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Nice to see you here! I’m Amanda Lynne, the Founder of Eye-motional Processes™. I am an Internationally accredited Level 5 Kinesiologist with the Australian Kinesiology Association and a Specialized Kinesiologist with the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists. My training spans 20 years with clients both face time face and online. 

My Kinesiology practice specializes in Brain and Neurons and how thoughts can influence how we harness the Law of Attraction in our life.

Thought Equals Form; therefore, rewiring unhelpful thoughts provides manifestation success!

I know Brain Rewiring is the key to invoking the Law of Attraction in your life because I have done it myself using The 6 Processes© Kinesiology-Meditations that are Eye-motional Processes™.

At the beginning of my 41st year on the planet, I was stuck enduring and attracting financial struggles, dramatic battles, traumas, chaotic relationships, and severe health conditions. This was the pattern of my childhood core conditioning, and it kept repeating itself year in, year out. Life was not changing or improving, no matter how many self-help books I read or Abraham Hicks audios I heard!!

I understood when I heard Esther say,
"Everything you believe affects everything that comes to you"

Still, I could not break free from the reactive emotions and unhelpful beliefs subconsciously and unconsciously programmed from my core conditioning and challenging life experiences. 

My lens was blurred with inner stories of financial struggle raised by a single mum, a disinterested and absent father, molestation, a triple familial homicide, domestic violence, and a difficult divorce with ongoing court litigation. The trajectory of these stories embedded in my cells as fibromyalgia and stage 3 breast cancer. 

Due to these stories, I also held a belief system in my mindset of unheard and unworthiness with a reactive emotional pattern of sadness, anger, and resentment. This consciousness had followed me most of my life. 

The uncanny thing was I was a trained therapist but never tapped into my gifts to apply them to improve my own life.

In 2013, after another week of serious whining, two friends told me to do precisely that – use my Kinesiology on myself to get out of the mindset hole I was in!

This scuttled me on a quest to change my mindset to improve my life and begin the fundamental change that had to start in my mind.

The 6 Processes© App

FREE TO DOWNLOAD. Processes $5.99 AUD, OR Buy 6 for $30.00 AUD

From the confines of my sickbed, I experimented by combining my extensive training in Kinesiology Techniques and Muscle Testing to create a therapy protocol to apply to myself. Because my health required a lot of bed rest, I embedded the Kinesiology methods I had discovered and recorded them on my iPhone as specifically scripted Meditations.


In doing so, over weeks, I recorded six different recorded Kinesiology-Meditations, called The 6 Processes©, each with their own emotional and energy identifiers. The recordings made them easy for me to listen to day in, day out to benefit from Kinesiology and Brain Rewiring at my fingertips.


I regularly applied The 6 Processes© according to my varying negative or low vibration emotions to improve my mindset and emotional energy levels. I made it a daily habit to observe my emotions, and when I noticed I was slipping into negative emotions and beliefs, I would view the Chart of Emotions© to check which emotion needed Processing©. I then listened to the matching Process©.

The first Process© I ever listened to created a remarkable and noticeable shift in my mindset – I was feeling gleeful and free for the first time in a very long time – even though my court and health dramas had not changed (yet!)

After 4 weeks of Processing©, I had what Florence Scovel Shinn calls a 'flash of consciousness'!

This ‘flash’ appeared in my psychic field to inform me a major change was about to occur in my existing court situation.

Three days later, when I arrived at court, that exact flash appeared in its physical form as a manifestation of success for myself and my daughter!! I had been trying unsuccessfully for this outcome for 5 years.

To date, I am unsure what struck me as most outstanding – the sudden change to years of legal circumstances or the fact The 6 Processes© was actually a manifestation tool to shift BIG roadblocks!

From therein, I kept Processing© all sorts of mindset debris, and these would result in small and large ‘demonstrations’ of manifestation success arriving time and time again; I was really in the vortex flow!  

Over time, and many Processes© later, I created the life I now live ….

A life far removed from the dramas and traumas of the past.
A life of Freedom, Joy, Love, and Empowerment!

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The 6 Processes© audios have Kinesiology handmodes (mudras) and sound healing frequencies embedded within them!

Excited with the concept of helping others create the same improvements to their mindset and manifestations for their own lives so they too could live the life they are here to live, in 2020, I regained my Kinesiology training currency and registration and then engaged the professional services of International Sound Healer and Musician, Nereace to have all The 6 Processes© professionally recorded at Pegasus Studios, based in Cairns, Australia.

On the day of the audio recording, I dragged my treatment table into Pegasus Studios, created a ‘Kinesiology surrogacy framework’ utilizing Nereace as the vessel for the goal of “The 6 Processes© to benefit humanity and those who need it,” and muscle tested applying Kinesiology handmodes (mudras) into the energetic frequency of the Process© recordings.

On the second day, the music and sound backgrounds were recorded to layer over the existing Kinesiology frequencies to resonate at the energy vibration required for each of The 6 Processes©. Nereace, being a Sound Healer, channeled the music and sounds for The 6 Processes© to advance upon the existing high vibration the audio recordings already held.

The result is next-level vibration!

In doing so, I successfully developed Eye-motional Processes™ and The 6 Processes© Kinesiology-Meditations, to enable all of humanity to have access to this simple but enormously effective “Law of Attraction” tool so others can manifest and transform their lives to their fullest potential.

If this is your desire, then Eye-motional Processes is the key - no matter how painful your story has been!

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The musical creation of The 6 Processes©

The sound healing elements of Eye-motional Processes

In the professional creation of Eye-motional Processes™, I desired special vibrational healing sounds for each of the audios. With personal knowledge of how unique and vibrationally healing Nereace’s music is, I invited her to be the musician and sound healer behind The 6 Processes©. Together with Producer Nigel Pegrum, Nereace channeled special musical backgrounds to suitably vibrate at the energetic levels each of The 6 Processes©, and the Kinesiology energies within them, require.

The result is ‘next level’ vibration!

Meet Nereace

Nereace is a musical artist, meditation practitioner, sound healer, composer of the album ‘Ignite the Divine’, and lover of all things magical and mystical. Originally from South Africa, Nereace spent nine years in London working and studying classical piano, psychotherapy, sound, and other healing modalities. During this time, she also became involved with dance and the healing aspect of expression through movement and music. In 2004 Nereace moved to Australia and completed her Doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling, established a healing practice using sound therapy, and became a Chakra dance facilitator.

In 2018, Nereace was introduced to ARIA-winning producer Nigel Pegrum of Pegasus studios in Far North Queensland. Together they are creating her dream to write and record music that uplifts and spiritually inspires the listener. The songs contained within her album, ‘Ignite the Divine,’ are the result of this collaboration and are the first offerings of Nereace’s life passion and dedication to a “Place where music and meditation come together.”