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International Kinesiologist Amanda Lynne pinpoints with acute accuracy & within minutes, the emotional energy holding you back.

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Your life can improve!

Emotional tendencies and beliefs based on childhood core conditioning and painful past stories, create your life experiences and fate. By ‘holding onto’ this outdated emotional debris, you miss out on your inner gifts and greatness ~ and so does the World!

If you consider your consciousness as a ‘vehicle’ travelling through life collecting experiences like passengers, then you will recognize from these journeys, your Conscious, Unconscious and Subconscious thoughts, emotions and beliefs are created.

Some thoughts, emotions and beliefs are useful, but 70% – 80% are often useless debris that block your life path by adding to the creation of human dramas and chaos exposure.

For this reason, it is only sensible to discover your unconscious and subconscious blocks, fine tune your vibrational frequency, and unlock the manifestation saboteurs you may be storing without even realizing it!

At an online consult, Amanda Lynne, an International Kinesiologist and astute ‘people reader’ uses surrogate muscle testing as her modus operandi to pinpoint with acute accuracy and, within minutes, the emotional energy holding you back.

This is done by ‘reading’ the neural pathway blocks revealed in your ‘eye rolls’ when you talk about your wounds during private online sessions. 

Process-based Homeplay© is then provided to enable you to finally shift! 


Choose from:

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The 6 Processes© Balance

1 Hour Online Consult
$130.00 AUD

Painful stories from the past; Childhood conditioning; and Conscious, Unconscious, and Subconscious emotional debris, influence and impact your experiences and obstruct the life you want to Manifest. These have embedded in your neural pathways as 'attraction conditioning' based on the wounds from your past.
This 1-hour consult enables these blocks and sabotage programs to be revealed, defused, and rewired. At the consult conclusion, you are provided with Process-based Homeplay© to truly shift and expand.

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The Trauma Release Series©

3 x 1 Hour Online Consults over a period of time
$390.00 AUD ($130.00 AUD each session)

The human experience is improved upon with the gaining of wisdom and the growth of an individual's consciousness.

However, when you have been through trauma, from a single event or cumulative traumas over time, your nervous system, brain's neural pathways, and energetic fields become compromised. Such traumas embed as unhelpful Conscious, Unconscious, and Subconscious thoughts, emotions, and beliefs and block the life path you were on, or had planned.

The Trauma Release Series© involves three online sessions over a designated period to reveal and release acute and triggered trauma that has become locked in your bio-emotional system. At consult conclusion, you are provided with Process-based Homeplay©.

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The 6 Sessions Series©

6 X 1 Hour Online Consults over a 3-4 month period
$780.00 AUD ($130.00 AUD each session)

The '6 Sessions Series©' is a profound and transformational address of your life to date and the future you are seeking to create.

Difficult beginnings and stressful adult life choices create confused and fragmented thinking and fluctuating emotional patterns. These experiences reveal themselves in your mindset and consciousness. Over time, you become prone to interrupted transitions between one part of your life to another.

Essentially, these 'stress stories' create unhelpful thought patterns within your neural pathways, which lead to the challenging life experiences you keep repeating. Then one day, you reach the stage of saying to yourself: "How can I get out of this mess and create the freedom, joy, love, and empowerment in my life I really want?"

The '6 Sessions Series©' is a commitment to yourself and the changes you seek to create in your mindset to move forward into the life you truly want to be living!

  • Discover the areas of your consciousness which keep creating unhelpful patterns of life struggles and dramas
  • Identify and rewire entrenched emotions and thought forms which arise from painful past experiences
  • Identify and reshape the childhood conditioning which has been the ‘by-product’ of your difficult or painful beginnings
  • Dissolve the ‘chaos attraction conditioning’ which continually arises from the ‘vibrational wounds’ of your past
  • Reveal the Conscious, Unconscious and Subconscious emotional saboteurs which are impacting your life experiences
  • Finally transmute the obstructive thoughtforms and emotions which are, and have been blocking your Law of Attraction
  • Sessions 1 – 4 are a gentle identification, excavation and re-wiring of your past wounds and conditioning, followed by suggested Process-based HomePlay©.
  • Sessions 5-6 create a foundation for your new way of approaching your life and past, present and future experiences. During these sessions the Process-based HomePlay© continues.
  • To Book a ‘6 Sessions Series©‘, please select and BOOK ALL 6 x 1 hour sessions over a 3-4 month period of your choosing. (Amanda Lynne has limited availability and a wait list. You booking all 6 sessions in advance will ensure your consultation needs are catered for).

It is Time to Transform your Life!