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Help Clients Improve their Life

Support clients who have experienced Trauma or Human Drama exposure

Clients exposed to these concerns experience:

– Daily mindset tapes about difficult life experiences they have endured

– Deep regrets about the past

– Chaos and human drama attraction around finances, work, and relationships

– Agitation, Frustration, Overwhelm, Fear, or Anger due to stress overload

– Emotional fluctuations or flooding from unmet needs

– Rescuing and fixing others to feel worthy or gain approval

– Limited boundaries with no self-care

– Anxiety, Doubt, or Fear that the future will be just as bleak!

You can support them with Kinesiology-based Brain Rewiring


Shift Clients' Mindset Blocks

Trauma clients or those exposed to Human Dramas have deep seated sabotage programs

Your client’s Mindset and Manifestation Blocks are coming from long held unhelpful thoughts and beliefs. These are reinforced and create reactive emotions whenever they consciously think about the traumas or human dramas they have been exposed to.

Experiences like:

– Psychopath or Narcissistic relationship exposure 

– Childhood traumas or abuse

– Teenage bullying and trauma

– Domestic and Family Violence

– Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual Trauma

… the list goes on when it comes to the clients we often see in our Kinesiology clinic.

These difficult life experiences create neural pathway and mindset blocks that trigger unconscious and subconscious emotions that sabotage clients from manifesting the life they are here to live! 

It is through trauma and human drama experiences that a client’s mindset gets clogged with unhelpful core beliefs due to parental and societal conditioning, painful childhood or teenage experiences, and difficult adult occurrences. 

These embed in the brain’s neural pathways as pain stories and create habitual belief patterns that keep your client’s stuck!

The main reason client’s stay stuck and can’t shift past painful experiences is because unhelpful emotions associated with the experiences ingrain deeper EVERY TIME they roll their eyes at yet another displeasing event! 

This ‘mindset clogging’ creates Manifestation Blocks that impact a client’s life purpose!

Eye rolling simply reinforces unhelpful thoughtforms to become emotionally prone in the way the client thinks, acts, and reacts to their worldly experiences.

Emotional Proneness can be Rewired



What are Processes©?

Processes© are not Classical Meditations, Affirmations, or Tapping ~ chances are these haven’t worked for your trauma clients, which is why you are here to find more powerful clinic tools to best support them!

Eye-motional Processes™ are profound Kinesiology-Meditations that combine eye movements, auditory processing, mudras, and energy frequencies in each Process©. 

Listening to Processes© rewires and transmutes unhelpful thoughts and beliefs into sustainable new ways of thinking and being. 

With Brain Rewiring comes sustainable emotional release and manifestation flow!

PROCESS BUNDLE©: $30.00AUD/ $20.93USD*

(No annual fees, no subscription fees)

Kinesiology and Eye Movements

Sounds like EMDR!

You may have heard of ‘Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)’, but did you know Kinesiologists have used eye movements since 1982?

Eye-motional Processes™ get compared to EMDR quite a bit, but Kinesiologists are so very different in how they apply eye movements and auditory processing to release trauma, long held stress, and rewire the brain into new ways of thinking and being.

This 7-minute video explains how Kinesiologists use eye movements to release negative emotions, and why these are also the methods used in all of the Eye-motional Processes™ Kinesiology-Meditations.

The combined Kinesiological methods in each of The 6 Processes© provides wonderful clinic and homeplay benefits for you and your clients.


About the Clinic Tool?

Humans experience as many as 27 emotions a day. The quality of these either create a manifestation block or flow within your client’s Energy Vortex!

Eye-motional Processes™ covers 35 different emotions in the Process© BUNDLE that are common low vibrational emotions that all humans feel from time to time – the Process Bundle© ensures you have your client’s emotional energy vibe fully covered when it comes to your clinic use of the tool and the client’s Homeplay©!

The reason Processes© help client’s gain Law of Attraction flow is because each Kinesiology-Meditation Process© rewires, clears and transmutes the low vibration emotions that are causing mindset sabotages and manifestation blocks

The accompanying Chart of Emotions© makes muscle testing and selecting the best Process© for your client EASY to do!

This is How it works …

Emotions in the White and Violet on the Chart of Emotions© are high in vibration, thus creating alignment with the Law of Attraction and Manifestation Flow in your clients!

Emotions below the Violet colour on the Chart of Emotions© are low in vibration and cause neural pathway proneness, a Law of Retraction and Manifestation Clogging … BIG TIME!

Where are you or your clients on the Chart?
alt text

Once you match a Process© to your clients unhelpful emotions, you then apply that Process© to an Eye-motional Processes™ Balance Correction or Balance Protocol.

