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Eye-motional Processes™ Events & Offerings address different mindset themes for all your Processing© needs!

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Free Online Offerings

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Grief healing is supported when you find a way to create and maintain a loving connection with your loved on on the other side. At this FREE pre-recorded MICROSUMMIT these EXPERTS guide different ways to find connections that support your personal beliefs and understanding.

Paid Self-Guided Courses

Monthly Membership

By joining the affordable Stay Goaldone™ monthly membership you gain Monthly LIVE Processes© guidance with Amanda Lynne and ‘goal-setting, goal-getting’ coaching with Amber McCue to Set and Rewire into Goal Success with Ease!

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Private Consults

At an Eye-motional Processes™ Online or Face to Face consult, our trained Holistic Kinesiology Practitioners apply muscle testing as their modus operandi to pinpoint with acute accuracy and, within minutes, the emotional energy holding you back.

A variety of Eye-motional Processes™ Kinesiological methods are applied during your session, as well as your Practitioner ‘interpreting’ the neural pathway blocks revealed in your ‘eye rolls’ when you talk about your manifestation difficulties. 

Process-based Homeplay© is then provided to enable you to finally shift! 

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