Meet Amanda Lynne

Renowned Kinesiologist & Brain Rewiring Coach for Manifestation Success

Reactive emotions and unhelpful beliefs from childhood, as well as painful life experiences, hinder your success.
The 6 Processes© and my Courses transform that so you can manifest the life you are here to live!
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Is your Mind filled with Concerns about ...?

Did you know your unconscious and subconscious beliefs hold you in self-sabotage and defeat patterns about these things?

You can rewire the unhelpful beliefs and emotions that are creating patterns of resistance to the very things you desire so strongly. When these blocks are Processed©, your mindset struggle ends, and actual flow begins. 

"Everything you Believe Affects Everything that Comes to you"

The 6 Processes© help you break free from the reactive emotions and unhelpful beliefs that block your success and your joy.

As an Internationally Accredited Kinesiologist and Founder of Eye-motional Processes™, I specialize in brain rewiring for manifesting an improved life – no matter how challenging your life has been!

To improve my own life, I Processed© my way through an array of life challenges encompassing poor relationship choices, battles with physical health and cancer, struggling finances, and systemic abuse.

This was the pattern of my childhood core conditioning and became the belief system that created my adult life until I combined muscle testing and my Kinesiology training to create six specifically scripted Brain Rewiring Meditations called The 6 Processes©.

These were then trialed on 100 case studies with excellent results. Launched in 2021, the Processes© assist thousands as a self-guided tool – especially where mindset and manifesting are concerned.

The Processes© and Chart of Emotions© can also transform your mindset by radically shifting you into new ways of thinking and believing so you can manifest the life you are here to live!

The 6 Processes© and the Courses and Consults accompanying them, are Eye-motional Processes™.

The 6 Processes© App

$5.99 AUD a Process©, OR Buy all 6 Processes© for $30.00 AUD

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Amanda Lynne's Qualifications ​

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The vibrational elements of the Process© ​

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In the professional creation of Eye-motional Processes™, I desired unique vibrational energies, music, and sounds for each audio. To enable this, on the day of The 6 Processes© audio recording, I set up my treatment table at Pegasus Studios alongside Producer Nigel Pegrum and Sound Healer, Nereace. 

To create the meditation audios, I utilized Nereace as a surrogate for me to embed Kinesiology handmodes (mudras) and muscle testing, colours, crystals, energy sprays, essential oils, and tuning forks into the audios as each one was recorded.” This provided the first layer of healing energetic frequencies for each of The 6 Process© recordings.

On the second day of studio recording, it was time to layer music and sound backgrounds over The 6 Process© audio recordings that would resonate at the energy vibration required for each Process©. Nereace, being a Sound Healer, channeled the music and sounds for The 6 Processes© to advance upon the existing Kinesiology energy vibrations each audio already held.

The result is ‘next level’ vibration!

Meet Nereace

Nereace is a musical artist, meditation practitioner, sound healer, composer of the album ‘Ignite the Divine’, and lover of all things magical and mystical. Originally from South Africa, Nereace spent nine years in London working and studying classical piano, psychotherapy, sound, and other healing modalities. During this time, she also became involved with dance and the healing aspect of expression through movement and music. In 2004 Nereace moved to Australia and completed her Doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling, established a healing practice using sound therapy, and became a Chakra dance facilitator.

In 2018, Nereace was introduced to ARIA-winning producer Nigel Pegrum of Pegasus studios in Far North Queensland. Together they are creating her dream to write and record music that uplifts and spiritually inspires the listener. The songs contained within her album, ‘Ignite the Divine,’ are the result of this collaboration and are the first offerings of Nereace’s life passion and dedication to a “Place where music and meditation come together.”

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