Your client then listens to the session determined Process© to clear low vibration emotions and energy dross and realign with Source Flow within minutes!!

Using the Brain Rewiring Tool in your Clinic is that easy!

PROCESS BUNDLE©: $30.00AUD/ $20.93USD*

(No annual fees, no subscription fees)

PRINTABLE Chart of Emotions© for Clinic Use $12 AUD/ $7.80 USD*/ €7.26* 

Available in English and Spanish


Practitioner Training

Using the Brain Rewiring Tool in your Clinic is that easy!

If Brain Rewiring; the Conscious, Subconscious & Unconscious mind; and Manifesting a life beyond Trauma and Human Drama is of interest to your work as a Kinesiologist, then it is time to consider becoming an Eye-motional Processes™ Practitioner.

If you hold a Certificate IV or above in Kinesiology (or equivalent), then you meet the prerequisites to enroll and train to become a Level 1 Eye-motional Processes™ Practitioner.

Part of any Eye-motional Processes™ Balance involves the client listening to one of The 6 Processes© during their session as the Practitioner leaves the room, allowing the client space to absorb the session elements placed upon the body during the protocol.

This approach to Modern Kinesiology Practice is similar to a Bowen Therapist or Acupuncturist leaving the room for the client’s energetic integration of the applied therapeutic methods. 

Eye-motional Processes™ engages the Practitioner in utilizing Brain Rewiring processes to clear deep emotional stress, trauma, and sabotage programs in clients.

All Eye-motional Processes Kinesiology Practitioners are able to be listed in the Practitioner Directory on this website to extend your client reach to our community of International Processors©

The Practitioner Pathway

alt text


The 6 Processes© Balance – COURSE

The 18 hour Online Course held in February, August and September each year and is where Kinesiologists begin to learn to specialize in Brain Rewiring and Trauma-Informed Kinesiology Practice. 

The Level 1 Practitioner Course teaches:

👉🏼 Brain Rewiring Protocols to release embedded trauma from the Brain, Neurons, Meridians, Chakras, and Auric Fields. 

👉🏼 The Balance Protocols for Processes Red©, Orange©, Yellow©, Green©, Blue©, and Indigo©, which includes their associated handmodes, formats, acupoints, chakras, and auric fields.

👉🏼 The application of The Eye-motional Processes™ Elements (Crystals, Auric Spray, Colour Frequencies, Tuning Forks, and The 6 Processes© Essential Oil Blend)

👉🏼 The Eye-motional Processes™ Chart of Emotions and the 12 Eye Positions Infographic Chart©

👉🏼 Three different types of Client Sessions Methods for clients (Single sessions for trauma release/ Acute Trauma Release Sessions/ The Cumulated Trauma Release Series).

Each face-to-face Balance protocol taught combines 35 minutes with the client, then 25 minutes unattended while listening to the longer Practitioners Version of The 6 Processes©. This Modern Kinesiology approach to clinical practice is likened to that of an acupuncturist or Bowen Therapist, where session intervals are enabled for the client to integrate the ‘session elements.’ 



The Past Regrets and Future Fears© Balances – COURSE

The 10 hour Online Course held in January and November each year and is where Kinesiologists Balances and Brain Rewiring methods to rewire painful past experiences, regrets, and future fears using The 6 Processes© and The Past Regrets Process©

To fully align with their divine blueprint, an individual must release the emotional dross created by painful past experiences, regrets, future fears, so they may get into trust and Universal flow. Without these released, individuals are held back by mindset stagnation, made worse through emotional self-flagellation. These things form vibrational density and holes in an individual’s energy field that acts to block that individual’s success. These saboteurs end once Processed© through gentle Brain Rewiring Processes© alongside the Kinesiology Balances provided in this course. Once past regrets and future fears are transmuted in measurable and sustainable ways, individuals begin discovering and living their life’s purpose.

The Level 2 Practitioner Course teaches:

👉🏼 Brain Rewiring methods using the 12 Eye Positions Chart© combined with meridian release to rewire deeply held regret and fear-based emotions.
👉🏼 Visual perception theory; Perception and social cognition theory; and Conscious, subconscious, and unconscious processing theory and the brain
👉🏼 Balance Protocols to Rewire and Process Past Regrets©, and Rewire and Process Future Fears©
👉🏼 The elements, hand modes, formats, charts, acupoints for the Past Regrets Balance© and Future Fears Balance©
👉🏼 Protocols to release of subconscious sabotage programs created by clients regrets and fears

Don't wait another minute!

Help clients finally be free of their blocks!

