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Meet Amanda Lynne

Trauma Survivor, Internationally Accredited Kinesiologist, Educator, and Founder of Eye-motional Processes™

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Welcome, it is lovely to meet you.
I am Amanda Lynne, an Internationally Accredited Kinesiologist and Educator.

I specialize in Brain Rewiring to Manifest an improved life

.... No matter how challenging your life has been!

My Credentials Include:


Level 5 Kinesiologist and Course Instructor with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) 

✓ Professional Specialized Kinesiologist with the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists (IASK). 



✓ Bachelor of Education from Melbourne University.

Touch for Health (I-IV)

 SFEF Kinesiology (I-III)

International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP)(I-IV)

Three in One Concepts Kinesiology (I-V)

Neuroenergetics Kinesiology (BKP)

✓ Certificate IV in Aromatherapy

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.... I am also a Human Drama & Trauma Survivor!

Before Processes© came through me as a divinely guided way to self-heal, my life was a mess!

I know how misunderstood you feel, how drained you are, how hurtful it feels to be judged for your circumstances, and how you want to move beyond that pain into a life worth living.

I also know you have no idea of how to find your way to where you want to be!

9 years ago, I applied my Brain Rewiring Processes and began Processing© my way out of my own mindset mess and in doing so, I have Manifested a life similar to what you are currently wanting … a life of Freedom, Joy, Love, and Empowerment.

…. and I know you can too!

Individual Processes©: $5.99AUD/ $4.17USD*

PROCESS BUNDLE©: $30.00AUD/ $20.93USD*

(No annual fees, no subscription fees)

Before Processes©, I was ...

Angry and Resentful about past painful experiences

Grossly unwell with fibromyalgia and Stage 3 Breast Cancer

Struggling to financially make ends meet every week

Distressed that I was not living the life I had dreamed for myself!

Habitually attached to my pain stories, unhelpful emotions filled my mindset daily, and I found myself constantly surrounded by more human dramas.

Things had to change, or literally, I was going to die!

From the depths of my despair I created Brain Rewiring Processes©

My life started to improve!

To improve my life, I combined muscle testing and my Kinesiology training to create specifically scripted Brain Rewiring Kinesiology-Meditation Processes©. These were embedded with eye movements, auditory processing, mudras, and energy elements.

Because I was unwell I needed to find a way to engage in these helpful methods from my sickbed or when I was at the cancer center for monthly treatment.

I recorded them on my iPhone, so I could listen to Process© from anywhere to rewire the unhelpful beliefs, emotions, and thoughts I had about painful life experiences. 

After listening to the first 17-minute Process© I ever made (Process Red©), I noticed immediate shifts that were sustainable. 

Because the ‘first time’ results were so expansive to my mindset, I kept going, shifting painful and unhelpful emotions from my mind one Process© at a time, one story at a time. 

Within a month of Processing© things began to remarkably improve!

Individual Processes©: $5.99AUD/ $4.17USD*

PROCESS BUNDLE©: $30.00AUD/ $20.93USD*

(No annual fees, no subscription fees)

Selecting the Processes© I needed was easy ...

The Chart of Emotions© guided me

To find which Process© I needed each time, I looked at The Chart of Emotions©. The Chart© made it easy to identify which Process© I needed to listen to to rewire the painful story that I had in my head at a given time (… there were many of those, trust me!)

Each time after listening to a Process©, I would check back on the Chart of Emotions© and I always noticed a rise in my vibe into the ‘better feeling’ emotions on the chart©.

I felt better, lighter after listening to a Process©

This happened every time, and it only took 17-22 minutes to get this amazingly positive mindset result!

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You can feel lighter too!

My trauma filled mindset was starting to heal

So, I kept Processing©

Things were changing in really amazing ways, and it was all coming from my mindset improvements that were being made daily through Processes©.

With such positive improvements to how I was feeling about long held traumas and human dramas, I decided to keep Processing©.

I Processed© my way through every single negative and unhelpful story, emotion, and belief that was on my mind – especially around the current difficult situations my family and I were devastatingly exposed to.

… even though my physical life experiences hadn’t changed yet, my emotional energy and my mindset were improving in positive ways that were noticeable to myself and others.

