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October's Free Event

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So, you think you know what your manifestation blocks are, but chances are, you are only 20% right!

80% of your blocks lie in your unconscious and subconscious mind, where your unprocessed faulty core conditioning, past wounds, human dramas, traumas, and future fears lurk!

These unprocessed parts of your mindset cause vibrational energy debris.

This auric and co-creative vibrational density blocks your manifestation success …. Every time!

The Vision Chair is the opportunity to reveal and release the blocks which lurk under the surface.

The October 2022 Vision Chair is Hosted by Emerge Intentionally

At the Vision Chair©, Amanda Lynne:

👉🏼 Utilizes surrogate muscle testing with outstanding accuracy to reveal hidden manifestation saboteurs that hinder success.

👉🏼 Pinpoints with acute accuracy and, within minutes, the emotional energy and past ages and life stages locked in your mindset and holding you back.

👉🏼 Answers many of your pressing questions about your blocks

👉🏼 Reveals with acute accuracy your subconscious and unconscious blocks

👉🏼 Provides information and tools that resonate with attendees

👉🏼 Provides transformational Process-based Brain Rewiring Homeplay© that WILL FINALLY have you lift the Law Retraction density that has blocked you for so damn long!

The October 2022 Vision Chair is Hosted by Emerge Intentionally
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