Anger

  1. Listen to Process Blue© and follow the eye-movement directions as you think about the past or current experience which has you feeling one or more of the Process Blue© emotions
  2. After listening to Process Blue©, recheck your emotions by looking at on the Eye-motional Processes™ The Chart of Emotions©
  3. You will notice you are feeling resonances of the Violet or White emotions on the chart
  4. As you go about your day or week, if you begin to feel any of the Process Blue© emotions stirring up inside of you, it is then time to rinse and repeat steps 1-3 above.

Now you have that sorted, it’s time to chill and enjoy the day – without those angry vibrations rising up inside of you!

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