This motivated me to do a Chart Check-in on my mindset everyday!

You can do a Chart© Check in too!

Individual Processes©: $5.99AUD/ $4.17USD*

PROCESS BUNDLE©: $30.00AUD/ $20.93USD*

(No annual fees, no subscription fees)

A flash appeared in my consciousness

to Indicate things were about to Improve!

Just under a month of regular Chart© Check-ins and Processing©, a flash came into my consciousness that things were about to improve tremendously in my life …

This ‘flash’ was a picture of something that I had been trying to manifest for years … the one thing I knew would improve our lives if I could actually manifest it into my reality.

While the flash was ‘etherical information’, it appeared in my eyes as clearly as if it had physically manifested.

Three days later, through divine circumstances, that exact flash manifested as a reality!! 

To this day, I don’t know if I was more blown away by the fact I had finally manifested this desire (after having tried EVERYTHING manually for 7 years to make this happen) or that my Processes© were a Manifestation Game Changer! 

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Still waiting for the Law of Attraction to work for you?

Individual Processes©: $5.99AUD/ $4.17USD*

PROCESS BUNDLE©: $30.00AUD/ $20.93USD*

(No annual fees, no subscription fees)

Processing© every painful story!

To Release the Stress and Rewire my Mind

After my amazing manifestation success, from then on I began Processing© my way through an array of other life challenges encompassing:

– Poor past relationship choices

– Battles with physical health and cancer

– Struggles with finances

– Past painful experiences I had been through

– Childhood wounds

– And all the people I believed had hurt me or ‘let me down’ …

It was a long list, but I kept going – Processing© my way through every unhelpful story and belief that entered my mind. 

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To do this, I used a combination of:

⁃ The 6 Processes in the BUNDLE©


⁃ The Chart of Emotions©

Each time I checked The Chart© I then listened to the Process© which matched the unhelpful emotions I was feeling about each story.

Each time I listened, I then let go of any desired outcomes, trusting the Processes© to deliver the massive manifestation shifts it did that day!

And they did!! 

Time and time again Processing© helped me manifest tremendous life improvements! 

My Mindset and my Life were Getting Better!

Processes© Improved my Life

Since beginning my Process© journey in 2012, I have manifested freedom from trauma and unnecessary human dramas, financial abundance, loving relationships, a wonderful home, a resurgence of my Kinesiology practice, and health improvements …..

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After such wonderful shifts from my own human dramas and traumas, I decided to share them with humanity!

Processes© are Here

I wanted others to benefit just like I had … even if their situation, past, human dramas, or traumas were bleak!

To ensure others would receive the same healing and life changing benefits, I trialed them on 100 case studies with excellent results.

In 2020 I then had the Processes© professionally recorded by also embedding Kinesiology hand modes and healing elements into each Process© as it was recorded. This created vibrational energy frequencies within each Process© alongside the channeled music of International Sound Healer Nereace.

Launched in 2021, the Processes© assist thousands as a self-guided or clinic tool – especially where mindset and manifesting are concerned.

Today, Brain Rewiring Processes© are assisting thousands to radically shift beyond horrendous traumas, painful childhood experiences, and difficult human dramas into expansive ways of thinking, being, and living

Eye-motional Processes include:

The 6 Processes©

Starting at $5.99AUD/ $4.17USD*

The Chart of Emotions©

FREE when you LOGIN

Process Financial Blocks©

FREE when you LOGIN

Process Past Regrets© 

$9.99AUD/ $46.92USD*

Your Life Can Improve!

No matter how terrible the human drama is, your Mindset and your Life can Change

I know if I can use Process© to manifest my way to an improved life from such deep traumatic places, you can too!

No matter how horribly painful your human suffering has been, things can get better – you can Manifest with Brain Rewiring Processes the life you want for yourself!

It begins when you start Processing© the unhelpful beliefs and thought debris that your difficult life experiences have left behind

Individual Processes©: $5.99AUD/ $4.17USD*

PROCESS BUNDLE©: $30.00AUD/ $20.93USD*

(No annual fees, no subscription fees)

It's Time to Process© into a Better Life!