With Eye-motional Processes™ to support you as a Kinesiologist your clients can rewire a lifetime of challenging experiences that have become entrenched as unhelpful belief patterns through ongoing habits of eye-rolling with displeasure. 

Each time your clients listen to a Process©, whether in your clinic or for Homeplay©, you help them transform sabotaging beliefs and emotions to no longer create energetic patterns of resistance to the very things they desire.

When these things transmute in your clients, their whole life transforms!

alt text

PROCESS BUNDLE©: $30.00AUD/ $20.93USD*

(No annual fees, no subscription fees)

What other Kinesiologists have to say ...



How the Processes© were made

The Kinesiologist behind it all

alt text

Amanda Lynne is the Founder of Eye-motional Processes™ – the Kinesiology-Meditations Processes© for Brain Rewiring. She is also an experienced Educator, International Kinesiologist, and trauma survivor. Fed up with CBT as a way of releasing her trauma, in 2013, she applied eye movement methods used in Kinesiology clinic practice to create 6 Brain Rewiring Meditation-Processes© to release her past traumas and rewire unhelpful thoughts into a more fulfilling life. 

Initially created for personal use, she has successfully trialed her Processes© on over 100 case studies. Between 2020 – 2021, Amanda professionally recorded her Processes©, making them available for individual use and Kinesiology clinicians. 

Creating the Kinesiological set up for the Meditation Processes©

alt text

In the professional creation of Eye-motional Processes™, Amanda Lynne desired unique vibrational energies, music, and sounds for each audio. To enable this, on the day of The 6 Processes© audio recording, she set up her treatment table at Pegasus Studios alongside Producer Nigel Pegrum and Sound Healer, Nereace. 

To create the meditation audios, Amanda utilized Nereace as a surrogate for humanity for her to embed Kinesiology handmodes, formats, and muscle testing, colours, crystals, energy sprays, essential oils, and tuning forks into the audios as each one was recorded.

This provided the first layer of healing energetic frequencies for each of The 6 Process© recordings.

The Musical Artist & Sound Healer

alt text

Nereace is a musical artist, meditation practitioner, sound healer, composer of the album ‘Ignite the Divine’, and lover of all things magical and mystical. Originally from South Africa, Nereace spent nine years in London working and studying classical piano, psychotherapy, sound, and other healing modalities. During this time, she also became involved with dance and the healing aspect of expression through movement and music. In 2004 Nereace moved to Australia and completed her Doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling, established a healing practice using sound therapy, and became a Chakra dance facilitator.

In 2018, Nereace was introduced to ARIA-winning producer Nigel Pegrum of Pegasus studios in Far North Queensland. Together they are creating her dream to write and record music that uplifts and spiritually inspires the listener. The songs contained within her album, ‘Ignite the Divine,’ are the result of this collaboration and are the first offerings of Nereace’s life passion and dedication to a “Place where music and meditation come together.”

Creating the Music for the Meditation Processes©


On the second day of studio recording, it was time to layer music and sound backgrounds over The 6 Process© audio recordings that would resonate at the energy vibration required for each Process©. Nereace, being a Sound Healer, channeled the music and sounds for The 6 Processes© to advance upon the existing Kinesiology energy vibrations each audio already held.

PROCESS BUNDLE©: $30.00AUD/ $20.93USD*

(No annual fees, no subscription fees)

Amanda Lynne

Training & Qualifications

alt text
alt text

Amanda Lynne is the Founder of Eye-motional Processes™ – the Kinesiology-Meditations Processes© for Brain Rewiring. She is also an experienced Educator, International Kinesiologist, and trauma survivor. Fed up with CBT as a way of releasing her trauma, in 2013, she applied eye movement methods used in Kinesiology clinic practice to create 6 Brain Rewiring Meditation-Processes© to release her past traumas and rewire unhelpful thoughts into a more fulfilling life. 

Initially created for personal use, she has successfully trialed her Processes© on over 100 case studies. Between 2020 – 2021, Amanda professionally recorded her Processes©, making them available for individual use and Kinesiology clinicians. 

Amanda’s professional research advances eye movement methods applied in Kinesiology clinic practice since 1982 and provides Modern Kinesiology approaches to these methodologies. The professional contributions of Dr. George Goodheart, Dr. Wayne Topping, Gordon Stokes, Daniel Whiteside, John Thie, Sheldon Deal, Dr. Bruce Dewe, and Joan Dewe (MA) are of great importance to her expanding approaches to eye movement based Kinesiology.

Her Short Courses teach the clinical application of the Processes© as Modern Kinesiology corrections. 


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