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Rewire your Brain & Manifest a Life Beyond your Past

The 6 Processes© Balance

1 Hour Online OR Face to Face Consults
$120.00 AUD

Painful stories from the past; Conditioning based on childhood experiences; as well as Unconscious and Subconscious emotions & thoughts, all influence and impact your current life experiences and obstruct the life you want to Manifest.

Beyond these blocks there is true Manifestation Flow available to you, in this 'Thought Equals Form' Universe.

The 6 Processes© Balance enables your blocks and sabotage programs to be revealed, defused and then rewired in a 1 hour online consultation with Amanda Lynne.

During your session, Amanda Lynne utilizes Kinesiology surrogacy methods to discover and transform the areas of your consciousness which keep creating unhelpful patterns of life struggles and dramas based on the 'attraction conditioning'
that arise from the wounds from your past.
It is time to let go and be free to live the life you want to live!!

Manifestation Check Up©

30 Minute Online Consults

You schedule your car in for an 'Energetic Check-Up' routinely, so why not do the same for yourself?

Consider your consciousness as a 'vehicle' which travels through your life collecting experiences like passengers. From these journeys, your Conscious, Unconscious and Subconscious thoughts, emotions and beliefs are created ..... some useful, but 70% - 80% is just useless debris.

For this reason, it is only sensible to have a routine 'Manifestation Check-Up' with Amanda Lynne to toss out your 'Useless Thought Debris'; Fine Tune your Vibrational Frequency; and Unlock the Manifestation Blocks and 'Law of Retractions' you may be storing without even realizing it!

The Manifestation Check Up© enables your manifestation flow to get moving again during a 40 minute online consultation with Amanda Lynne.