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    Past Regrets 6-week Boutique Course

    Are your past regrets creating an emotional sabotage that blocks your goals and stops you living the life you want to live?

    This course combines 6 X 60-minute Live Online Small Group Sessions with Amanda Lynne, as well as access to the Self-Growth Home Play© Activities and Past Regrets Meditation© and may be what you are seeking to move beyond your low-vibration Past Regret stories and co-create the life you truly want to live.


    Manifest through the Year

    This 90-minute pre-recorded online class provides you with the Eye-motional Processes™ Manifestation Method© – a method specific to applying The 6 Processes© in a particular way so you may regularly raise your co-creative vibration, year in, year out, towards enhancing your personal Goals, your New Year Resolutions and your Manifestation outcomes.