Is your Law of Attraction actually a Law of Retraction?

Here you are, paving your way towards manifestation success. You know exactly how you want your finances, relationships, love life and lifestyle to be, in fact your manifestations goals are all set – but there is one BIG PROBLEM – There has been ‘nothing but block after block!!

You’ve spent countless hours saying affirmations, creating vision boards and tapping away, but it has gotten you nowhere – in fact, your acu-points are bruised, your vision board is dusty, and your affirmations have fallen from their magnets and live beneath the fridge!!

Generally speaking, your Law of Attraction is actually a Law of Retraction, and you have almost given the game away! 

I mean, why not? After all, your life has not improved much since you started using the Law of Attraction, and you are still stuck in the same old mess with your finances, your work, your relationships, your love life and your health – the struggle is real!!

You know something must change, but even that thought is exhausting, so you have resigned to believing the Law of Attraction simply doesn’t work – for you at least, so instead you will “just stick it out, whilst pleading for a miracle”!

I’m Amanda Lynne and I have been there too!!

In 2013, at the beginning of my 41st year on the planet, I was stuck enduring and attracting a life entrenched with financial struggles, dramatic litigation battles with my ex, chaotic relationships and serious health conditions…. I never thought I would climb out of that hole.

As an avid Abraham Hicks follower, I understood when I heard Esther say, 

“A belief is only a thought you keep thinking —

What you think about activates a vibration within you —

Everything you believe affects everything that comes to you.”


But I just could not break free from my reactive habits which were attached to my faulty core beliefs from a childhood of struggle, or the subconscious and unconscious emotions and beliefs which had become programmed through some extremely difficult life experiences.

Then, after another week of serious whining, I received a ‘loving nudge’ from two friends, which scuttled me on a quest to really change my mindset so I could improve my life, and I realized that ….. 

Real change had to begin with me!!

To radically transform my entrenched negative thinking, I experimented by combining my extensive training as a Kinesiologist and used ‘muscle testing’ to create 6 specifically scripted brain rewiring meditations which combine methods of eye-movements, auditory processing, and vibrational elements. 

These meditations are called The 6 Processes© and are now available for humanity on The Eye-motional Processes App
In my own journey with The 6 Processes©, I found it easy to notice when my emotions were fluctuating by checking The Chart of Emotions© on the App and then I would listen to the coloured Process© which best matched my feelings at any given time. 
My stories from the past; difficult life situations and relationships; as well as day to day annoyances, were transformed by listening to The 6 Processes©, rather than me speaking dense emotions into the energetic realms of the Universe. 

The change in my mindset, AND in my vibration, was dynamic and sustainable. In fact, after the very first 17 minute Process© I ever listened to, I had an immediate emotional energy shift!! 
I kept listening to different Processes© and over time, I soon discovered remarkable advances in my co-creative energy field as well as my emotions, AND with it came a large increase in my manifestation success!! 
The 6 Processes© on The Eye-motional Processes App created the life I now live – a life of Freedom, Joy, Love and Empowerment – a life well beyond the traumas and dramas from my past, which I then kept habitually attracting in my life

After achieving great results, I wanted to help others create self-guided manifestation success in their own lives.

In 2020, I had The 6 Processes© professionally recorded, and placed them on the Eye-motional Processes™ App for other 'growth seekers' on this planet.

How do the 6 Processes work?

The 6 Processes© combine gentle Kinesiology techniques that enable a self-guided journey where you can identify your emotions and feelings when you vibrational energy is low, then listen to your chosen coloured Processes© on the App – These short videos explain how:

This 10-minute video explains what Kinesiology is, and how emotional energy blocks are identified and then transformed through this amazing modality so you may access and unlock the life enhancing potential which resides within you!!

You may have heard of Eye Movement Desensitization (EMDR), but did you know Kinesiologists have used Eye Movements in clients sessions since 1982?

This 7-minute video explains how Eye Movements rewire negative emotions and beliefs, and why these are the methods you apply whilst listening to The 6 Processes© on the App


Eye-motional Processes™ is a Brain Rewiring App for shifting the negative core beliefs and the Unconscious and Subconscious emotions which keep sabotaging your Manifestation success.

This 3-minute video explains how!!

This App is for you If you want to Rewire your Brain to Manifest a life beyond:

· The mess you currently find yourself in

· The difficult childhood experiences which have conditioned your unhelpful core beliefs

· Your sabotaging conscious, unconscious and subconscious negative emotions

· The unlimited thinking which continually blocks your manifestation success

· The consequences of wrong choices which create looping patterns of more difficult experiences

· Your confusion and useless emotional debris which is creating a Law of Retraction in your field

Eye-motional Processes is the key, no matter how painful your story has been!

 Go on a Journey you won’t regret, by:

FREE to Download.

Each Process© is $5.99 AUD, or 6 for $30.00 AUD

 Deepen your journey by:

 … and begin manifesting your life to its fullest potential!!

Still not sure?
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The Eye-motional Processes App is FREE to download

Each Process is $5.99 AUD, or buy all of The 6 Processes for $30.00 AUD

The musical creation of The 6 Processes©

The sound healing elements of Eye-motional Processes

In the professional creation of Eye-motional Processes(EMP), I desired a special vibration of healing sound for each of the audios. With a personal knowing of how special and vibrationally healing Nereace’s music is, I invited her to be the musician and sound healer behind The 6 Processes©; The Past Regrets Meditation©; The Future Fears Meditation©; and the Kinesiology Meditations© on my YouTube Channel. Together with Producer Nigel Pegrum, Nereace created special musical backgrounds to suitably vibrate at the levels that each of the Eye-motional Processes(EMP) meditations, and the Kinesiology energies within them, require. The result is ‘next level’ vibration!

Meet Nereace, the Composer of The 6 Processes© 

Nereace is a musical artist, meditation practitioner, sound healer , the composer of the album ‘Ignite the Divine’ and lover of all things magical and mystical. Originally from South Africa, Nereace spent nine years in London working and studying classical piano, psychotherapy, sound and other healing modalities. During this time she also became involved with dance and the healing aspect of expression through movement and music. In 2004 Nereace moved to Australia where she continued her studies, completing a Doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling, established a healing practice using sound therapy and became a Chakra dance facilitator.

In 2018, Nereace was introduced to ARIA winning producer Nigel Pegrum of Pegasus studios in Far North Queensland. Together they are creating her dream to write and record music that uplifts and spiritually inspires the listener. The songs contained within her album, ‘Ignite the Divine’ are the result of this collaboration and are the first offerings of Nereace’s life passion and dedication to a “Place where music and meditation come together”.